She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 560 - Black Cat

Chapter 560 - Black Cat

Chapter 560 Black Cat

Before Nora could raise objections, Brenda scoffed and said, “Captain Johnson, you must back up your claims with reasonable evidence! She also said that this Y was real when she claimed to know him! How can we be sure that the Black Cat she knows is real?” Johnson sneered. “Of course I have my own way of verifying this! Moreover, not only is the Black Cat she knows real, but Ruth has also gotten in contact with Black Cat for us! Those men that we arrested still haven’t revealed any useful information. After Black Cat heard about it, he has decided to design some interrogation methods for us! Ruth and Black Cat will discuss and jointly decide on the specific methods!”

After he spoke, he clapped his hands by himself and said, “Therefore, let’s let the little misunderstanding today pass. There’s no need to keep harping on it. Ruth is young and has not been exposed to fraud syndicates. Moreover, those conmen’s tricks are too sophisticated. It is normal that she would fall for it!”

The rest of the staff immediately echoed him. “Yeah, it’s nothing much that she fell for it!”

Even Damon said, “Yeah, it’s nothing. Besides, you’ve never seen Y either. But you’ve met Black Cat in person before, right?”

With her eyes red, Ruth bowed and said, “I’m sorry, I’ve really let all of you down. I also feel very embarrassed about it. I met Y through the Internet, but I’m good friends with Black Cat in private. I definitely won’t be deceived on that. Besides, Black Cat has already agreed to discuss with me the interrogation methods. I will definitely give everyone a proposal within the next two days!”

She wiped her tears and heaved a silent sigh. She said, “The incident with Y was a huge misunderstanding on my part. Ms. Smith, you were the one who asked Mr. Hunt to get Y to come forward, right? Thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be thinking that the YI knew was real and be kept in the dark!”

Nora: “…”

Ruth’s level of hypocrisy and bitchiness was really beyond her!

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed.

Ruth stared at Nora. Her expression was still aggrieved and apologetic, but a touch of contempt and disgust welled up in her.

The incident with Y was indeed negligence on her part.

She’d originally thought that big figures like Q and Y wouldn’t be involved in competitiveness between women, so she hadn’t linked the incident to Nora.

But unexpectedly, in order to beat her in their reputation, Nora had simultaneously gotten both hackers to make an appearance!

One could say that she had spent a lot of money just to make things difficult for her!

However, Q and Y were people whom the Smith Corporation and the Hunt Corporation could easily contact. With the two companies’ financial and material resources, it was very understandable that Nora would win this round.

But no matter how powerful the Smith Corporation and the Hunt Corporation were, there was no way they would know Black Cat!

She had already asked around.

When Karl first returned to the States, things had been very unpleasant between him and the Smiths and the Hunts. He’d even threatened the two heads of the families with Black Cat.

Therefore, Black Cat was definitely someone that the Smiths and the Hunts couldn’t get in contact with!

No one would be able to expose her again for sure this time.

With that in mind, Ruth became rather smug deep down.

What was the big deal about being temporarily suppressed? Johnson had invited her into the special department precisely because of her identity as a master of interrogation. Only by exhibiting superb working ability would she be able to conquer the people in the department!

Nora ignored her.

This made Ruth’s bow look a bit awkward.

Johnson took the initiative to speak first. He reprimanded her and said, “Alright, Nora, let bygones be bygones. Harmony must be maintained among co-workers, and there mustn’t be any talks of revenge in private, understand? Also, certain people must not hold grudges. We are all a team here!”

Nora curled her lips disdainfully.

Brenda scoffed and said, “Interesting that you should say that, Captain Johnson! Originally, everyone in the department was handsome, so I definitely would’ve wanted the department to be whole. But now that you’ve joined us… Tsk, why do I not want it to be whole anymore?”

Johnson: “!!”

He could hear the ridicule in Brenda’s words, of course.

But there was nothing he could do about her.

Brenda had been transferred into the department by Interpol, so it was impossible for her to ever rise to the position of director in the department. Therefore, she behaved brazenly and fearlessly.

Additionally, because she was from Interpol, she was entirely outside of his and Morris’ jurisdiction. Whether she cooperated with them or not depended entirely on her mood.

Johnson took a deep breath. He could only ignore her and say, “I asked all of you to come here because Ruth and Black Cat need to understand your personalities when customizing interrogation methods and plans for all of you, so I need all of you to fill out a questionnaire for them. Ruth will send the questionnaire to all of you later. I hope everyone will cooperate with her. Understand?” “Understood!”

Everyone answered in unison.

However, somebody raised a question. “Why do we have to fill in a questionnaire?”

Ruth explained, “I have studied the people you guys arrested. To be honest, we have already employed many different methods, but have not achieved good results. In that case, we may have to crack them one by one, in which case all of you would have to cooperate with one another in acting and so on… As such, I would need to understand everyone’s personalities. The questionnaire is very simple, there aren’t any complicated questions.” Then, she smiled sweetly and added, “Also, I will be showing everyone’s questionnaires to Black Cat. I’m sure all of you will leave an impression on Black Cat, so you must try your best to answer the questions, okay~?”

As soon as she said that, those who were originally reluctant to answer the questionnaire suddenly became excited.

Johnson nodded. Then, he gave a wave and sat down.

Ruth said, “I will send everyone the list of questions that need to be answered. I hope you can pass them to me before work ends tomorrow. Alright, let’s end the meeting.”

When leaving the conference room, Brenda sneered, “Who does she think she is? She just knows Black Cat, that’s all, isn’t it? What’s she arrogant about? She wants me to fill in the questionnaire? Hah!”

Nora looked at her. “Do you think everyone will fill it out?”

“… Yes!”

Nora: “?”

Brenda looked up at the ceiling. “If it means that Black Cat would remember my name, then even I’m willing to fill out the questionnaire.”

Nora’s lip corners spasmed. “Do you like Black Cat too?” “Of course!” Brenda walked with wind in her steps. “Is there anyone in our line of work who wouldn’t like Black Cat? If possible, I’d even like to marry Black Cat.”

“… What if Black Cat is a woman?”

“That’s even better!” Their male colleagues who had come over at some point jokingly said, “Then we can marry Black Cat!”

The group of them walked past Nora and caught up with Ruth, who was walking in front. They asked, “Ruth, hey Ruth. What does Black Cat look like? Is Black Cat good-looking? C’mon, just reveal a little about him!”

Ruth became popular again.

Brenda curled her lips disdainfully and sighed. “Although I really don’t feel like paying any attention to her, the temptation that Black Cat presents is simply too great! Sorry, Nora, I gotta betray you for a while. Just a short while…”

After speaking, Brenda took a step forward, hooked her arm around Ruth’s neck, and said bewitchingly, “C’mon, little girl, tell big sis here whether Black Cat is a man or a woman? Is he handsome? Do you think big sis here stands a chance?”

Nora: “…”

She felt like all of them had gone mad.

Then, she heard Ruth sigh and say, “Is everyone that interested in Black Cat? Then why don’t I pick two representatives from among you guys to say hi to Black Cat when I have a meeting with him to discuss the interrogation plans?”


Everyone was delighted.

Nora: “…”

Was the video conference tomorrow?

In that case, she would arrange a face-slapping session!