She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 588 - A Big Meeting!

Chapter 588 - A Big Meeting!

Chapter 588 A Big Meeting!

When Johnson arrived at the hospital, he found Janson asleep outside Terrys ward.

He looked around vigilantly.

As a professional with many years of experience in the industry, he had been suspecting all this time that all of this was just a trap that Morris and Nora were trying to lure him into.

Even though the two of them had been taken away by the inspection unit, Johnson did not let his guard down in the least.

He had always been a perceptive, paranoid, and meticulous person. Otherwise, he would not have become Morris mentor back then.

His rash, irritable, and upright personality on the surface was all just a disguise to establish a sense of harmlessness to the leaders above, so that he would be promoted quickly.

As facts had proven, he had indeed succeeded.

That act of his had deceived a lot of people. All of them had let their guard down around him. In fact, the people involved in innumerable workplace traps back then had all underestimated him because of his disguised carelessness, allowing him to make comebacks and turn defeat into victory.

Thus, even at this moment, Johnsons first reaction was not to enter the ward in a hurry and kill Terry, but to observe the surroundings.

With his years of experience and surprisingly sharp intuition, he made sure that there wasnt anyone watching him in the surroundings and that he wasnt being plotted against by anyone. At last, he lightly pushed open the door to the ward and went in.

In the ward, Terry was lying on the bed. He had lost a lot of weight due to his coma over the past few days. His head was wrapped in white gauze, and he was unconscious, his eyes closed.

The first thing Johnson did was inspect the ward. Even after confirming that there werent any surveillance cameras there, he did not immediately inject the toxic chemicals into Terry. Instead, he observed his vitals.

His heart rate was maintained at a little past sixty and was very stable. Although it was a little slower than normal, it was still considered healthy.

The other numbers were also indeed very good, which indicated that Terry was alive and recovering

The gene serum was indeed impressive.

With that in mind, Terry avoided all the angles that might allow one to photograph him, took out the deadly chemicals from his pocket, and injected them right into Terry.

He moved smoothly in one go without any hesitation whatsoever, fully exhibiting the competency of a professional.

When he was done, he took a step back. Shortly after, the monitor emitted a sharp beep. He gave Janson a push before he even woke up. Then, he shouted, Janson, quick, come over and take a look! Whats the matter with Terry?

Janson opened his eyes in a daze. Upon hearing the warning alarm from the monitor, blood drained from his face. The hospital staff had also rushed over by then. Unfortunately, the heart rate monitor was only showing a straight line.

Terry was dead.

He had died a day after being injected with the gene serum. The cause of death was cardiac arrest, which seemed like a heart attack, yet also seemed like it was caused by the gene serum.

His body was taken away by the people from the inspection unit. Janson was extremely dispirited. Never would he have thought things would turn out like this. Quentin was obviously still well and alive in the ward next door When news of the incident reached the special department, most of the colleagues felt their hearts sinking.

Johnson quickly returned to the department to counsel everyone. He sighed and said, The gene serum was nothing good right from the start. Most people have lost their lives after being injected with it. I was already opposed to the idea back when Nora wanted to use it to treat Terry, but they simply refused to listen And Morris, too. I really dont know how Nora managed to brainwash him so badly that he actually trusts her so much and goes along with her ridiculous actions!

The others also sighed.

Janson stared at Johnson.

He had a suspicion in his heart, but he didnt know whether he should trust Johnson or not. Seemingly sensing his hostility, Johnson walked up to him and said, Janson, you now understand why I tipped off the inspection unit, right? I really did it for Terry! The gene serum cannot be counted on at all! God knows how much Terry must have suffered during the past few days! I wonder if he could feel any pain when he was unconscious

As Johnson spoke, Jansons eyes reddened.

Johnson sighed and said, For all his life, Terry had been at odds with the people behind the gene serum. I never expected that he would still have to suffer such torture before his death. Janson, can you understand my good intentions?

Janson suddenly clenched his fists. Nevertheless, he replied sensibly, Nora only used the gene serum in order to save my fathers life, even though it failed in the end The real murderer is Karl Moore!

He said, I request that we close the case and convict Karl as soon as possible!

Johnson shook his head and sighed. After a while, he said, The special department has the right to convict a criminal of their crimes, but the problem is that only the acting director has the right to do that! Now that Morris has been taken away by the inspection unit, no one in the department has the right to do that anymore!

He frowned at once and said, I wonder when the investigation into Morris will be completed. Also, when will the new acting director be assigned?

The moment he said that, Janson was slightly taken aback.

He, who was still in the throes of pain from losing his father, got the vague feeling that Johnson was bringing up the matter because he wanted to fight for power. But before he could say anything, Mark, who was next to him, said angrily, Thats easy! We can jointly propose to remove Captain Ford from his post and then support Captain Johnson as the acting director in the interim! When that happens, you will be able to convict Karl of his crimes!

Johnson frowned when he heard what he said. Thats not quite a good idea, is it? Although Morris has done something muddleheaded, it was Nora who had deceived him

Mark immediately gritted his teeth and said, Captain Ford has indeed become muddleheaded! The way he looks at Nora isnt right. For so many years, he has always been firm and impartial, but how many outlandish things has he done for Nora? All I did was interrogate Karl for a short while the other time, yet he actually locked me up!

Mark and Janson were best buddies. He often went over to their place for meals. As his senior, Terry had also taught him a lot, and he had benefited a lot from his teachings.

That was why Mark was so worked up. He didnt even wait for Johnson to speak and immediately said, A lot of people in the department think so too. Just wait for it, Captain Johnson, Ill take care of this!

After speaking, Mark ran off.

Janson looked at him from the back, his eyes were all red.

A day later, the inspection unit came to the special department, planning to investigate the incident about Terry and also to announce the final outcome. As the incident had blown up a great deal in the special department, and also because Morris had gone against everyones will to protect Karl, they had decided to hold a huge conference to resolve the matter.

Seeing everything going smoothly, Johnson finally relaxed. He felt that things were undoubtedly going very smoothly and there wouldnt be any unexpected issues.