She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 570 - You Have Already Met Black Cat Before

Chapter 570 - You Have Already Met Black Cat Before

Chapter 570 You Have Already Met Black Cat Before

Nora had a dream the night before.

In the dream, the man’s arms were circled around her waist. After kissing her on the lips, he had asked her to kiss the beauty mark at the corner of his eye…

Then, she had woken up at the groundbreaking time of a little past seven in the morning. When she thought of how Justin would be coming over to propose marriage later that day, for some reason, Nora felt a little nervous.

She decided to get out of bed. Even after she walked a few rounds outside and sent Pete to school, she still found herself awfully bored. Thus, she took a U-turn and came to the Hunt manor.

Even she herself didn’t understand why she had come here. It was just that when she arrived at the entrance, she happened to witness the argument between Brenda and Ruth.

She got out of the car and walked over.

Ruth frowned when she saw her. She said, “Why not? Black Cat is my friend! Even if Brenda is the young lady of the Hunts, Black Cat would never befriend her just because of that! The worlds inside and outside of the country are completely different! They do not cross paths whatsoever!”

Nora looked at Ruth coldly and scoffed. “Oh, is that so?”

Ruth clenched her fists. A short while later, she ranted angrily, “I know what you want to say. Black Cat is Karl’s underling while Karl himself is your sister-in-law’s father. You must be on good terms with him, so you’re thinking of asking him to put in a good word for you, right? But Karl is in police custody of the special department, unable to get out! You want him to put in a good word for you? Dream on!”

She looked at Brenda and said, “I will be coming up with the final interrogation plan with Black Cat tomorrow. You still have a chance to change your mind before that!”

Brenda ran her fingers through her hair and smiled. In a charming voice, she said, “There’s no need to wait till tomorrow. I told you, get lost.”

“You…!” Ruth took a deep breath. She lowered her head and said, “Fine. Don’t regret your decision!”

After saying that, she glanced at Nora again before she finally turned and left.

After she left, Brenda looked at Nora. “Why are you here, Nora?”

Nora looked up at the sky, and then suddenly said, “To pick you up for work.”

Brenda: “?”

Her eyes lit up in an instant and she held Nora’s arm with a big smile. “Really? That’s so awesome of you! Justin went out early in the morning, though. I don’t know what he’s up to.”

This indirectly told Nora that Justin was not at home.

Realizing this, Nora suddenly lost the desire to enter the manor all the more. After all, there was only one person she was interested in in the family. Thus, she led Brenda over to the jeep, got in, and drove to the special department.

When the two of them arrived at the special department, Ruth happened to be already there. As soon as they entered the lobby, Ruth said, “Everyone, I will email you the questionnaire in a while. However, I need all of you to sign a confidentiality agreement. No one is to leak the contents of the questionnaire to anyone, including your co-workers in the department, because this is my little secret-“.

Brenda sneered, “It doesn’t feel like she’s designing interrogation plans. Rather, this feels like a sales promotion tactic. She’s being too paranoid about this.”

Nora also felt that Ruth was being too secretive about the questionnaire, making it seem like it was some kind of secret martial arts manual.

But before she could say anything, Johnson had already given her his full support. “No problem, we are not blabbermouths anyway, right? I’ll be the first to sign the agreement!”

Ruth smiled and handed a copy of the confidentiality agreement to Johnson. She said, “Sorry about that, Captain Johnson, but this is a trade secret among psychologists. It’s not something I can change, so the content of the questionnaires has to be kept confidential.”

“I understand!” Johnson said with a serious look, “Even if you ask me how many meals I eat a day, I will still write it all down for you! This is work! Besides, it’s common that experts would take unusual actions!”

After saying that, he signed the confidentiality agreement.

With Johnson taking the lead, the others also stepped forward and signed the agreements.

Brenda raised her eyebrows at Nora and asked, “Do we sign it?”

With a half-amused look in her cat-like eyes, Nora replied, “Yeah.”

She certainly wanted to see what exactly Ruth was up to.

Why was it necessary to understand the interrogator’s personality in advance in order for them to interrogate a prisoner?! Were they going to design different plans in accordance with the interrogators’ different personalities?

Why did she feel like Ruth had her priorities the other way?

Nora stepped forward and took a serious look at the confidentiality agreement’s clauses.

Seeing that there weren’t any traps, she signed


Brenda thought for a moment and also signed it. After signing, she whispered to Nora, “Although I know that I won’t be able to meet Black Cat anymore, nor will I be able to win Black Cat’s favor, I’d still like to be involved with the interrogation proposals drawn up by Black Cat.”

Seeing the regretful look on her face, after a moment’s thought, Nora stopped and said, “There’s actually nothing special about Black Cat. It’s just another normal human.”

Brenda became anxious at once. “It’s only because you’re the one saying it and that you’re good-looking that I’m not holding it against you. If it was someone else who had said that, I would have slammed my fist into their face!

“Do you know how Black Cat’s reputation came about?”

Brenda said vividly, “Black Cat was supposed to assassinate a psycho who had gone on a rampage, but everyone in the surroundings had gathered around him. In addition, as the man constantly had people trying to assassinate him for many years, he was very cautious. He had ten different rooms in his house and every night, he would sleep in a different one. With the exception of his butler—who was the person closest to him-no one knew which room he was in. This led to many people failing to take his life-after all, the one-in-ten probability was too low! It was also a well-known fact that his butler was very loyal to him and had even taken 18 bullets for him before! Even if they caught the butler, no one could get him to reveal which room the man was in-yet Black Cat had managed to! The man died soundlessly in his bed. It was only when he was discovered the next day that everyone realized that the butler had been kidnapped. Through some kind of method, Black Cat had actually gotten the butler to talk!”

As Brenda spoke, she also became worked up. “Doesn’t it sound very exciting, Nora?”

Nora paused. She could only sigh. That was such old news from so many years ago. Why were people still talking so enthusiastically about it?

She looked at the ceiling and suddenly said, “… Well, you have already met Black Cat.”