She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 579 - Treatment!!

Chapter 579 - Treatment!!

Chapter 579 Treatment!!

The moment Nora spoke, Janson and the others gazes fell on her. It reduced the pressure on Morris.

Jansons gaze landed on Old Terry lying on the stretcher.

Earlier, he had seen his fathers body. His fathers heart had stopped beating. Blood and brain matter had oozed out from his temples. It was a tragic sight.

His colleagues had pulled him away.

At this moment, he turned around and saw that Old Terrys chest was heaving weakly on the stretcher. It was obvious that he was nearly dead.

Jansons eyes turned even redder. He asked with a trembling voice, Can you really treat him?

Nora nodded.

However, Ruth, who had finished treating her wounds, held her arm and said, Miss Smith, what the doctors said earlier clearly indicated that he cant be saved. Its not good for Old Terry if you forcefully keep him alive! His brain is already dead, so why are you torturing his body like this? Just to avoid punishment for Karl?

When Ruth said this, Janson instantly became furious. Nora, what on earth is going on? Cant my fathers illness be treated? Is there really no such precedent in the world?

Nora lowered her eyes and glanced at Ruth coldly. Then, she looked at Janson and lowered her head. Indeed, there are no cases of brain dead patients waking up yet.

These words made Jansons eyes instantly become even more furious. He was like a lion, as if he wanted to rush over and bite her the next moment.

Nora was not afraid at all. She stared at him and said, But I have a method that might allow your father to obtain a new life. I wonder if you want to use it?

Janson was stunned. What way?

Nora sighed silently. What is our special department investigating?

Janson frowned and quickly came back to his senses. Genetic medicine?

Nora nodded.

Then, under everyones gaze, she said slowly, Everyone has seen the power of gene serum. It can change the DNA and make the body stronger. As our forensic doctor, I have been researching this gene serum for a while now. Ive cracked this gene serum!

With this sentence, everyone looked at her.

Even Morris looked at her in disbelief.

Ruths eyes widened. How how is this possible?

Nora said calmly, How is it not?

Ruth bit her lip and did not speak. Instead, it was Captain Johnson who sneered. Nora, I think youre really putting the cart before the horse! The case we want to investigate is the human body experiment corresponding to the gene serum! This gene serum itself is an illegal substance. You actually want to use this thing?

Nora raised her eyebrows. In order to save people, even if its poison, we have to use it, right?

Captain Johnson snorted. But whats the difference between this and a human trial?!

The difference

Of course there was a difference.

Nora lowered her eyes. Old Terry is already dead anyway. What if the gene serum really revived him?

She pointed at Old Terrys head and said, The gene serum has the ability to revive cells, so it can extend bones and bring people back to life. In theory, as long as a person is still breathing, this serum should work!

Captain Johnson still wanted to say something, but Nora looked straight at Janson. Im telling you now, this is the only way. There might be a 50% chance of making your father wake up. So are you going to use it or not?

Janson said without hesitation, Yes!

He did not even need to think about it.

Captain Johnson hurriedly said, Janson, you

Before he could finish, he was stopped by Nora. Captain Johnson, what are you thinking by stopping me from using the gene serum? Are you that afraid that Old Terry will wake up?

Captain Johnson choked on her words and shouted angrily, Of course not. If Old Terry can wake up, Ill be happier than anyone else! But youre using his body as an experiment. This is really unacceptable! Besides, what if this gene serum has side effects?! Old Terry is already brain dead. Are you going to insult his corpse and beliefs?

Janson hesitated.

However, Nora seemed to have expected this. She still said casually, Therefore, I wont choose Old Terry as my test subject. Ill use it on someone else first.

Janson subconsciously asked, Who?

My cousin, Quentin.

Nora said slowly, word for word, You all know that my third brother has all his bones broken. With the current medical knowledge, its impossible for him to stand up again. The gene serum can definitely treat people who have broken their bones. Ill inject the gene serum into Quentin today. After observation, if his health improves, Ill give it to Old Terry. Is that okay?

Of course!

If she was confident enough to use it on her own brother, why couldnt it be used on Old Terry?

Janson hurriedly nodded and decided. Yes!

Nora looked at Morris again and raised her eyebrows to ask, Captain Ford, can I?

She was asking if she could use the gene serum.

Morris looked at Captain Johnson.

Actually, it was illegal for them to use this drug


But to save Old Terry Morris said in a deep voice, Yes.

The matter was settled.

Seeing that he could no longer interrupt, a dark light flashed across Captain Johnsons eyes.

The people gathered in the hall quickly dispersed. Captain Johnson entered the office with Ruth following behind him. Captain Johnson, do you need me to help you interrogate Karl and make him confess? No, its fine.

Captain Johnson said, Our best option is to stay put for now!

He had the absolute advantage. How could he lose?


Old Terrys temple had exploded, and his brain matter had come oozing out. He was already dead. Captain Johnson did not believe that Nora could treat Old Terry. Also, what gene serum Heh, how could it be so effective?

He was waiting to hear the news of Old Terrys death and then send Karl to the guillotine. Then, he would make use of this matter to pull Morris down from his seat!

It was really killing three birds with one stone!

However, Ruth reminded her worriedly, I heard that Nora took Old Terry to the hospital where her medical team is. And she will treat Quentin tonight.

Captain Johnson sneered. Okay. Then well wait for her treatment results tomorrow!