She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 581 - Justin’s Brilliant Power

Chapter 581 - Justin’s Brilliant Power

Chapter 581 Justins Brilliant Power

Captain Johnsons original certainty suddenly turned to uncertainty, making him a little vexed.

He told himself not to be nervous as he walked around the room.

His rationality told him that no one could revive a person from the dead. Old Terry was already brain dead. Even if he had been injected with a gene serum, it was impossible for him to survive.

On the other hand, he had seen too much in the special department and knew how strong those people had become after being injected with the gene serum.

Once, their team had arrested a woman. After she was injected with a gene serum, she became extremely strong. He had seen with his own eyes that the woman had picked up a 150-kilogram object easily and thrown it into the distance

The more he learned about it, the more he respected that gene serum.

Captain Johnson suddenly took a deep breath and sat in his chair. At the door, Ruth knocked.

Captain Johnson said, Come in. After Ruth entered and saw him, she asked, Captain Johnson, you dont look too good. Whats wrong? Is there anything I can help you with?

Ruths arm was still wrapped in a bandage.

Captain Johnsons gaze swept across the wound before he sighed. Im just thinking about Noras gene serum. Can it really save people? When Ruth heard this, she narrowed her eyes.

After a while, she said, Captain Johnson, you might not know, but gene serum is really too popular in the underworld. This serum can improve human genes and make humans perfect. However, the amount of gene serum produced by that mysterious organization is too little. Normal people cant even get in line.

With that, she pretended to hit her mouth. Look at my mouth. What I mean is, you have to keep Miss Smiths gene serum a secret. Otherwise, who knows how many people would come fighting over it!

Her words made Captain Johnson narrow his eyes.

After saying a few more perfunctory words to Ruth, Captain Johnson asked her to leave.

However, after Ruth left, he immediately took out his phone and logged into a foreign forum. There, he posted: Genetic drugs can be used as life-saving medicine, they can even revive people!

At the bottom of this thread, it explained in detail that Nora had extracted the gene serum from the prisoner and decided to use it on her already disabled relative.

The drug would also be administered to a severely injured colleague. But it would have to wait three days.

Immediately after the post went online, many anonymous people immediately asked if this was true. One person even asked Johnson personally.

Austin: Is the news reliable?

When Captain Johnson saw who it was, he was instantly excited.

Austin was the most powerful underground boss in the UK. He dominated the UK and was not afraid of anyone!

Since he had taken a liking to the gene serum, he would definitely spend a high price to snatch it! With him around, even the Assassin Alliance might not be able to withstand!

Captain Johnson replied: I guarantee its true! Theyre doing experiments in the hospital as we speak!

He was afraid that Old Terry would wake up, but he could not let anything happen at this time. Since he could not do it himself, why not use someone else to kill him?

There were countless organizations in the world. He would let those people become enemies with Nora as he sat still and reaped the benefits!

Captain Johnson felt that his plan was absolutely perfect.

Austin replied casually: I want this gene serum.

He was openly declaring his sovereignty under the post, also warning those small organizations not to try if they did not have the ability!

When Captain Johnson saw this, he instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Since Austin had said so, their organization would definitely send someone.

This time, Noras matter was over!

However, he did not know that his actions were being monitored by someone who had witnessed the entire conversation.

The black-and-white office was filled with low-key luxury.

Justin sat behind the desk, his dark and long eyes staring at the thread. Then, he slowly lowered his head and his long fingers casually tapped on the sofa.

Lawrence, who was standing beside him, was indignant. Mr. Hunt, this Austin is not to be trifled with. Although their organization is as famous as the Assassin Alliance, Austin never keeps his word. Hes much more terrifying than Karl Moore! Miss Smith is in big trouble now!

However, Sean said, Do you want to help? Mr. Hunt, now is the perfect time for you to be a hero and save the beauty!

Lawrence rolled his eyes at Sean and said nervously, You talk too much. Im the one handling Mr. Hunts romantic matters. Do you have any experience?

Sean: No, what do you think we should do?

Lawrence smiled. We have to save the damsel in distress, of course!

Sean: How is this different from what I said earlier?

Lawrence said, Of course theres a difference! The hero saving the damsel in distress has to wait until Austin comes to New York. When Miss Smith is in danger, the hero will save the damsel in distress in our own territory! This would make Miss Smith rely on Boss

Before he could finish speaking, he saw that Justin had already opened a drawer and taken out an encrypted phone to prevent tracking. He called Austin.

At the same time, in the Smiths, Ian was contacting Austin.

The call had just been connected when Ian said, Austin, Nora is my daughter. You have to give up on the gene serum this time.

Austin sneered and replied, Stop me if you


Ian narrowed her eyes. I know youre very strong, but this is New York. The Smiths have not been living in retirement all these years!

Austins tone was still light. I know that your family has power and influence in New York. The Smiths can scare others, but youre not qualified to scare me, my dear!

Ian was extremely angry. Are you really not afraid of the Smiths?

Austin smiled. Im really am not.

After a moment of silence, Ian said again, Arent you afraid of the Hunts?

Austin still smiled gently. Are the Hunts any different from the Smiths?

When Ian heard this, his deep eyes narrowed. He had always suspected that Justin was somehow behind the underworld forces in the UK That was why he had deliberately mentioned the Hunts in front of Austin. But Austins tone seemed unaffected even after the mention of the Hunts. Either his guess was wrong, or Austin did not know who the real boss was!

Could it be that Ian was overthinking? Justin actually did not have that much power overseas?

As he was thinking, Austins phone suddenly received another call on the second line. Austin said, Smith, if thats all, Im hanging up. See you in New York-

With that, he hung up.

Austin pursed his lips.

The two families only lorded over New York, but what were they overseas?

With that in mind, he looked at his phone. The called ID was blank.