She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 586 - It’s Being Repaired!!

Chapter 586 - It’s Being Repaired!!

Chapter 586 Its Being Repaired!!

You people! All of you are too arrogant! Never would Johnson have ever expected that Nora would solve the problem in such a simple and crude manner in front of the members of the inspection unit.

Was she not at all concerned about getting in trouble?

She was too much!

Johnson looked straight at the people from the inspection unit and pointed at Morris and Nora. Did you guys see that? That is exactly how Captain Ford operates! Everything he does is utterly non-compliant with the rules and regulations! Also, they have stolen what they are supposed to be guarding! How can they extract the gene serum from patients?! What makes them any different from the members of the mysterious organization?! An indignant Johnson criticized them accusingly.

The people from the inspection unit looked at the bed and asked, What do we do? Is it possible to still extract the serum that has been injected into him?

Next to him, the lip corners of the doctor who had come along with them spasmed. Of course not, he replied.

After the man spoke, he craned his neck and glanced at the bed. Then, he said, Terrys condition is simply too serious, though. It is near-impossible for anyone to take a bullet through the temples and survive.

Never mind, lets just take them back with us for now and take our time to investigate!

There was nothing the people from the inspection unit could do, either. They could only look at Morris, Nora, and Janson and say, The three of you, please follow us back to the station to assist in the investigation!

Janson looked at his father. He wanted to say something, but Morris suddenly said, Terry is here on his last breath. Let Janson stay, I will come with you instead.

Terry had gotten injured while on duty, so everyone in the department felt a lot of heartache for him. Upon hearing what he said, after a moments consideration, the group of them said to Janson, You can stay in the hospital and observe your fathers condition for now. However, you are not allowed to leave the hospital, and you must also make sure that you are available whenever we summon you!

Gratitude welled up in Janson in this instant.

He looked at Morris and thought of how Johnson had called him unkind just now just because he had detained Mark, who had tried to punish Karl for his sake

But as it turned out, deep down, Captain Ford understood everything better than anyone else.

Jansons resentment towards Morris for defending Karl all this time disappeared.

With his eyes red, he nodded. Okay! Thank you, Captain Ford!

Morris patted him on the shoulder quietly. Then, he looked at Nora. Just as he was about to speak, Nora yawned and said, I will cooperate with the investigation.

Morris breathed a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that the woman would leave the hospital in a moment of pique and end up getting into a conflict with the people from the inspection unit.

After all, she tended to employ unorthodox methods and was often defiant of authority.

While he was thinking about it, he heard Justin next to him suddenly say, Excuse me, but where will you be taking them to? How long will the investigation be? Also, can they bring their own bedding?

Upon hearing this, Morris heart lifted slightly and he felt some inexplicable joy. A moment later, sure enough, he heard the people from the inspection unit hesitate for a moment before they replied, Yes, they can.

Alright, I will make some preparations, then.

Thus, half an hour later, when Morris and Nora got out of the inspection units car together, they immediately saw a group of attendants standing in front of the entrance to the special department.

Two of the attendants were carrying a 6 feet mattress. Some were carrying pillows and some were carrying quilts. All of them were standing there respectfully.

Justin did not take the same car as them, but he was also standing there calmly. When he saw them, he waved at the person who had led the inspection unit during the operation and said, Hi~


Morris stared at Justin, and then glanced at Nora who couldnt stop yawning. It seemed like she couldnt even keep her eyes open anymore. All of a sudden, he felt really good. How frustrated he had felt when those two treated him this way the last time was how happy he currently was.

Because they had said that they could bring their own beddings-after all, Nora and Morris actions were still under investigation, and both of them were talents from the special departmentthey couldnt request that they take the beddings back now, either. They could only watch helplessly as Justin entered the department with all the bedding.

He chose the most spacious interrogation room there, after all, if the room was too small, the big mattress wouldnt fit.

Then, they speedily transformed the interrogation room into a hotel room in just two minutes.

Nora entered and took off her shoes. Although she also felt that Justins actions were a little exaggerated, she nevertheless obediently sat on the bed.

After that, someone from the inspection unit entered and said, Ms. Nora Smith, please cooperate with us in the investigation. May I know if,

Can I close my eyes and rest for a while?

Nora suddenly spoke and interrupted the other party. Yes, sure.

He assumed that she would just be napping for half an hour when she asked to rest for a while, but unexpectedly When he exited the room, he immediately saw Justin standing outside. He closed the door obediently and instructed, She hasnt slept for three days. You can ask her your questions after she wakes


Although he didnt know how Justin had entered the inspection units premises-after all, strangers were not allowed entry-the man in charge of interrogating Nora nevertheless replied, Alright, I guess!

They were all colleagues. He mustnt go too far!

And then

He learned the meaning of the words Queen of Sleep.

Five hours later, he came over and found that Justin had moved a chair over to the door. The man, who was sitting outside the door, shushed him.

Surprised, the interrogator asked, Shes still asleep? Yes.

Justin sighed. After all, my Nora forgets to even eat and sleep once she starts working. She doesnt know what rest is at all. Sigh!

The corners of his lips spasmed. Alright.

When he turned to leave, Justin suddenly said, Um

When he turned back, Justin said, Can you tell the people in the interrogation room next door to keep it down a little? The interrogation rooms here are not as soundproof as Id thought!

While Nora was dead to the world, the situation in the hospital was also changing.

With Morris temporarily taken away, Johnson became the provisional leader of the special department. He also stayed in the hospital and stood outside Terrys ward.

Five hours had passed. After checking and analyzing Terrys condition, the forensic doctor came out. Johnson hurriedly asked, How is he?

He suppressed his nervousness.

He knew that there was no way Terry would survive. No matter how godly ones medical skills were, surely there was no way missing brain cells could be recovered, right?

But unexpectedly, the forensic doctors brows drew together tightly, and then, with a fervent look on his face, he said, Its too amazing! Its simply too amazing! A foreboding feeling welled up in Johnson. What happened?

The man replied, Terrys brain cells are really recovering!! They were recovering?

Johnson was utterly stunned. He said incredulously, What?

The doctor took a deep breath and said, Terry will really be able to wake up in another days time!