She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 58 - Justin, Actually, You Can Also Have A Daughter!

Chapter 58 - Justin, Actually, You Can Also Have A Daughter!

Chapter 58 - Justin, Actually, You Can Also Have A Daughter!

The Carefree Pill.

Nora said silently in her mind. However, when she thought of how her mother had instructed her to stay low-key and avoid being too showy, she casually said, "I bought them at Guardian Pharmacy. They said it invigorates and refreshes the mind. I didn't ask the specifics."

In other words, she had bought them without much thought.

Sheena said sharply, "That's some sheer dumb luck, huh! Didn't I say? You're so young; even if you do know a bit of medicine, it's not going to be this grea—"

Melissa couldn't stand listening to her anymore. She interjected and said, "Sheena, no matter what the case is, we still ought to thank Nora!"

Sheena said mockingly, "Thank her? Do you need me to get down on my knees and kowtow to her, or set off some fireworks to celebrate, then?"

She was obviously being sarcastic, but the corners of Nora's lips quirked upward and she replied seriously, "No, you don't have to."

Her voice was low and husky, which lent it a sense of calmness and steadiness. She said, "You should apologize to my mother now."

Sheena immediately felt her cheeks burning.

She clenched her fists and straightened her back. She avoided Nora's gaze and said, "Why should I? Mom only became blind because she was so angry at your mother for running away from home! Isn't it only right for you to cure her? Also, we're in this state because your mother just up and left back then! She's the sinner of the family! Why should I apologize to her?!"

Simon sighed. Then, he ordered harshly, "Shut up, Sheena!"

Sheena felt that she must have misheard him. Shocked, she looked at him and asked, "Simon, are you actually yelling at me because of a stray like her?!"

Simon replied, "She's no stray; she's Sis' daughter and my niece! She's an Anderson! Apologize to Sis now!"

"You—" Sheena shouted angrily, "Are you determined to go against me? Fine, you don't need me to help you manage Harmonia Pharmacy anymore, do you?"


Simon was stunned.

Sheena had always been the one in charge of Harmonia Pharmacy's manufacturing department during all these years. It was indeed also because of her that the business hadn't gone bust yet.

But what she just said… Was she threatening him?

At the sight of Simon's silence, Sheena immediately knew that her threat had been effective. She straightened her back and sneered, "You have to suffer the consequences if you make a mistake! Sis made a mistake by eloping back then, which caused our reputation to plummet! So, why should I apologize to her? Does she have the cheek to accept my apology?"


Sheena, who was close to the bed, was stunned when Mrs. Anderson's slap landed on her cheek, and she looked at her in disbelief.

Mrs. Anderson, who was trembling all over, shouted angrily, "Your elder sister must have had her reasons! I forbid you to say that about her!"

Sheena took a step back. With a wry smile, she held her hand to her cheek and said, "You can shut me up, but can you shut up those people outside? Her mother was a woman of loose morals who eloped with another man, and it held back Ian Smith for life! This is the biggest scandal among the wealthy families in all of New York in the past two decades!"

Simon said sternly, "Sis had her reasons!"

"What reasons did she have?!"

Sheena yelled hysterically, "We even found love letters in her room! She eloped! When will all of you stop lying to yourselves?!"

She turned to Mrs. Anderson and Simon and said, "I'll say one last thing—it's either her or me in this family. Pick one!"


The room fell silent.

A silent Nora turned and said, "I'll leave."

However, a large warm hand held her shoulder before she reached the door, and Simon's slightly tired voice reached her: "Nora, where are you going? This is your home."

He didn't dare to look at Sheena when he spoke, but his decision was already obvious.

Sheena looked at Mrs. Anderson and then at Melissa—both of them turned away.

Toward the end, she looked at Simon and said, "Fine! Okay! The Andersons and the Myerses are fighting it out now, but you're actually driving me away at a critical moment like this because of that no-good girl?

"Fine! I'll leave!"

Sheena turned and started to walk out, but found that no one was stopping her. When she reached the door, she stopped. A moment later, with her eyes red, she sneered, "You're all partial toward Sis, and have forgotten that I'm the one who has led Harmonia Pharmacy over the past twenty years to where it currently is!

"In that case, don't blame me for hardening my heart! Simon, I'll wait for Harmonia Pharmacy to be completely crushed by the Myerses! I'll wait for the day it closes down!"

After saying that, she turned and strode off.

Melissa frowned. "Has Sheena lost her mind? How can she bring herself to say such a thing after just a few heated words? She's almost 50, yet she's still so impulsive!"

Then, she looked at Simon worriedly. "We're at a critical point of the Andersons and the Myerses' fight for market share now. What do we do if Sheena really goes on strike?"

A troubled Simon rubbed his temples. "We'll just do whatever we can and take it one step at a time!"

Seeing how worried they both looked, Nora asked, "Uncle Simon, Aunt Melissa. Is there anything I can help with?"

Simon sighed and replied, "No, it's fine, Nora. You can just stay home with Cherry."

What the Andersons needed the most at the moment wasn't a contest of skill in commerce but an actual bona fide formula for a pill!

Thanks to Nora's mother's Carefree Pill, the Myerses had leaped to stardom among the wealthy circles in New York. If she, as well as the formula, were still around… The ones stealing the show would have been them now.


A troubled Simon and Melissa left the house after deciding that they would head to Harmonia Pharmacy to think of a solution.

As for Nora, she gave her grandmother a detailed explanation on how to use the ointment next. Then, she spent some time accompanying her while she adjusted to life with a sense of sight again. After she went on the right track, Nora went downstairs.

During brunch, Sheril suddenly rushed into the villa.

Her eyes were shining. At the sight of Nora, she flew straight up to her and exclaimed, "Nora! Is this pill the Carefree Pill?!"


At the same time.

The Hunt Corporation's office building towered into the sky in the center of New York.

On the top floor, Justin was currently in the midst of work.

An extremely troubled Chester paced about in the hallway with a million thoughts in his mind.

His little nephew had said that once the Smith woman cures Grandma, he would tell Justin the truth!

But why did he feel like Justin was still unaware of the fact that he had a daughter?

He mustn't hide it from his brother anymore.

During this recent period of time, he had been terribly troubled every day over how he should tell Justin the truth, leading to him having trouble eating and sleeping. He wasn't even having fun killing mobs in the game anymore!

His little nephew wanted the two of them to form a family.

But in his opinion, this was simply impossible!

Justin hated Pete's mother so much. Wouldn't it be too much of him if he hid the truth from him?

Justin was his elder brother!

After doing enough ideological construction and also coming to terms with the possibility that there might not be anyone carrying him in the game anymore in the future, Chester took a deep breath and pushed open the office door.

Justin was in the midst of reviewing documents. His brows were drawn together coldly, and even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed to exude a serious aura.

He looked up when he heard the door open.

Upon making eye contact, Chester immediately said, "Justin, actually, you can also have a daughter!"