She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 585 - Cranky Nora Slaps Them In The Face!

Chapter 585 - Cranky Nora Slaps Them In The Face!

Chapter 585 Cranky Nora Slaps Them In The Face!

The gene serum was the purpose of the special departments existence itself!

Yet not only had the special department not been able to catch the culprits behind the gene serum, but they were instead conducting human experiments of their own?

This must never be allowed!

The purpose of the inspection units existence was to keep Morris under strict control.

Morris frowned when he heard him.

Janson spoke up at once. We are not conducting human experiments with the serum. We are trying to save a life! The people from the inspection unit replied, No, you cant do that! This needs further investigation! Someone has given us a signed tip-off saying that you people are conducting human experiments here in an attempt to turn the gene serum into medicine. You must stop such behavior at once!

Janson was dumbfounded. A signed tip-off?

Justin immediately looked at Johnson. He was expressionless, but in his eyes was a look of clear understanding as though he had seen through everything. He said, Captain Johnson has been waiting for someone the whole time. Might they be who he was waiting for? How did you know that they would come, Captain Johnson?

His words made Janson look at Johnson incredulously. Uncle Johnson?

Johnson had originally wanted to refuse, but if he had given the tip-off anonymously, the people from the inspection unit wouldnt be able to come so quickly. He had no other choice, so his name had gone onto the records.

As such, he could only admit to it. He sighed and said, I am doing this for your own good, Janson! Do you know what you are doing? Do you know how fearsome the gene serum is? How many people have died because of it? How many victims of human experiments have died because of it? Its a poison itself! You mustnt use it!

Janson panicked. Uncle Johnson, you saw it yourself! Quentin Smith managed to get back onto his feet! Theres hope for my father now!

Johnson shook his head and sighed. Its useless. Even if it really works, you can only use it after it has gone through the inspection units checks. You cant use it on someone without going through the proper channels! He adopted a righteous attitude and said, Have you forgotten how much your father abhorred the gene serum? If he was conscious, do you think he would agree to you using it?

Then, he looked at Morris and said, And you, too. As the leader of the special department, how can you allow your subordinates to mess around? This has to be strictly rejected!

A cold Morris suddenly sneered, Captain Johnson, is it really because of these pretentious reasons that youre so opposed to this? Or is it because youre scared?! Scared that Terry will regain consciousness? Johnson choked on his breath.

Janson turned to him abruptly.

Johnson immediately said, Janson, you must trust me!

Janson, however, kept quiet. At this point, the people from the inspection unit walked up to Morris and said, We need to understand what is going on right now. Please cooperate with us! Captain Ford, are you aware that Nora Smith is intending to use the gene serum to treat Terry?

Morris looked at Nora.

Nora raised her brows. Although she rarely socialized with others, she knew that Morris would probably be held accountable for the incident if he responded affirmatively.

Thus, before Morris could speak, she said, This has nothing to do with him. Im the one who wanted to use the gene serum to treat the patient and save his life.

The person from the inspection unit looked at her at once. He frowned and said, Ms. Smith, in that case, are you aware that your actions could have severe repercussions? Your serum does not have sufficient experimental data to support its use. By rashly using it on a human, you are undoubtedly ignoring several medical principles!

Nora raised her brows.

Before she could say anything, Jansons eyes suddenly reddened. Its not her fault, I asked her to do it! I want to save my father! The person from the inspection unit shook his head. You are also at fault, but the main responsibility is not yours. We will definitely pursue this to the very end!

Nora had already unsealed the bottle of gene serum in her hand. She was still holding the syringe as well.

Janson stared at Terry on the bed. During the last few days, Terrys vitals had been weakening further and further. Should the inspection units investigations take a few days to complete, by the time they are done investigating everything, Terry would probably die, regardless of whether or not they granted them permission to use the gene serum. Three days According to what Nora had said, that was the longest Terry could survive for!

Janson felt a lump of frustration stuck in his throat, unable to go up or down.

He had indeed made a mistake, but he just wanted to save his father. Even Quentins condition was improving, so why couldnt he inject his father with the gene serum?!

The person from the inspection unit said sternly, Quentin Smiths condition is improving at the moment, but whether or not he really will recover, as well as what kind of aftereffects he may suffer are unknown. The gene serum has not even been tested on animals before. Therefore, according to the regulations, it is prohibited to inject humans with it! Besides, the gene serum is a strictly controlled substance. Everything involving the drug is against the law! Despite that, youre still knowingly breaking the law, which makes what youre doing even more of a muddleheaded move! All of you are to cooperate with us and follow us back to the station for the investigation now!

Janson was close to tearing up. No, I cant

He turned to Morris. Captain Ford, what should I do? What should I do now?

The medicine that could save his father was clearly within sight, so why couldnt they use

Just as he was in tears and Morris was also at a loss, he suddenly heard an impatient and disgusted voice.

Why are you crying? Can you even call yourself a man?

Janson choked on his sobs.

His head whipped towards the back abruptly to see Nora still calmly standing where she was. Her arm was outstretched, and she had already inserted the needle into the bottle of gene serum. Then, she drew the remaining half of the bottles contents into the syringe.

Seeing what she was doing, Johnson panicked at once. He shouted, Nora Smith, what are you doing?

Nora stared at the syringe in her hand. She pushed the syringe plunger with her fair fingers and cleanly expelled all the air inside. Then, her cat-like eyes turned to Janson and Morris frostily and she said only three words: Hold them back.

Then, she strode towards the bed.

Janson and Morris were dumbfounded.

It was only when the people from the inspection unit reacted, yelled for Nora to stop what she was doing, and were about to rush over to snatch the syringe from her that Janson and Morris finally recovered from their daze.

The two hurriedly stopped in front of Nora and blocked her from them. Im not letting you over!

Chaos broke out in the ward at once.

The sound of people pushing one another, loud arguing, and angry yells rang out one after another as though they were about to blow the roof off.

Amidst the fierce dispute, Nora took step after step towards Terry and walked up to him. Then, she lowered her head and plunged the needle into the blood vessel in Terrys arm.

She looked behind her at Johnson and the people from the inspection unit, whom Janson and Morris were keeping outside the door. Then, she exchanged a look with Justin, who was standing leisurely in front of her. After that, she slowly pushed the end of the syringe and injected the gene serum into Terry.

The inspection unit had more people on their side, after all, so they ultimately managed to break through Janson and Morris defenses and rushed into the ward.

However, what entered their sight was instead Nora slowly pulling out the needle and pressing an alcohol-soaked cotton ball against the skin.

After crankily finishing all she had to do, she finally tossed the disposable syringe into the trash can. Then, she looked at the people from the inspection unit and Johnson. Were you asking me to cooperate with you just now? Okay, I will fully cooperate with the investigation now.