She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 583 - Quentin stood up!

Chapter 583 - Quentin stood up!

Chapter 583 Quentin stood up!

Captain Johnsons pupils constricted as he looked ahead in a daze. What did you say? He stood up?

Yes! Janson could not hide the excitement in his voice. You know Quentins previous situation. All his bones were broken, but three days after he was injected with the gene serum, he stood up!

Captain Johnson swallowed.

He really stood up.

If the gene serum could revive broken bones, then could it also revive damaged brain cells? Therefore, Old Terry had a cure?

Captain Johnsons mind exploded.

If Old Terry woke up, everything he had done would be exposed.

Nothis was all part of their scheme. Quentin could not have stood up.

Uncle Johnson, this is really a medical miracle that Ive seen. Its simply too awesome. I didnt expect the effect to be so good. Three days only three days! Quentin stood up. If my father is injected with the drug, can he wake up? Uncle Johnson, Uncle Johnson? Are you listening?

Im listening. Captain Johnson came back to his senses. Ill come to the hospital immediately. Okay.

After hanging up, Captain Johnson got up, put on his jacket, and drove straight to the hospital.


Captain Johnsons car stopped outside the door. He got out of the car and ran to the VIP ward. At a distance, Justin sat in the front passenger seat of a car. After watching Captain Johnson enter, he turned around and looked at the back seat.

Nora was lying there to catch up on her sleep. She had a cap covering her face. She was hugging her arms, and her long legs were slightly bent in the cramped seat.

The moment he turned back, Noras cold and hoarse voice was heard. Hes here?

He just went in.

Justin said calmly, Go to sleep. Ill keep an eye on him.

Okay, Nora replied lazily. It seemed like she didnt even have the strength to speak.

No one knew that she had not slept at all for the past three days.

To outsiders, Quentin had only taken an injection of gene serum and recovered slowly. However, no one knew how much she had done in private

Nora was usually not very energetic and only relied on sleeping to replenish her energy. At the time, she had been awake for three consecutive days. She walked out of the hospital with dark circles under her eyes. When she saw Justins car, she climbed inside without a word and fell down.

Justin did not dare to move, afraid that if he did, he would make a rubbing sound that would disturb her. When he saw the womans exhausted expression, his heart ached.

Usually, this woman even felt that her dates delayed her sleep, let alone three days of sleepless nights?

He was really worried that Nora would sleep for 72 hours like last time!

However, she seemed to know that she had unfinished business. Therefore, even though she was lying there, she was still paying attention to the outside?

As Justin thought this, he saw Nora suddenly remove her hat and rub her slightly greasy hair. She said in a slightly frustrated tone, Forget it, I cant sleep.

With that, she opened the car door, put on her cap, and walked to the hospital.

Her legs seemed to have lost strength as she walked, and her dragging footsteps became more and more intense. Furthermore, her face was cold, and her entire body was filled with an aura that stopped others from coming close.

Justin got out of the car and was about to follow when he suddenly heard Cherrys familiar voice. Mommy ~ Justin subconsciously turned his head and saw Cherry getting out of Seans car and running over.

Nora also stopped in her tracks.

Mommy, I miss you so much! I havent seen you in days. I miss you so much! Cherry ran over to Nora and reached out with her small little hand. Just as she was about to speak, Nora turned her face and looked at her.

The rest of Cherrys words were stuck in her throat. Her small body trembled forcefully. Then, her hand moved in a different direction, and her words became, Daddy, hug-


He lowered his head and carried her up. He saw Nora glaring at him and walking forward.

Cherry stayed obediently in Justins arms until Nora was far away. Then, she leaned into Justins ear and asked softly, How long has Mommy been awake?

72 hours.

Justin replied.

Tsk Cherry gasped. Its over. According to my understanding of Mommy, shes at the nuclear stage!

Justin: ??!

Cherry struggled to get down.

Justin put her down. Perhaps it was their actions that made Nora turn her head around again.

Cherry immediately said seriously, Mommy, I suddenly remembered I havent finished my homework. Ill go back with Uncle Sean now.

Noras face was expressionless. Her almond-shaped eyes looked at her. After a full three seconds, she finally nodded.

Cherry immediately felt like she had been pardoned. She said to Justin, Daddy, good luck. Then, she ran over to Sean happily.


This little smartass saw Noras cranky mood and quickly slipped away! Justin shook his head and followed beside Nora. Then, he reached out and hugged her waist.

When his hand touched her, he could clearly feel her body stiffen. A violent aura lingered around her as if a storm was about to descend.

Nora was really going crazy. Other women had strange personalities during their periods and would explode easily at the slightest annoyance, but she did not. She usually did not care about others. It was only when she could not sleep enough that the slightest displeasure could drive her crazy.

At this moment, no one dared to approach her.

When this mans hand was placed on her waist, Nora felt that a wave of evil fire seemed to have found a way to vent out. However, when she turned her head, the mans refreshing aura came over. It actually made her feel like a volcano had touched a stream of icy water. All her frustration was suppressed by the silent and refreshing aura.

Nora pursed her lips and sniffed hard.

The man reached out and took off her cap. He stroked her hair as if he was stroking fur. Nora was like a wild cat about to explode. Her temper was slowly soothed.

Perhaps it was because she had just taken a nap in the car?

Nora suddenly felt like she was not that tired anymore.

She then strode toward the VIP ward.

Outside the ward.

Captain Johnson still did not believe that Quentin could stand up. Janson might have been deceived by Nora. He had to see it with his own eyes.

He and Janson arrived outside Quentins ward and looked in through the glass window. He saw Quentin holding the table beside him with difficulty and moving his feet bit by bit