She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 562 - Going overseas

Chapter 562 - Going overseas

Chapter 562 Going overseas

Hearing his powerful and resonating words, Captain Johnson continued to speak sincerely, “I know, and I understand you. Actually, I’ve seen Old Morry and he has even verified your identity. Why do you think you were able to escape so easily the last time? You shouldn’t have returned!”

Karl stared at Captain Johnson.

Captain Johnson kept looking at him. “Now, the country needs you, and the people. The mysterious organization has already revealed its hand. As long as we keep following the clues, we’ll catch them sooner or later. I can help you leave now. Going overseas is much better than exposing your identity! Don’t you want to make this special contribution? At that time, you’ll return to the country even more gloriously. As for your daughter… she’s only being gossiped about now. She’ll definitely be able to forgive you and even understand your difficulties!”

Old Morry had said this countless times.

Therefore, Karl remained overseas time and time again.

In the past, he had no relatives and was alone. The struggle was nothing, but now…

Karl lowered his eyes and slowly said, “You don’t have to tell me that. I’m 49 years old this year and have already been undercover for 30 years. How many decades does a person have in their lifetime? I only want to do whatever I want for the rest of my life! I think the people will understand me!”


When Captain Johnson saw that he was unyielding, he said in exasperation, “Why have you become so selfish now? Have you already been outside for so many years that your heart has been polluted?

Karl frowned.

He clenched his fists. “Captain Johnson, Old Morry said that I can stop when I want to stop! This is my freedom! You don’t have to say anything else. Please help me contact Old Morry!”



When Captain Johnson saw his determined expression, he knew that the decision had been made and that he could not persuade him anymore. He could only sigh deeply. “Okay, I’ll arrange for Old Morry to come over and settle the matter!”

With that, he walked out.

When he reached the door, Karl emphasized, “Two days. I’ll give you two more days. If Old Morry still doesn’t come, I’ll look for your Captain Ford. I think he will be very interested in my story!”

Captain Johnson choked and could only nod hatefully. “…Alright!”

“Also…” Karl asked, “I want a grand press conference. I think you all know how to announce my real identity, right?”

If he left just like that, those people would not believe a single word coming out of his mouth.

This was the Internet age. If he wanted to recover his identity and walk out of the darkness, he naturally had to do it in a spectacular manner. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be letting down his reputation?

Furthermore, this way, he could improve his social status and public recognition. This was beneficial to his daughter Tanya!

Captain Johnson took a deep breath. “Okay! Wait for the good news!”

He left angrily.

After leaving the special department, Nora returned home.

As soon as she entered, she saw two uninvited guests sitting in the living room. She had seen these two people before at the wedding. They were the eldest uncle and aunt of the Smiths’ eldest branch, as well as Joel’s parents.

At this moment, the two of them were sitting upright on the sofa. An uncle, who looked similar to Ian, was crying to Ian. “Ian, Joel married the daughter of a murderer. This matter has embarrassed us all!”

When Ian, who was sitting in a wheelchair, heard these words, his eyes drooped. “Karl didn’t kill anyone. Amos, didn’t we make it clear that the person who killed the man back then was that woman called Margot?”

Amos snorted. “They’re still not worthy!”

Ian sneered. “Not worthy? You all should know who he is, right? I heard that Black Cat and Black Panther are top assassins. Do you think they’re not good enough?”

Amos choked. His wife, Heather, instantly snorted coldly. “But other than us, who else knows that he’s the boss of the Assassin Alliance? Now, everyone only says that he committed a crime! He’s a criminal! We know his true identity, but ordinary families don’t! They only mock us!”

Ian looked at his elder brother and sister-in-law in front of him. Amos was like a father, but he could not support a big family back then. His ears were soft and he listened to Heather on everything.

He had even treated Joel like that back then…

If Ian had not intervened in time, the outcome would have been unimaginable!

Ian did not have a good impression of these two people. He said in a cold voice, “What on earth do you want?”

Amos and Heather replied, “Anyway, we can’t stay in New York anymore! We want to go overseas! We’ll stay overseas from now on. Make the arrangements for us!”

When Ian heard this, he was so angry that he laughed. “Sure. Don’t ever come back after you leave the country. It saves me from feeling vexed!”

What could he do if Amos did not have the ability?

Furthermore, Joel was in charge of the family now. Ian also knew that their status at home was very awkward. Going overseas was indeed the best choice for their entire family.

Joel and Tanya were also coming downstairs as Ian was thinking about this.

Joel’s smiling face instantly turned cold when he saw the two of them. He had also heard the two scourges and he said, “No problem. Your living expenses won’t be lacking either. The Smiths will support you forever! We’ll provide you with a wealthy life!”

Nora also felt that this was a good thing.

Heather looked like she was not easy to get along with. Them leaving was the best outcome for Tanya.

However, when she heard Heather’s last sentence, she instantly regretted her thoughts.

Heather looked at the two of them and said, “We’ll definitely leave. After all, we can’t live in this country with all of you! You didn’t care about your face and insisted on marrying such a woman. But what about your daughter? I can’t let my granddaughter be mocked in this country. This is harmful to her physical and mental health! Therefore, I’m going to take my granddaughter Mia with me!!”