She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 589 - Old Terry Is Not Dead!!

Chapter 589 - Old Terry Is Not Dead!!

Chapter 589 Old Terry Is Not Dead!!

Karls case had already been reported to the organization. Many people knew about this matter, and it attracted wide attention. Of course, this was still Captain Johnsons doing

Morris was powerful and had accumulated a lot of connections over the years. After the incident, many people had spoken up for him and put pressure on the inspection unit. The inspection unit had originally planned to let Morris be released early, but with Old Terrys death along with Captain Johnsons actions, it was not appropriate to let him go. After all, if they were to forcefully let him go now, it would probably arouse the displeasure of the crowd.

The large conference room of the special department could accommodate a hundred people. All the staff members of the special department were present. Morris had broken the law and helped Nora give Old Terry the gene serum. This matter was going to be judged today. After all, Morriss actions at that time were to save people, so the inspection unit did not know how to punish him.

At this moment, the meeting room was fully packed.

Most of the people inside were divided into two parts.

A portion of them was of Morriss loyal supporters. They had worked with him for many years and believed in him. They even said, Captain Ford is also doing this to save people! If there are lives in danger, would we not prioritize saving people over violating some rules?

The other group was led by Mark.

Janson was heartbroken and depressed, but Mark was indignant and retorted, Then why didnt he convict Karl even after so long? He didnt even allow me to interrogate him! There must be something wrong!

Thats right. Dont we know what gene serums are? Theyre harmful! Theyre poison! This is what weve been fighting against. Over the years, how many colleagues have been sacrificed to fight against the mysterious organization that makes this gene serum? In the end, you want to use this thing on one of our own? How ridiculous!

The person supporting Morris said, But Captain Ford did it to save people! But Old Terry is dead! Hes not saved! The facts have proven that we were right! Captain Ford is too extreme. The special department has even become his one-man hall! Also, why is the trial against Karl Moore delayed? We clearly have all the evidence!

As the crowd was in a heated argument, the door to the meeting room was pushed open. Then, accompanied by a staff member from the inspection unit, Morris strode into the meeting room.

The moment he entered, the entire conference room instantly became silent.

Everyone looked at him.

As he had been detained for two days, a black beard had appeared on Morriss chin. At this moment, he looked more like a mature man.

His gaze was like an eagle as it swept across everyone present, causing them to shut their mouths.

Morris and a few people from the Ministry of Supervision sat on the stage and looked down. One of them then started speaking, Alright, now the special department is divided into two factions regarding Morriss situation. One half thinks that Captain Ford has been negligent in his work. As long as he apologizes to Janson, this matter will be over. The other half thinks that Captain Ford has used illegal drugs from the special department recklessly and seriously violated the law. He should be dismissed from his post till further investigation! Now, we want to ask the publics opinion!

As soon as he said this, the two sides started arguing again.

Their words were the same as earlier.

Looking at the heated discussion, Captain Johnson suddenly said, Um, Ill say something. Everyone, please listen to me.

He sighed and said, I was the one who brought Morris into this industry. Now that Im going to judge him, I really cant bear it. But theres nothing I can do. He has done something wrong and made some bad judgments! If anyone gets hurt in the future and says that the gene serum can be used to save lives, will he break the law and take it out again? We have to firmly put an end to such things! Therefore, in this situation, I suggest reducing the punishment for Morris. A dismissal is too serious. We should let him work from the bottom again and punish him with three months of salary cut as a show of service. I wonder if anyone has any objections?

This kind of neutralized opinion instantly shook the people below.

Those who originally thought that Morris should be punished but still had some feelings for him and could not bear to remove him from the Investigation Committee immediately nodded.

Those who were originally on Morriss side also felt that this plan was reasonable

For a moment, this proposal from Captain Johnson received the agreement of most people!

Mark stood up as well. To be honest, Captain Ford has indeed worked hard and provided meritorious service all these years. I think its too big of a punishment for him to be dismissed. I cant bear for Captain Morris to leave either. I think what Captain Johnson has said can be done! If he starts from the bottom again, I believe Captain Ford will be able to rely on his contributions to return to this position quickly!

Everyone nodded. Yes.

When Captain Johnson heard this, he was very satisfied.

He was doing this on purpose!

Morris had too many connections and too deep of a background. He could not possibly slap Morris to death. He could only take a step back and let him resign. Then, the chair of the Special Case Department Head would be his now!

This was his goal.

Seeing that everyone below had agreed, the people from the inspection unit then looked at Morris. Captain Ford, do you have any objections to this punishment?

With that, everyone looked at Morris.

Morris lowered his eyes. After a moment, he suddenly looked up and said slowly, Yes.

Everyone fell silent again.

Captain Johnson frowned. Morris, this punishment is already very light. You knew the rules and violated them, so you have to pay the price. People cant just be forgiven when theyve done something wrong!

Youre right.

Morris laughed coldly and suddenly stood up. Its very hard to cover up when youve done something wrong. What about a murderer? Compared to my mistake, isnt your mistake more serious?

These words made Captain Johnsons pupils shrink. He sneered and said, Morris, Karl keeps saying that I killed Old Terry, but do you really trust him over me? Youve really disappointed me. Do you have any evidence to say that I have killed someone?

Of course.

Morris said slowly, Not only do I have evidence, but I also have a witness!

With that, he looked at the door. He was clearly here to be judged, but he turned the tables and said, Come in.

Accompanying this sentence, Nora strode in lazily and yawned, pushing a wheelchair along.

Her face was filled with impatience as if she had not slept enough. Her expression was not very good.

However, no one noticed that at the moment. Everyones attention was on the person in the wheelchair.

It was Old Terry.