She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 591 - Captain Johnson’s Defeat!

Chapter 591 - Captain Johnson’s Defeat!

Chapter 591 Captain Johnsons Defeat!

Captain Johnson hated Morris to the core.

He was ashamed to face Old Terry. After all, he was the one who had shot him.

Karl had given him a lot of money over the years.

Therefore, when he saw that Karl was captured by the special department, Johnson was afraid that he would expose his identity and lead the special department to investigate the fund.

Captain Johnson helped Karl escape because he wanted him to leave New York and be of use to him in the future.

Unfortunately, Karl had actually stayed for his daughters wedding.

In order to prevent any accidents, Captain Johnson had gotten the sniper to shoot him at the wedding. He wanted to kill him so that there would be no risk.

Unfortunately, Nora had stirred things up again. After that, she had arrested Karl. Morris had watched Karl closely and made him unable to do anything

Karl had forced him to look for Old Terry. Helpless, he could only call Old Terry over.

However, no matter how much he calculated, he had missed Nora and Morriss persistence!

If Morris was not so persistent, he could have convicted Karl after Old Terry died or gotten someone to kill him. The matter could still be controlled.

Unfortunately, Morris was too protective of Karl!

And Nora, this little b*tch, actually developed some gene serum and saved Old Terry, who should have died!

It was all their fault, all their fault!

Captain Johnson knew that he had already been exposed. There was nothing else to say. He shouted angrily, And you, Nora. I asked you to come to the special department to catch the mysterious organization, not to develop the gene serum. But what have you done? Do you think youre much better than me? I just want money, but youre in cahoots with the people from the mysterious organization. What you do is no different from the mysterious organization!

Morris looked at him and sighed deeply. Captain Johnson, what were talking about now is your murder charge. Captain Johnson sneered and said, Im at most considered to have attempted murder! But your and Noras crimes are far too serious. I just want to ask you something. If gene serum can treat illnesses and save lives, and can even bring people back to life, then what is the meaning of the years of work we have done targeting the mysterious organization?! This research theyve done is beneficial to humans! Your actions make all our actions seem so ridiculous! Is the birth of this drug supposed to make us hurry up and submit to the mysterious organization? And you, Old Terry. Dont look at me like that. Youre stupid. You dont know how to earn money. Is it wrong for me to make money? Ive risked my life so many times. On what basis can I not live as well as others? Those people from wealthy families can casually earn money, live in mansions, and drive good cars. But what about us?

He looked around. Our existence is a joke! This drug developed by the mysterious organization that weve been trying so hard to catch has become your life-saving straw!

Morris, I attempted murder. Youre not any better off than me. It was you who made the special department dispensable! If the drugs in the mysterious organization could really save lives, should the mysterious organization really be outlawed?

This question appeared in the hearts of many members of the special department at the same time.

They had fought for so many years and sacrificed so many companions. What was the reason? Was the justice they insisted on even right?

Just as everyone was confused, they suddenly heard a scoff. Old Johnson, in that case, you admit to your crimes?

Captain Johnson narrowed his eyes. Yes, I confess. I attempted murder and choose to surrender. My sentence will be lighter!

But regarding Morris, I strongly urge the Ministry of Supervision to deal with him seriously! He covers the sky with one hand in the special department and is playing a good role in reversing the situation! Heh, his thoughts are evil and his heart is already leaning towards the mysterious organization!

As soon as Captain Johnson finished speaking, he saw Old Terry suddenly laugh softly. That laughter was clear and was no longer as hoarse as before.

Captain Johnson was stunned.

Everyone was stunned and looked at Old Terry in disbelief.

Old Terry reached out and pulled at the skin at the chin, tearing off a piece to reveal Brendas stunning face!

This time, no one could speak.

This sudden change in attitude caught everyone off guard.

After tearing off the fake skin on her face, Brenda stood up and took off the wig. Her beautiful hair fell down and she stood there beautifully in her hospital gown. Captain Johnson, Im sorry to inform you that Old Terry is really dead. You didnt commit attempted murder. You have committed a real murder!

Captain Johnson widened his eyes. He took a step back and looked at Brenda before looking at Morris and Nora again

At this moment, someone instantly understood something This group of people had no evidence of him killing anyone. Even the transfer record was forged carefully. It was difficult for anyone to notice.

When he killed Old Terry, he had done it flawlessly!

Morris had no evidence to prove Karls innocence. After all, he had the motive to kill Old Terry. Unless Old Terry said it himself and testified as a witness.

However, Old Terry was already on his last breath at the time. He could not have lived!

Therefore, that gene serum was not so magical at all. It only healed Quentins injuries, but it could not revive the dead!

Old Terry was really dead!

However, this group of people had put on a show for him. It was a miracle that Quentins bones had recovered. Johnson had seen a medical miracle with his own eyes, so he believed that Old Terry could be treated.

The moment Old Terry appeared, he did not doubt his authenticity.

However, he had forgotten what Brenda was best at-Disguise!

When Captain Johnson figured this out, the people from the inspection unit said, Captain Johnson, youve already admitted yourself that you killed Old Terry. The motive and evidence are enough! What else do you have to say?!

What else could he say?


Captain Johnson knew that it was useless to say anything now. He looked at Morris and Nora angrily. I want to say that these two people have violated the rules of the special department and used the gene serum to treat Quentin without permission. This is all Noras private use of public power!

Even if he died, he had to make Morris and Nora suffer along!

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Nora, who was behind Brenda, yawn heavily. Then, she said casually, Gene serum? Are you talking about this?

She casually picked up an iron box and opened it. There were rows of transparent glass bottles inside.

Nora slowly curved her lips. These are just vitamins.