She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 569 - Aren’t You Afraid Of Becoming Enemies With Black Cat?

Chapter 569 - Aren’t You Afraid Of Becoming Enemies With Black Cat?

Chapter 569 Aren’t You Afraid Of Becoming Enemies With Black Cat?

Louis’ words caused both Joel and Ian to be taken aback, and the two of them looked at him in unison.

Louis recounted what had happened just now. Then, he said, “I didn’t get a clear look at the man’s appearance, but why didn’t he drop Nora all the way home? Also, after the two got out of the car, they clearly hugged before they changed cars… So, is Nora really seeing someone else behind Pete’s father’s back?”

For Louis, Justin wasn’t the head of the Hunts. Rather, he was just Pete and Cherry’s father!

Pete, Joel, and Ian exchanged looks with one another. In the end, all three of them heaved silent sighs. Ian said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Nora is not like that.”

Louis nodded. “I think so too. She’s so rich, there’s no way she would be so fickle!”

Everyone: “?”

Was there any correlation between fickleness and being rich? The three people downstairs felt a whole mix of emotions as they watched the unconcerned Louis go upstairs with his head of bleached blond hair. How they wished their IQ was also as low as his!

That way, they wouldn’t think too much into things!

While they were thinking about it, Nora came home.

Even though she looked as cool and cocky as usual, it was obvious that her mood was a little different. Even her footsteps, which she had always been too lazy to lift when she walked, had become a little lighter than usual. Even her face was rosy. Those reddish lips of hers stood out in particular. Ian and Joel, who were already experienced certain things, could tell at a glance what had happened! The two looked at each other, neither of them speaking

It was instead Pete who asked, “Mommy, what was your meeting about? It took so long.”

‘About love,’ said Nora inside her head. On the surface, however, she replied, “Mm, it was about a relatively difficult project. I’m going upstairs to wash up.”

But when she reached the stairs, she suddenly looked behind her.

The moment she did, she saw the complex looks on Ian and Joel’s faces. However, the moment she looked behind her, the two of them withdrew their gazes. The one watching TV got back to watching TV, while the one drinking tea took a sip…

It was just that… it seemed like the teacup in Ian’s hand was already empty a long time ago?

Also, with the way how Joel was constantly switching TV channels, what exactly was he watching?

Why were they behaving so weirdly today?!

Without thinking too much into it, Nora said, “By the way, Justin is coming over to confirm our engagement tomorrow.”

After speaking, she fell silent for a while. Then, she said, “Don’t make things difficult for him anymore, Dad.”

The word “dad” made Ian’s hands shake. The teacup in his hand dropped onto the carpet.

Ian suddenly raised his head and looked at Nora in disbelief…

Nora, however, seemed somewhat embarrassed as she went up the stairs with her head down.

Pete also hurriedly packed up his books and followed her upstairs.

Joel and Ian were the only ones left in the living room. Joel picked up the teacup and placed it in front of Ian. Ian suddenly grabbed his arm and said, “Joel, did you hear that? She called me Dad!”

Joel nodded and smiled. “Yes, I heard it.”

Ian immediately sat upright in excitement. He said, “Never mind. I originally wanted to talk some sense into her and convince her that Justin is not suitable to be a member of her harem, but since she likes him, we won’t fight for it!”

Joel: “??!”

Ian had always been somewhat opposed to Nora marrying Justin because Justin was too capable. He was afraid that his daughter would be at a disadvantage in the marriage. But since he had found out that his daughter was a fickle woman who liked only good-looking men, and Justin was indeed very handsome… If his daughter wasn’t just obsessed with romance, then of course he, as her father, would have to help her!

What must he do so that Justin would obediently stay in his role as the ‘queen’ and not bother with his daughter’s concubines?

Ian started to ponder this serious philosophical question about life.

Early next morning.

Outside the Hunt manor.

Brenda walked forward in her high heels and flicked her airy curls as she opened the door and looked at Ruth, who was standing outside.

It was already autumn and the weather was gradually getting chilly. The air was a bit cold at this time. Ruth, who was rubbing her arms, smiled when she saw her. “You’re here,” she said.

Brenda raised her eyebrows and nodded. Then, she led her inside the house and said, “You said it yourself, right? If I show you around the Hunt manor, you will introduce me to Black Cat.”

Ruth nodded. “Yes, that’s right!”

Brenda folded her arms, her attitude lukewarm. She hated the woman with a vengeance, but for the sake of meeting Black Cat, she would put up with her!

She still didn’t understand, though. “Why did you make such a request?”

Ruth’s gaze swept around the place with great interest. She answered, “I just want to know what kind of manor a family like yours lives in. After all, I’ve never seen such riches before.”

Brenda rolled her eyes and yawned. Then, she looked down at her freshly-done nails and said, “It’s nothing, actually. There aren’t even as many handsome guys here as there are out there!”

Ruth: “…”

She looked around the house. It was only after she followed Brenda to the master suite that she finally asked, “Where’s your elder brother? I heard he’s very handsome!”

Brenda became wary at once. She looked Ruth up and down and scoffed, “Surely you aren’t here for him, right? I’ll tell you this—with your plain looks, you don’t stand any chance at all! Besides, I already have a sister-in-law!”

Ruth narrowed her eyes. “Take me to him. I have something to tell him. If you do, I will let you meet Black Cat. How does that sound?”

Black Cat…

This was too great a temptation for Brenda.

As a member of Interpol, interrogation was her forte. But compared to Black Cat, she was still far too inferior. Thus, she had always wanted to learn from Black Cat.

One could say that Black Cat was the idol for people like her.

Otherwise, she would never have allowed Ruth to step into the Hunt manor!

Seeing her hesitate, Ruth said, “It’s a fair exchange, isn’t it? Besides, it’s not like you’re letting Nora down by doing that. After all, you’re just taking me to him. Whether or not I can convince him depends on me, not you…”

As soon as she said that, Brenda sighed silently. “I’ve really let Nora down.”

With that, Ruth knew that she had given in. She smiled and said comfortingly, “You don’t have to feel guilty about it. This has nothing to do with you.”

“How does it have nothing to do with me?”

Brenda suddenly grabbed her hand. “Just a moment ago, I was actually hesitating to choose between Black Cat or Nora! I’ve really let Nora down!”

After saying that, she dragged Ruth to the main door. “Therefore, I mustn’t continue making any more mistakes. Get lost!”


Brenda was very strong. She pushed Ruth straight out the door!

Ruth staggered. After steadying herself, she finally reacted and said angrily, “Brenda! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll become enemies with Black Cat if you do this?!”

Almost as soon as she said that, Nora’s cool and crisp voice traveled over. “Black Cat will not become enemies with her!”