She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 561 - Informant!!

Chapter 561 - Informant!!

Chapter 561 Informant!!

Nora left this group of people and went straight to Karl’s interrogation room.

This big boss still looked relaxed. He was on the sofa sleeping soundly. When he heard the door, he opened his eyes and looked at her heartlessly. “You’re here? Why didn’t you bring lunch today?”

Nora: “…”

Did he really treat her as a food deliveryman?

She grimaced and sat across from him. “How long until your business is over?” she asked.


Karl crossed his legs and swayed. Nora could only say tactfully, “Tanya is very worried about you. Logically speaking, they’re newlyweds now. She and Joel have booked a flight and hotel for their honeymoon two days later. If you don’t come out now, she’ll probably cancel all her plans.”

When Karl heard this, he slowly sat up straight. Then, he said, “Two days later?”

Nora nodded.

Karl coughed. “Alright, I’ll be released in two days. Tell her not to cancel her plans. Young people have to be romantic as newlyweds.”

“… Okay.”


Nora was extremely satisfied. She stood up and left the room before walking towards Caleb Gray. The man was still coughing. Nora reminded him to take his medicine on time and asked him a few questions. When she saw that Caleb still wasn’t saying anything, she left.

Not long after Nora left the interrogation room, Karl suddenly knocked on the door.

The person guarding him asked through the door, “What’s wrong?” Karl said, “I want to see Captain Johnson!”

The person thought that he was finally going to reveal information and said excitedly, “Okay, I’ll go look for him now!”

Soon, the person walked away. Two minutes later, Captain Johnson, who was about 50 years old, strode over. Before he entered, he said to the two guards, “Leave for a while. Let me have a few words with Karl in private.”

“Yes, sir.”

Captain Johnson entered the interrogation room and shut down the surveillance cameras. Then, he looked at Karl. “What do you want?”

“I want to see Old Morry.”

Karl said, “I’ve been making the same request ever since I was arrested the second time. When will you get him to see me?”

Captain Johnson frowned and replied, “I told you, Old Morry’s health isn’t good. He’s in the hospital!”

“Then let him take out my documents. That way, he can prove my innocence. I’m very anxious!” Karl said forcefully.

Captain Johnson was puzzled. “Why are you in a hurry? I said before that if you’re really an informant, you have to wait until we have a clue. It’s not suitable to expose your identity now! Otherwise, we’ll alert the enemy!”

Karl stood up. He was 1.85 meters tall and very strong. When he stood in front of Captain Johnson, his aura was several times stronger than his. Captain Johnson was so frightened that he subconsciously took a step back. “What are you doing? Look at yourself. You don’t look like an informant at all! You’re clearly the leader of the assassins!”

Karl lowered his eyes at these words.

From the time he first went undercover on the streets till now, he had been undercover for more than thirty years.

Yes, he had always been an undercover agent.

Back then, he had deliberately pretended not to care about his family and dated Jill for nothing. It was only a cover for his undercover mission.

Later on, he was framed for killing someone in an accident. His undercover identity could not hold out anymore. At that time, Old Morry had given him another choice.

The first was to clarify his identity, but because there was no evidence regarding the murder, he had to wait for the police to slowly solve the case.

The second was to go overseas and continue being an informant.

Karl had no choice at the time. He had sent many people to prison when he was an informant. If he was imprisoned, there was no telling what could happen to him!

Therefore, he had chosen the second option.

Besides, he liked this path too.

After leaving the country, he had kept in contact with Old Morry and got him to help take care of Jill. Old Morry had never told him about Jill’s pregnancy, only saying that Jill had married into a wealthy family a year later.

It was not surprising that the wealthy families took a liking to Jill’s face. Karl had completely let go of Jill and resumed his undercover career.

He had helped solve five major cases and made several second-class merits. With his character and looks, he really gave off the feeling that he was a bad person. Therefore, his identity had never been discovered.

However, he still wanted to go back.

Every time he called Old Morry, he would ask, “When can I go back? I got a promotion again!”

Old Morry was always amused by him. “Keep rising through the ranks. When the time comes, you might become the boss and lead a group of people straight to the right path.”

Karl was a capable person. He really rose to the second-in-command position step by step.

After helping Morryh crack this criminal gang, he moved again.

After being moved around a lot, his temper became wild, and he gradually forgot about wanting to go home.

Later on, he established the Assassin Alliance. When he had asked Old Morry about it years ago, Morry had even said that it was possible.

His actions had actually crossed the line.

However, Old Morry said that he would help him report to the higher-ups and specially approved him to continue what he was doing. Furthermore, this way, he could continue serving his country.

After he established the Assassin Alliance, he would regularly transfer a portion of the money he had saved back to his “home” every year. He had gotten Old Morry to donate that money.

Over the years, he had indeed helped Old Morry crack many major cases. Many clues could only be obtained with his identity.

Until last time, when Old Morry asked him to introduce someone from a mysterious organization when he returned to the country. Morry asked him not to reject her and to bring her back to catch a turtle in a jar.

This was also one of the reasons why he had lured Trueman and the others back despite already being rich! If not for Tanya’s appearance, Karl would have left the country long ago. At that time, even if he had captured and investigated Trueman, he would not have been caught. He would have continued to be the part-time informant in the Assassin Alliance…

But now, everything had changed.

Captain Johnson looked at his deep eyes and his tone became gentle. “Of course I trust you. I’ll arrange it as soon as possible. However, after your identity is exposed, you can’t be our informant anymore. Are you sure you’ve thought it through?” Karl stared at Captain Johnson and suddenly said, “Old Morry once promised me that as long as I want to quit, he will immediately let me go. Now, for my daughter’s sake, I want to reveal my identity!”

He could not become the shame of his daughter’s life!