She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 584 - Johnson Gives Himself Away!

Chapter 584 - Johnson Gives Himself Away!

Chapter 584 Johnson Gives Himself Away!

Although every step he took was terribly shaky and fraught with great difficulty, he had indeed managed to stand!

Countless fine beads of perspiration formed on his forehead.

Lily was helping him up at the side. You have only just recovered, you mustnt overdo it. Go back and lie down after another two steps!

Heh, only weak people wouldnt be able to get up and walk around immediately after they recover. Dont forget that I was the third-best fighter in the martial arts scene in New York before I got hurt!

Quentin was clearly so tired that even his voice had become weak, but the things he said were still as stubborn and competitive as before.

Lilys lip corners spasmed. Fine, youre the third-best fighter in the world, okay? Even so, you still have to rest more!

Ill walk another round.

Quentin, who refused to listen, continued to move about. Then, he said, You dont know how tired of lying in bed Ive been all this time!

He looked at Lily, grinned, and said, Dont be fooled by how trusting I was of Nora before this. To be honest, I wasnt confident of it myself, either. I had also been worried at that time and wondered what I should do if I really cant stand again?

This was a rare occasion where Lily was actually hearing him confessing his true thoughts, so she didnt diss him.

But unexpectedly, Quentin then said, If that happened, the martial arts scene would have suffered too great a loss!

Lily: ???

Quentin didnt notice Lilys surprise at all. He was still going on by himself. Now that Ive recovered, I have to make full use of the time I have to rehabilitate. There are so many people waiting for me! I also have to continue with my martial arts practice. One day, I will defeat N I mean, Big Sister!

He had almost blurted out the fact that Nora was Big Sister again.


Lily was filled with a sense of resignation. She walked up to Quentin, sighed heavily, and said, Ive treated so many patients with Anti, but I really havent met anyone like you my whole life!

Quentin looked at her. Even though he was as pale as a sheet, and the fine beads on his forehead had condensed into drops of sweat trickling down his cheeks, his eyes nevertheless still lit up. Someone as handsome and talented as I am?

No, someone as groundlessly confident as you are!

While the two were bickering, Quentin had completed another round.

Outside the door, Johnson and Janson looked at each other.

Johnson asked in astonishment, Was he really paralyzed just a few days ago?

Yes, he was. Janson whispered, I held and pressed his joints before the operation. They were all soft and broken Although they havent fully healed yet, they are on the way to recovery.

Jansons eyes flushed with excitement. Dr. Smith has already told me that it really is possible for my father to regain consciousness!

Johnson took a deep breath.

He suddenly said, Janson, have you really thought this through? Are you really going to let your father use the gene serum? Its only been three days! What can you really see in just three days? What if there are aftereffects? Also, is the use of the gene serum really legal? Have you ever considered all this?

Upon hearing what he said, Janson took a deep breath and said solemnly, Uncle Johnson, I know you are someone who takes rules and regulations very seriously, but this time, I would like to fight for my fathers sake.

He clenched his jaw and said, When my father was first gone, I felt like I was dreaming. It was very unreal and all I wanted was to avenge him. But during the last three days, Ive thought about it countless times. If there is any way I can help Dad regain consciousness, I will try it without a second thought! Because he did not leave us even a word before he died. If I can get him to wake up for a short while, even if its just for him to bid farewell to us, my mother wont be so sad anymore, right? Uncle Johnson, you will support me, right?

Johnsons eyes flickered and he said, Why wouldnt I? Even I didnt get to properly bid farewell to Terry, let alone you! Everything had happened so quickly that day!

He sighed bitterly and said, I was too worked up afterward as well, and insisted on avenging him. If Morris hadnt stopped me, I might have killed Karl on the spot! Speaking of Karl, Janson became agitated. Is Captain Ford still defending him?

Janson had been watching over Terry in the hospital the last three days, so he hadnt had time to confront Karl yet. Sigh! Johnson pretended to sigh. Then, he said, Youre on good terms with Mark, right? I heard that he went to the interrogation room to punch Karl and take revenge for you. But Captain Ford detained him before even before he could hit him! He even told him to reflect on his actions and write a report!


Janson clenched his fists in anger. Just what exactly has Karl done to brainwash Captain Ford that he would defend him so much?!

Johnson nodded. Exactly! Captain Ford has been refusing to put Karl on trial. I really dont know what hes thinking. Poor Mark, though, hes still locked up right now.

Janson became furious and indignant. Captain Ford has really become muddleheaded! He has never done this before. He is really disappointing me this time!

After making use of the opportunity to paint a bad picture of Morris, Johnson said, Itd be for the best if Terry can wake up. Otherwise, we wont be able to cement Karls charges. Captain Ford will probably use the excuse of insufficient evidence to release him!

Janson clenched his fists tightly.

At this time, the sound of footsteps traveled over from a distance away. The two looked over to see Morris and Nora walking over.

Nora was accompanied by a big and tall man. Although he fell behind by a few steps, it was impossible for anyone to ignore him. It was none other than Justin.

Morris asked, Janson, how is your father doing?

Janson sneered, Do you even care how my father is doing, Captain Ford? Shouldnt you be more concerned about Karls safety instead? Why arent you staying by his side in the special department anymore?

Upon hearing what he said, Morris kept quiet.

Nora, however, narrowed her eyes. Her gaze swept across Johnson and Janson impatiently and she asked, So, do you want to treat your fathers illness now?.

Janson nodded at once. Yes!

Although he didnt like Nora either-after all, Nora and Karl were on very close terms-she was the only one who could treat his father now.

With the box in her hand, Nora walked past Janson and entered the ward where Terry was.

Everyone went into the room one by one.

Johnson, who was at the end of the line, looked into the distance from time to time.

Justin raised his eyebrows and asked, Waiting for someone, Captain Johnson?.

His one-liner made everyone look over.

Johnson immediately replied, No, Im not.

In spite of that, he became a little anxious. Why werent the people from the inspection unit here yet?!

His brows drew together and he followed the others into the ward. Then, he saw Nora open the metal box. Right at this moment! The sound of footsteps suddenly traveled over from afar.

About seven to eight people rushed into the ward. The person leading the team said, Morris Ford! We have received news that someone is conducting human experiments in the hospital! Such actions are absolutely prohibited! I demand that all of you stop what you are doing at once!