She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 57 - Eating Her Words!

Chapter 57 - Eating Her Words!

Chapter 57 - Eating Her Words!

A contemptuous voice suddenly reached Sheena, causing her to frown.

She turned to see a tall and slim figure walking down the stairs. Dressed in a casual outfit, the teen was very handsome and looked about 21 or 22 years old. Upon closer inspection, one would realize that he bore a slight resemblance to Sheril Anderson. He was her twin younger brother, Logan Anderson.

Logan sported a neat and short hairstyle, and there was a characteristically wild and intractable look to him. He blew a bubble as he chewed on gum.

Sheena frowned. "No one in particular. Where are you going?"

Logan curled his lip; he didn't like this aunt of his very much. He scoffed and replied, "Tsk. She's not from around these parts, so she's easy to bully, but do you think you can meddle in even my affairs too?"

He left the villa after saying that.

His attitude maddened Sheena so badly that she pointed at him and reprimanded Simon. "Look at how much you've spoiled that boy! Instead of doing honest work, he's running wild outside with other people all day!"

Logan was a college student, but he skipped classes, had failing grades, misbehaved, and hung out with a bunch of rich second-generation heirs.

Simon also found his son a headache, but now wasn't the time to talk about him.

He had only just frowned when he noticed Melissa on the second floor giving him a look.

Simon paused, went upstairs, and entered the bedroom with Melissa.

A troubled Melissa said, "I just had a look at Mom. She hasn't woken up yet, but the redness and swelling around her eyes are still there. Also, she still couldn't see anything last night… What do we do now?"

She sighed and went on. "Honestly, what's wrong with Sheena? Why must she get so angry with a child? Keep an eye on her. If she goes too far with her words, you must shut her up."

Simon gave her a wry smile. "Sheena is so stubborn. She'll never listen to me."

Melissa frowned. "What should we do then? Are you really going to just watch her drive Nora away?"

A cold look immediately came over Simon's countenance. "Of course not! I'm her uncle. I have the final say in this house! Although Nora got ahead of her with her bragging this time, if it weren't because Sheena was being so overbearing…

"I'm going to protect Nora even if it means I'll displease Sheena! I won't allow Sis' flesh and blood to become stranded in the streets!"

It was exactly his sense of duty and responsibility that Melissa admired when she had married him back then. She said, "Okay! I'll back you up!"

After the two had finished speaking, one of them went downstairs while the other continued to watch over Mrs. Anderson.

By the time Nora woke up, it was almost noon. After a good stretch, she got up and picked up her cell phone. When she saw the text message from her son, a happy smile formed on her face.

Pete went to the Quinn School of Martial Arts for martial arts practice every Tuesday and Saturday, and studied under a home tutor at the Hunts the rest of the days. It was Sunday that day, so it was his rest day.

At this point, she received a call from Solo. When she answered, the other party said weakly, "We've been investigating for a week, but even so, we still haven't found any traces indicating that Justin was in California five years ago. Apart from himself, I think there's probably no one else who really knows how his son came about."

During the past week, Nora had either been cooping up in the villa or investigating this matter.

For the sake of her son's fate, she had to find out why Justin hated her so much.

However, neither of them had found anything. Nora sounded a little hoarse as she replied, "I see."

"Do you want to investigate further?" Solo asked.


"How are you going to do that?"

Nora got up, went to the bathroom, and picked up the toothbrush. She looked at herself in the mirror—she was as pale as a sheet. She bared her teeth and said cockily and presumptuously, "I suppose I'll just straight-up ask him."


After hanging up, she washed up and went out.

Melissa was playing with Cherry in the small living room on the second floor. Upon hearing the door opening, Cherry ran over and hugged Nora's leg. "Mommy! Great-Grandma is still asleep."

Nora was about to go over and take a look when someone suddenly rushed in front of her. Their outstretched finger nearly poked the tip of her nose. "Nora! Just what did you give my mother?! Why isn't she awake yet?!"

Sheena's eyeliner was drawn very thick and dramatic, making her eyes look awfully fierce. The way she was speaking so harshly made her look as if she was about to eat Nora alive.

Nora frowned and stared at her outstretched finger.

Melissa walked over and stood in front of Nora, blocking her from Sheena. "What are you doing? Calm down and talk this through nicely, Sheena."

An angry Sheena snapped, "Talk this through nicely? No wonder it's said that there's ultimately still a wall between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. Are you unconcerned because she isn't your mother?"

Melissa's expression instantly changed.

Simon said sharply, "That's enough, Sheena!"

Sheena stared hard at him and yelled, "Mom's lying in there comatose! Aren't you concerned?! Or do you find her a bother after taking care of her all these years?!"


Simon and Melissa were so angry that they couldn't even speak for a while. At this moment, a cool and clear voice reached them: "Who says Grandma's comatose?"

Nora looked at Sheena and scoffed, "Grandma's just asleep. Just wake her up and everything will be fine. What are you making such a huge fuss about?"

After saying that, she took the lead and walked over to Mrs. Anderson's bedroom.

The others looked at one another and followed after her.

Mrs. Anderson was blind and had limited mobility. Thus, in order to make it convenient for others to take care of her, she didn't lock her bedroom door. This way, everyone could freely enter and leave.

Mrs. Anderson was lying on the bed at the moment. Her complexion was ruddy, and even the redness and swelling around her eyes seemed to have subsided a little.

Nora called out softly, "Grandma?"

Mrs. Anderson's lips moved a little. Then, she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyelids were swollen, so there were only two small slits where her eyes would be.

Melissa hurriedly stepped forward and helped her sit up on the bed. "Mom, how do you feel?"

Mrs. Anderson looked at her blankly. Her reaction badly frightened Melissa. Just as she was wondering whether she should send her to the hospital, she suddenly heard Mrs. Anderson say, "Melissa, you've aged…"

Melissa was taken aback.

Mrs. Anderson smiled and said, "Well, it's been more than twenty years after all. There's no way you won't age."

At this point, Melissa finally reacted. She exclaimed in surprise, "Mom, you can see me?"

Mrs. Anderson nodded. Then, she looked at the others. When her gaze swept across Sheena and Simon, she said, "All of you have aged… And you, Sheena. It's been so many years, yet that foul temper of yours still hasn't changed!"

It was only at the very end that her gaze reached Nora.

The young woman stood there with an aloof look on her face as if she didn't fit in with the family at all.

She had exquisite facial features. Her almond-shaped eyes should have made her look gentle, yet on her, there was an additional sense of arrogance and wildness to them.

She bore an 80% resemblance to her own daughter back then.

Mrs. Anderson's eyes instantly reddened. She reached out to her as she said, "Nora…"

Although Melissa was also very protective of her, the concern from a blood relative gave Nora an indescribable ache and soreness in her heart.

It was as if she was no longer alone.

Next to her, Simon's eyes also reddened. He said agitatedly, "It's been over twenty years, but we've never managed to cure your eyes all this time! To think you can actually see now… Nora, what exactly were those pills you gave Mom?"