She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 571 - The Questionnaire!!

Chapter 571 - The Questionnaire!!

Chapter 571 The Questionnaire!!

The two of them were suddenly enveloped in silence.

Nora, who had decided to tell her part of the truth, turned to look at Brenda. Just as she was about to say something, the woman sighed and asked, How did you know?

Nora: ??!

Brenda rested her chin on her hand and said, I have indeed seen Black Cat before. Even though I didnt manage to get a good look at his face, Im sure he must be a dashing and handsome man!

Nora: ???

Brenda heaved another soft sigh and said, You may find me funny, but when I got news of Black Cat a year ago, I was actually being sent to arrest him. You should also know that Black Cat is an internationally wanted criminal. But when I went over, I didnt catch him and instead silently let him go. That day, he was dressed fully in black. Black Cat isnt very tall, hes only about 5-feet-7. However, hes very nimble. I only saw his back view and didnt get a good look at his face, but it was exactly his side profile that made me fall so deeply for him!

Nora: ????

No, wait, why was the story developing kinda weirdly?

Brenda covered her face and went on. Saying it out loud sure makes me feel shy and embarrassed! Although this does not stop me from looking at other handsome men, if Black Cat wanted me to, I would abandon the whole pond of fish and run straight into his arms!!

Nora: !!!

She wanted to say something, but someone suddenly called out to Brenda. Brenda immediately patted Nora on the shoulder and said, Ill go ahead, Nora.

Then, as she turned to leave, she suddenly looked at her again and said, I really have seen Black Cat before, so you dont have to feel like its your fault that I wouldnt get to meet Black Cat. Neither do you have to feel guilty about it. You really dont have to think too much and feel bad about it.

Nora: ???

Brenda then went off. After walking some distance, she even stretched out her hands and formed a heart with her fingers at her.

Noras lip corners twitched. Only then did she realize that Brenda must have been talking nonsense on purpose because she thought that Nora would feel guilty about it?

She held her forehead and returned to her office.

A while later, she saw an email from Ruth. It was likely the questionnaire. When she opened the file curiously, she saw some very common questions, such as What color do you like?, What do you like to eat?, How long do you sleep every day?, as well as a whole slew of other questions about their personal life!

Nora found it a little pointless and boring, so she filled it out casually and sent it back.

At this moment, her cell phone rang. She looked down and found that it was Justin?

She hurriedly answered and asked, Are you at the Smith Manor?

I have already returned home from there. When Nora heard this, she misunderstood and thought that Ian had refused to let Justin into the house. She comforted him and said, He probably just cant bear to part with me. I can make my own life decisions, though. Its not like Im still a kid


Justin interrupted her. As though he was caught between laughter and tears, he said, Your father that is, my future father-in-law, has agreed to our marriage. Nora: ??

She was the one astounded this time.

Ian had agreed so easily?

In the midst of her hesitation, Justin, who was just as puzzled, said, When I went over, the butler showed me into the house before I could even tell him what I was there for. When I brought up the engagement, Uncle Ian agreed to it readily! He even said that he would come over with some other elders in the family to discuss the wedding date. However, he also said that he would like you to stay with him for a while more. Sigh!

Nora laughed. Why are you sighing?

She thought that the man would say that it was because she had to stay with her father for a while more before she could get married, but unexpectedly, Justin instead replied, Im sighing because it seems like my father-in-law is about to get upset again when he has only just accepted me.

Nora was puzzled. Why?

After all, its impossible that I would listen to him. Cherry and Pete also need a complete home! So lets get married as soon as possible, Nora!

Nora: !!!

The corners of Noras lips spasmed. This

Dont worry, I will resolve the issue with Uncle Ian. Mm, I think its a pretty good idea to hold the wedding in a month. What do you think?

Nora: ??

If you dont have any objections, then I will make the preparations. You dont have to bother yourself with anything. All you need to do is rest and wait for the marriage day. Toot toot toot

This was the first time Justin had hung up on Nora. It seemed like he was afraid that he would hear a rejection from her.

Nora stared at the phone for a while.

Get married a month later?

Wasnt this a little too fast?!

Forget it, there was no way he would be able to convince Ian. Never mind, she wasnt going to think about it anymore.

Nora patted her face, stretched her legs out, and propped them on top of the desk. Bored, she went out of the office.

Unexpectedly, the sound of Ruth and Brenda having an argument traveled over from the hall.

Ruth asked, Brenda, why arent you submitting the questionnaire? Brenda replied coldly, Because

She was about to speak, but she suddenly thought of the confidentiality agreement.

The confidentiality agreement had stipulated that no matter what kind of questions were asked, even if they were to refuse to answer, they were not allowed to mention anything about it to anyone!

But she was simply too frustrated!

What kind of questionnaire was that? It was practically an investigation questionnaire about Justin, alright?

There were questions about what he had done when he was young, what schools he had attended at what age, what his personality was like, what his hobbies were, and so on. It was pretty much short of asking what brand of diapers Justin had worn when he was a baby!

Ruths motives were practically out in the open!

How could she possibly answer a questionnaire like that?!

She sneered and said, Because I feel that its not of any use to the interrogation. Isnt that so, Ms. Yale?

Ruth sighed. I know that my questions dont make any sense, but everyone has cooperated and responded. I will also give everyone a satisfactory answer sheet tomorrow. All of you just need to follow the interrogation methods that I designate and youll be able to get them to tell you whatever you want! Cant you just cooperate with me? Brenda said coldly, No, I cant! Ruth sighed and made a show of how she found it a pity. In the end, she said, Never mind, then. Id originally wanted to let you meet Black Cat with me. After all, you are well-known internationally for your interrogation skills. But since you are not willing to cooperate, then forget it. Brenda: ??