She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 578 - Wake Old Terry Up

Chapter 578 - Wake Old Terry Up

Chapter 578 Wake Old Terry Up

Nora patted her hand. You should go back for now. Ill handle the matters here.

Tanya knew that it was useless for her to stay. Instead, Janson and the others could use her to deal with Karl. Therefore, she nodded and left.

Only then did Nora enter the department. She did not look at the things in the hall and turned to the interrogation room.

Someone had already called 911. The medic rushed in and was looking at Old Terrys eyes in the interrogation room. The medic frowned. Well, its useless even if we pick him up. Yes, his temple was pierced. Hes probably already brain dead. Theres no way to save him.

The forensic doctor in the special department also sighed. I dont think its necessary, either.

Faced with their words, Nora lowered her eyes and said, You dont have to care about him. You just have to take him to the hospital. My medical team will take over the treatment for Old Terry.

The medic was stunned and looked at her in confusion. You are?

Im Anti.

Nora showed her identification card. The few medics instantly nodded. Okay.

They lifted the stretcher and placed Old Terry on it. As soon as they went out, they were stopped by someone in the hall.

At this moment, a group of people from the special department was gathered in the hall. At a glance, there should be more than a hundred people.

At this moment, everyone was in a frenzy. Some were comforting Janson, while others stood behind Captain Johnson, opposite Morris.

Janson clenched his fists tightly, his body was slightly trembling. Captain Ford, my father is here while Karl is lying in the interrogation room. Are you still protecting him? Why cant you give the judgment now?!

Captain Johnson also said, Morris, why on earth are you protecting him? Hes a criminal! A murderer! Are you going to protect him just because hes close to Nora? Now, all the evidence is here. With all the evidence, why dont you convict him immediately?!

Logically speaking, convictions were a matter of the court.

However, this department was relatively special. Because of the complexity of the cases they investigated, the special department was independent of all departments.

Therefore, the special department was completely qualified to judge Karl.

Janson pointed at Karl and shouted angrily, Captain Ford, my father has been a police officer his entire life and has never done anything to let the people down! He has more than twenty wounds on his body, all of which are scars from being injured during missions. Now, They act up and hurt every time the weather gets rainy! But even so, he has never troubled the country Why should a person like him accept such an outcome?! I want Karl Moore to be sentenced to death! He deliberately killed someone! I want to execute him with my own hands!

Janson was agitated.

Even if Nora said that she could treat Old Terry, he did not have much hope. His temple was pierced, so how could he still live? Captain Johnson sighed at the side. Janson, dont be agitated. Morris will definitely give everyone an explanation.

Janson wiped his tears and looked at Morris fiercely.

Morris pursed his lips and said slowly, We still need to investigate this matter

What else is there to investigate?! Captain Johnson couldnt stand it anymore. He glared at Morris angrily. Or do you believe this murderer and want to investigate me?! Ive been comrades with Old Terry for more than twenty years. Were brothers. Dont you believe me?!

As soon as he said this, Janson suddenly raised his head and glared at Morris. Captain Ford, my father and Captain Johnson are good brothers. I trust Captain Johnson. Besides, the evidence is conclusive. What else is there to investigate? Are you planning to subside his trial because he has let go of the hostage and turned himself in? I dont agree! Ill never forgive a murderer!

With that, he looked around. Brothers, help me! I only want to get justice for my father!

Everyone in the special department was brave. Many of their comrades had died during missions.

Regarding Jansons encounter, they were very concerned. From their point of view, Captain Johnson and Old Terry were brothers. Furthermore, with the evidence available, how could they still suspect Captain Johnson?!

Therefore, everyone said:

Captain Ford, you have to give an explanation for this!

Yes, he killed a hero. Old Terry is an existence we all respect!

Captain Ford, you cant shield the murderer!

At this moment, the people from the special department stood behind Janson and Captain Johnson.

Johnson narrowed his eyes. Previously, he had used many methods but the people from the special department did not stand on his side. But now, with Old Terrys death, so many people had leaned over to his side.

Perhaps this was because humans innately sympathized with the weak.

Morris stared at those people, his eyes persistent and cold. However, he stood in front of Karl, opposite his colleague.

He slowly said, Its not that Im protecting the murderer, but this case cant be closed yet. We cant let any suspects off, but we cant malign any innocent people either!

Jansons eyes were red as he stared at him. After a moment, he sneered. Okay, okay! I understand!

He wiped his tears.

Captain Johnson seemed to be furious as well. Morris, what the hell do you mean? If you suspect me, just arrest me! What are we after in this industry? The murderer is right behind you. You dont care about him and want to aim the gun at your comrade?!

Captain Johnson was clearly stirring up everyones emotions.

Everyone looked at Morris.

Morris took a deep breath.

Captain Johnson had orchestrated the situation very carefully. He did not leave any evidence behind. The only way to overturn the case was with Old Terry.

Morris said, When Old Terry wakes up, well ask him before convicting Karl!

Captain Johnson sneered. With just one sentence from Nora, are you sure that Old Terry can wake up? Morris, his temples have exploded. How would he ever come back to life? If Old Terry doesnt wake up, you wont judge Karl? If he stays in a vegetative state his entire life, will Karl wait for him forever?!

Morris was speechless.

Nora walked out hearing all the commotion. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly said, Dont wait forever. Give me three days. Ill wake Old Terry up!