She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 59 - Go To Nora And You'll Have Both A Son And A Daughter

Chapter 59 - Go To Nora And You'll Have Both A Son And A Daughter

Chapter 59 - Go To Nora And You'll Have Both A Son And A Daughter


The office was quiet.

Sean, the executive assistant, gave his glasses a push. Then, he walked over and closed the door, cutting off the gossipy gazes of those in the secretary's office outside but also arousing everyone's intense curiosity.

Chester weakly tried to tempt him. "Think about it, Justin. A soft, tender, and adorable daughter—don't you want one?"

The way he described it caused the sight of Pete playing with Barbies to flash across Justin's mind. A sharp glint instantly flashed in his eyes and with a warning tone, he asked, "What are you thinking of doing?"

Was he thinking of having Pete undergo some kind of outraging operation?

Chester was so scared that he cowered and stammered, "J-J-Justin, really! You can also have a daughter! I-if you go to Nora, you'll be able to have both a son and a daughter!"

Justin, "?"

His first reaction was to breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he hadn't brought up Pete…

But immediately after, he realized what he meant… But going to Nora… And having a daughter…

If he got into a relationship with that woman, her daughter would indeed have to call him Daddy. Wouldn't he have a daughter, then?

He frowned and subconsciously barked, "Don't be ridiculous!"

How could he possibly help someone else raise their kid?!

A wave of irritation suddenly surged up in him, causing him to become infuriated at the sight of Chester's cowering appearance. He immediately pointed to the door. "Get out."

Chester wanted to say more, but as soon as he said his name, Justin barked angrily, "Get out!"


A terrified Chester rushed out of his office. His legs were even shaking as he wiped the non-existent perspiration on his forehead.

However, his eyes were bright and shiny.

He had already told Justin the truth. He was the one who didn't believe him, so he couldn't blame him when he found out in the future… Right?

Time to hurry home, look for his little niece, and have her carry him in the game!

He left without any psychological burden. However, the low pressure in the office didn't ease.

Justin's eyes were downcast, but he suddenly couldn't process the words on the documents anymore.

It wasn't really a big deal to raise someone else's daughter. At the most, he could just have a nanny raise her instead. However, he had always been a cold and unfeeling man and found relationships highly troublesome.

Cultivating feelings with that woman was already troublesome enough. If one added an additional daughter to it…

Wait a minute, when had he agreed to cultivate feelings with that woman?

Justin's eyes—which had always been cool, rational, restrained, and wise—appeared to be at a loss at this moment. A short while later, he let out a short scoff of laughter. He felt as if he was being unreasonably worried.

What did whether or not that woman had a child, and whether or not she had made mistakes in her youth have anything to do with him?

All he had done was having her treat someone's illness and owe her a favor, that was all.

He would just find an opportunity to return the favor and that would be it.

At the Andersons.

Sheril's eyes were shining beneath her double eyelids. "Nora, where did you get the formula?"

Nora was about to make up something when Sheril asked excitedly, "Did my aunt leave it for you?"


Seeing that she had already found a good excuse for her, Nora nodded.

Sheril immediately became so excited that she grabbed her hand. "The Myerses released the Cooling Tablets, which are even more effective than our Vitality Water, this year. In addition, they also produced a Carefree Pill and saved the elderly Mrs. Hunt. This has already become a legend in the industry!

"Harmonia Pharmacy's footfall has seen a visible decrease recently. Most of the drugstores and hospitals that we worked with have also returned the goods and replaced them with the Myerses'.

"If your mother really left behind the Carefree Pill formula, then there's hope for the Andersons!"

Nora raised an eyebrow.

So that was what the Andersons were currently going through.

She cast her eyes down and said, "Wait a moment."

She went upstairs, found a piece of paper in the room, and wrote down on it the Carefree Pill's formula and things to take note of during the manufacturing process. After that, she went back down and handed it to her. "This is the formula."

Sheril got up hurriedly. She looked somewhat grave as she said, "Y-you're giving me the formula just like that, Nora?"

As a medical practitioner, Sheril knew just how important a formula is.

However, Nora replied casually, "Yeah."

Seeing how trusting she was of her, Sheril gritted her teeth and took the formula from her. She said, "I'll give it a go, then. Nora, this pill is very difficult to make. My aunt tried so hard to make them last time, but only succeeded in making five in the end. Don't tell Dad and Mom about this for now, lest it gives them hope and then disappoints them again."


She had already improved the formula, so there definitely wouldn't be any problem.

But seeing her so nervous, Nora nodded.

The anxious Sheril ran out again. She must hurry and get the pills manufactured! This way, her parents wouldn't have to go around begging for help to improve sales anymore!

The next day, when Nora woke up and went downstairs for breakfast, she found Simon and Melissa sitting on the sofa with awful looks on their faces.

A healthcare conference was being held today, and all relevant personnel in the industry would be attending.

They had previously agreed to have Sheena and Simon attend together. She was to be in charge of technology while Simon was to be in charge of sales. He had called Sheena and said a lot to placate her, but the other party had sneered, "Didn't the Andersons not need me anymore? Since all of you like Nora so much, you can have her go with you instead!"

No matter what happened internally, a family must always unite when facing external foes. In spite of that, she was being so stubborn.

Melissa had always been even-tempered, but even she was rather incensed. "If she doesn't want to go, then so be it! I'll go with you instead!"

Simon nodded.

After the two finished speaking, they saw Nora come downstairs.

Melissa took the opportunity to say, "Let's go together, Nora! Today's conference will also benefit you in many ways."

Nora thought for a moment before she said, "Okay."

The conference was held in Hotel Finest's conference hall. While they called it a conference, it was actually more like a small banquet. People could discuss and seal a lot of business deals here.

However, the three of them were stopped by the service staff at the door. "Sorry, the QR code for your invitation is wrong, so you can't enter."

Simon frowned. "But this is what they sent us!"

The service staff replied, "This year's conference is held by the Myerses. They said that this is a high-end medical conference, so they aren't inviting doctors with little or bad reputations anymore and reissued the invitations. You're not allowed to enter now."

Simon was furious. He clenched his fists with an infuriated look on his face.

The Myerses were obviously making things difficult for them!

But if they didn't go in today, they would be expelled from the medical industry!

At the sight of him keeping quiet, disdain welled up in the service staff.

Nobody doctors trying to worm their way in to get acquainted with the guests in high-end conferences like this were a common sight. He had seen a lot of them before.

Thinking that the three in front of him were also people like that, he said loudly, "If you don't have an invitation, please stand aside and avoid blocking the guests behind."

His words attracted the attention of everyone around them.

The circle was only so big; everyone knew everyone very well. Simon immediately felt his cheeks burn, and he felt terribly embarrassed.

He was about to say something when a voice interrupted him: "Wait a minute."