She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 590 - Captain Johnson’s True Colors Were Revealed!

Chapter 590 - Captain Johnson’s True Colors Were Revealed!

Chapter 590 Captain Johnsons True Colors Were Revealed!

When Old Terry appeared on the scene, the entire audience was shocked.

Janson stood up in shock and looked at Old Terry in disbelief.

Why was his father here?

He should be in the hospitals mortuary. While Janson was so shocked, Captain Johnsons heart was already in turmoil!

Old Terry He was clearly dead!

He couldnt be alive after he had drugged him.

He swallowed hard and looked at Old Terry in horror. The person who had appeared there was like a demon! A demon that had climbed out of hell.

Before Captain Johnson could speak, Jansons eyes were already red. He took a step forward. Dad, youre still alive?

Old Terrys head was wrapped in gauze. The gauze on his head covered half his head, and the other half was horribly swollen. His voice seemed to be blocked by something in his throat. It was very hoarse, and it was very uncomfortable to hear.

He slowly said, Im not dead, Im still alive.

It was really him!

Everyone present widened their eyes. Why was he still alive?

Old Terrys next answer puzzled everyone. The gene serum can even restore brain cells. How could I have died?

Captain Johnson swallowed.

He thought that he could rest easy after seeing Old Terry die with his own eyes. However, he did not expect him to be alive! Had the gene serum cured the poison he had injected?

How could this be?!

Thus, in the end, even if he was meticulous, he had still lost to fate!

Uncle Terry, its great that youre still alive! Marks feelings were purer than others. It was also easier for him to recover from his daze. He rushed to Old Terry and said with red eyes, Tell everyone now who shot you?!

With that, he complained aggrievedly, Karl has been arrested, but he refused to confess. Captain Ford actually said that he felt aggrieved. He even accused Captain Johnson of killing you. How is this possible Youre awake now, tell everyone who shot you that day!

Mark glared at Morris. Before Old Terry could speak, he said, Captain Ford, if Old Terry personally testifies, you can use it as absolute evidence, right? If you still think the evidence is insufficient, we wont accept it if you dont punish Karl Moore!

Right, we cant accept this!

Behind Mark, many hot-blooded youths from the special department shouted.

Morriss gaze was sharp. Despite being criticized and questioned by so many former companions, he said calmly, Let Old Terry speak first!

Everyone looked at Old Terry.

Mark even walked to Old Terry. Uncle Terry, hurry up and speak. Karl framed Captain Johnson and Captain Ford believed Karls words. Quickly clear Captain Johnsons name!

Captain Johnson, who was shielded behind him, had a livid expression, his eyes flickering.

He knew that he was completely finished this time.

Old Terry coughed a few times. It seemed like even his cough was very uncomfortable. He even touched his head and looked at Captain Johnson. Old Johnson, I had already woken up yesterday. I didnt come yesterday was because I couldnt figure out why you had shot me?

With that, the entire place fell silent

Everyone seemed baffled by this sentence, but they also seemed to understand it. Then, they suddenly looked at Captain Johnson.

Janson was the first to react. He shouted at Captain Johnson, Uncle Johnson, it was you who shot my father? You! But why Why did you try to kill my father?!

Captain Johnson narrowed his eyes and refused to admit it. Old Terry, are you confused? I think youre just confused. How could I try to kill you? Have you been bewitched?

With that, the people around looked at Old Terry.

The people in the special department were all passionate youths.

In order to carry out their mission, they had sacrificed countless people and many comrades. Therefore, the camaraderie between them was comparable to that of real brothers.

Captain Johnson was their role model whom they looked up to.

Many young people were comforted by Captain Johnson when they felt lost in life.

Therefore, after the incident, everyone would definitely choose to trust their leaders and comrades!

Even at this moment, everyone trusted Captain Johnson more.

Mark shouted, Uncle Terry, what are you talking about?

Old Terry sighed and continued, Old Johnson, I understand now. Back then, Karl was my informant. When I retired, I transferred him to you. At that time, I was not in good health. I stayed in the hospital for half a month and was even in a coma. Before I fainted, I gave you his contact details and asked you to tell him that Id retired him from undercover duty. You didnt tell him, did you?

Captain Johnson pursed his lips. Old Terry, I dont know what youre talking about!

Old Terry sighed again. You know, I have evidence that hes an undercover agent! Old Johnson, Ive never doubted you. Over the years, youve used the intelligence he provided to solve many cases. Dont you know how you got from a lowly beat cop to where you are today? How could you still treat him like this?! The reason you killed me and framed him was because of that charity fund, right?

When Captain Johnson heard Old Terrys last sentence, he knew that he could not hide it anymore! Old Terry said slowly, Your son is overseas. He bought a sports car worth $5,000,000. Where did this money come from?

Captain Johnson stammered, How how would I know? He didnt buy a sports car at all. What nonsense are you talking about?

Old Terrys voice was very hoarse, and his words were sharp and unpleasant. We have all the records of whether he bought it or not. I can get the bank to send them over right now. The money your son spent buying a car and a house outside are all from the charity foundation Karl gave you, right?

Captain Johnson was flustered. You

Back then, when you contacted him with the information I gave you, you did not reveal your identity. He thought that you were me, so he told you that he wanted to give New York a charity. Then, when he talked about money, you were tempted, right? You pretended to be me because Karl only trusted me! You took the money and put it all in your own pocket! Weve already investigated your bank accounts. Old Johnson, you cant deny it!

When Captain Johnson heard these words, he knew that he had to admit it no matter how much he lied.

Morris shouted, Captain Johnson, arent you going to confess now?

Captain Johnson looked at him suddenly and shouted, Even if I confess, you cant escape from what youve done with the gene serum!