She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 580 - What If He is Cured?

Chapter 580 - What If He is Cured?

Chapter 580 What If He is Cured?!

In the hospital.

Quentin lay there with a straight face.

Lily stood beside him and was looking at his vitals on the monitors. Quentin was now completely out of danger. His physical indicators had returned to normal. Other than the shattered bones that had not healed, there was no danger.

He lay there weakly, looking at the ceiling.

Then, the door was pushed open.

Nora brought Janson and another member of the special department in.

Quentin glanced at her and said in surprise, Sister, you changed men again? You even changed to two men at once?

Nora: ?

She frowned and did not react to his words. Beside her, Lily coughed. Quentin instantly stopped talking

Quentin was like a stupid teenager.

Nora ignored his words and said, I found a way to treat you.

Quentins eyes instantly lit up as he looked at her. I knew you could do it! Treat me quickly. Im bored to death, and Im still being bullied every day!

With that, he glared at Lily.

Nora followed his gaze and looked at Lily in confusion. She saw Lily looking to the side. Lily did not even dare to look her in the eye.


She did not speak and just looked at Lily silently. After a while, Lily could not help but say, Alright, alright. I admit it. Boss, I just pinched his face!

Did you just pinch my face?

Quentin shouted angrily. Lily: Oh, I touched his chest.

Nora and Quentin continued to watch her whine.

Lily: I touched his thigh.

Nora still did not speak.

Lily was anxious. Thats all! Oh, right, and his Adams apple.

Quentin looked like he had been humiliated.

Lily was shocked. Why are you complaining to my boss like this? What if she fires me or lowers my salary? Dont say anything else. Ill be responsible! Okay.

Quentins expression was natural. After saying this, he looked at Nora. What is the treatment method? What are these two men here for?

Nora was silent for a moment before explaining, Im using the gene serum I extracted to treat you now. Because we dont know how effective it is or if there are any side effects, these two are here to record your reactions.

Upon hearing this, Quentin immediately pursed his lips. Heh, as a peerless expert, I wont make a sound even if you scrape my bones to treat my wounds. Come on!

Then, he acted as if he was going to the execution ground.

Nora raised her eyebrows.

She had said that on purpose.

Quentin loved to show off. She had deliberately told him that these two people were here to observe him. Quentin would definitely be very cooperative and not make a sound.

Treating broken bones was very painful, but she could not use anesthesia. Quentin had to withstand it all on his own.

Nora thought about this and nodded. Then, she said to Lily, Lets start.

Janson and the forensic doctor from another department stood by the side and observed them.

Janson had to confirm that this medicine was really useful. Otherwise, he would not dare to let Nora use it on his father.

Everyone in the special department knew that although the gene serum sounded good, it was actually a drug used to produce monsters.

Looking at the fate of those who had used this drug, they were all either crazy or dead. No one was unscathed. As he was thinking, he saw Nora take out a medical box. She opened the box with a serious expression and carefully took out a glass jar.

Then, Nora brought over a syringe and took half of the serum from the glass jar.

The glass tube was crystal clear, and the gene serum was transparent and colorless.

Janson swallowed. The forensic doctor from the special department beside him called Mark asked, Is this the gene serum?

Nora nodded and said, I extracted it from their blood and refined it. It can guarantee that this gene serum is good. With that, she looked at Quentin and asked with a grave expression, I cant guarantee what the final outcome will be if this drug is injected. Brother, Ill ask you one last time. Are you really not afraid?

Quentin lay there and looked at her with a serious expression. He suddenly asked, What did you call me?

Nora lowered her almond-shaped eyes. She looked obedient, but her aura was cold and stern. She called out again, Brother.

This was the first time Nora had called him brother.

The Big Sister of Quinn School of Martial Arts, an existence respected by everyone, actually called him brother!

Quentin was extremely excited. He nodded and said, Dont hesitate. Come!

Nora took a deep breath. Looking at her, she seemed to be very uneasy.

Then, she walked to Quentin and raised the needle to insert into his arm.

A few moments later, Nora suddenly pressed on the broken joint on his arm and asked, Does it hurt here?

The moment she pressed it, although Quentin did not say anything, his expression instantly became ferocious.

He should be in a lot of pain. It was so painful that cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and his veins bulged. However, he gritted his teeth and did not make a sound.

Janson and Mark could not stand it anymore and frowned.

Nora sighed. Quentin, if it hurts, just shout it out

Quentin gritted his teeth. The words almost came out of his throat. It! Doesnt! Hurt!

Janson and Mark:

Lily could not stand it any longer. She walked to the two of them and said, You two, go out. Quentin has too much pride. If youre here, he wont shout even if it hurts. Its not good for him to hold it in.

Janson and Mark nodded and the two of them left the room.


Almost as soon as they were out the door, a bloodcurdling scream filled the room, followed by Quentins cries of pain and murmurs.

Mark could not help but say, This is too torturous.

Janson nodded.

At this moment, his phone rang. He picked it up and saw Captain Johnsons message. Hows the treatment?

Janson replied to the voice message, I cant see anything yet, but the side effects of that drug are really huge. Listen to this, this scream

Janson moved the phone away from his ear and aimed it at the ward.

A faint whimper came from inside.

When Captain Johnson heard this, he sighed. Janson, why do I feel like Nora is too unreliable? Do you really believe she can revive people?

Janson swallowed. For some reason, he recalled Quentins appearance from earlier. He suddenly said, Perhaps? Uncle Johnson, for my fathers sake, I want her to try.

Okay, I respect your choice.

In the special department, Captain Johnson hung up the phone. He walked back and forth in the office, looking out the door from time to time.

He looked deep in thought.

He had originally refused to believe that the gene serum could create a medical miracle. But why did she suddenly feel a little reliable now

What if? What if Nora really cured Old Terrys illness? What should he do?!