She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 568 - Something Big Has Happened!!

Chapter 568 - Something Big Has Happened!!

Chapter 568 Something Big Has Happened!!

Nora became upset and ignored Justin’s messages the whole night the other time because Ruth had said that she knew Y.

However, it wasn’t really because she was angry. Rather, she had been just been puzzled by the discomfort she had felt when she heard what Ruth said. That was why she hadn’t replied to his messages.

Later, when Justin hacked into the special department and personally explained the incident, she had returned to her usual self.

Even though Ruth was deliberately speaking with Justin in front of her at the moment, Nora did not become suspicious of Justin right away.

She felt that since the two of them liked each other, they should trust each other.

Besides, Ruth had always been fond of cheap tricks.

Therefore, Nora merely raised her eyebrows and looked behind her at Justin.

The man had always kept a straight face no matter what he encountered-after all, he had amazing mental resilience. However, Justin raised his brows at this moment, put on a surprised look, and asked, “You are?”

The light in Ruth’s eyes dimmed at his response. She replied, “I’m Ruth, Ruth Yale. Have you really forgotten me?”

Justin lowered his gaze. “I don’t know you, nor have I even seen you before.”

Ruth was so anxious that she stepped forward. She wanted to say more, but Justin instead put his arm around Nora’s shoulders as if wanting to claim ownership. He said, “Ms. Yale, I am Nora’s fiancé. Please conduct yourself with some self-respect.” Nora: “…”

That scumbag!

Half of that surprised look of his was directed at Ruth, but the other half must be directed at her, right?

In addition, the restaurant was clearly owned by the Hunt Corporation. Now that someone had come up to him, even Nora could sense that the hidden bodyguards were about to rush forward. It was obvious that he could have just driven her away in a more direct manner, yet he was hiding behind her instead.

She had no words for this!

Nora rolled her eyes at Justin. Then, she looked at Ruth with her brows raised and a sharp look in her eyes. “Ms. Yale, do you need something from my fiancé?”

Ruth looked at them in shock. She looked at Justin, then at her, and finally asked, “He’s your fiancé?”

Nora didn’t pay her any more attention. Instead, she started walking toward the exit with Justin. She said, “If there’s nothing Ms. Yale needs, we’ll be leaving. After all, we’re in a hurry to go home and take care of the kids!” She took a step forward and paused for a while. After Justin took the initiative to follow after her, she finally strode toward the parking lot in satisfaction.

It was only after the two of them went past Ruth that she finally turned around to go after them. She said, “Mr. Hunt, have you forgotten? Five years ago…”

Unfortunately, before she could even get close to Justin, Lawrence had already rushed over and stopped Ruth. He said mockingly, “Ms. Yale, right? Your actions seem too low-class! I’d advise you to stay away from Mr. Hunt. Otherwise, we’ll have to take action against you!”

Ruth said, “… No, that’s not… I really do know Mr. Hunt, I…”

“What else do you want to say?” Lawrence curled his lips disdainfully and scoffed, “Take a look at yourself. Are you even worthy of talking with something with Mr. Hunt?”

Ruth: “!!”

The wealthy were usually very well-mannered, so Ruth hadn’t expected that she would be rebuked like this when she went forward to strike up a conversation with Justin.

Seeing everyone around them looking over, Ruth turned as red as a tomato and stamped her foot in anger. She pointed at Lawrence and shouted, “You are too much!” Then, she covered her face and ran off in the opposite direction.

What else could she do? There were bodyguards in the direction where Justin and Nora had left, so she couldn’t go over at all… Lawrence stared at her from the back and curled his lips disdainfully. “Is that all she has? She’s a far way off from what Ms. Smith did in the past!”

Justin took Nora back to the Smiths.

Nora sat in the passenger seat as Justin drove, her cheek resting on one hand while she looked at him lazily with her head turned sideways.

Justin suddenly chuckled and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop myself.”

Nora: “?”

“From stopping the car to kiss you.”

Nora: “!”

The corners of her lips spasmed. “Can you not be so blunt?”

Justin narrowed his eyes, the beauty mark at the corner of his eye shimmering. “If I don’t, I feel like you won’t understand what I mean.”

“Hah-“Nora scoffed, “Are you looking down on me?”

Justin suddenly looked at her. “Then do you know what a butterfly kiss is?”

Nora: “???”

Did such a term exist?

She took out her cell phone and googled it, upon which she saw the explanation: ‘A butterfly kiss is an affectionate gesture made by fluttering the eyelashes against someone’s skin. The name comes from the look of the fluttering eyelashes resembling a butterfly’s wings.’

She turned her head to Justin again, the corners of her lips twitching. She said, “I’m ticklish.”

In other words: don’t you dare sweep your eyelashes across my skin!

“Oh,” The man said with a straight face, “Your eyelashes are quite long.”

Nora: “…”

She heaved a soundless sigh. Then, she couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you know so much?”

Justin smiled. “Since we aren’t married yet, your father forbids us from going too far. In that case, I would have to put more effort into kissing.” “So…” The traffic light in front turned red. He stopped the car, turned his head to Nora, and asked, “When are you marrying me?”

Nora rolled her eyes. “Let’s just get engaged first.”

“Yeah. Tomorrow sounds pretty good to me. I will go over to propose marriage and confirm it with Uncle Ian tomorrow.”

Nora: “??”

The way the man answered so quickly made her realize that that was the exact reply Justin had been waiting for.

The corners of Nora’s lips twitched again. She felt like she was really coming to understand the scumbag more and more!

One must absolutely be careful when talking to him, or else they would definitely fall into his verbal traps.

They were about to reach the Smith residence. While they were still a street away, Nora said, “Alright, I’ll just get off here.”

This was to prevent Pete from catching sight of Justin.

Justin understood. After all, he also had a little princess at home. Should Pete find out, Cherry would also hear about it.

If his daughter realized that he had abandoned her to go on a date, she would definitely throw a tantrum.

Justin, the slave to his daughter, obediently stopped the car. A black car then came forward from behind. After he bid farewell to Nora and she drove off, Justin got into the black car and left.

However, Louis, who was a street ahead of Nora, happened to witness this!

This was the Smiths’ manor. No one else lived in the area, so everyone there was from the Smiths. Therefore, when Nora’s car stopped just now, he had seen everything very clearly!

When he went home, he saw Joel and Ian sitting upright in the living room.

Pete was seated at the coffee table and working on his Mathematical Olympiad assignments. Upon hearing footsteps, the little boy’s head whipped up and he looked over.

But when he saw that it was Louis, the light in his eyes dimmed again.

Louis leaped forward in front of them and shouted, “Something big has happened!!”