She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 559 - I Don’t Have A Messenger Account

Chapter 559 - I Don’t Have A Messenger Account

Chapter 559 I Don’t Have A Messenger Account


The entire special department was stunned.

Damon, who was seated in front of the computer, even cried out with excitement, “Y! Oh my god, to think I have the opportunity to talk to Y in this lifetime of mine!”

Someone echoed him. “First, it was Q who invaded us today, now it’s Y. What kind of sheer dumb luck is the special department having? My god, I feel like I can brag to everyone else in this line of work from now on! This is a big boss we’re talking about here!”

The people next to them were stunned.

“But why is Y suddenly hacking into our system?”

“Yeah, and with such a big fanfare too. No one introduces themselves the moment they appear, right? Besides, judging from his tone, he doesn’t have ill intentions.”

Someone glanced at Ruth and made a guess. “Could it be that Y has specially come over to explain on behalf of Ruth? Is he afraid that we won’t believe her? There is actually really no need for him to do that…”

“It’s also possible that Y is saying hi to us on account of Ruth, right? Also, judging from what he said, Y seems very friendly…”

“Can I quietly say something? Y feels more approachable than Q. Q is too cold and unapproachable~”.

“What’s the point now? I’ve already heard everything you said. Besides, Ms. Smith is still here. What if she overhears and tells Q?”

While everyone was speculating, Johnson laughed again and said, “Seems like Mr. Y is a very polite man! I’ve also sent him an email before to invite him to join the special department, but he didn’t pay me any attention. Come to think of it, Ruth gets more respect from him after all!”

“As expected, the relationship between Y and Ruth isn’t a simple one after all!”

“If all this is true, then I suddenly have a bold guess here, and that is—Y likes Ruth!”

Nora: “??”

What the f*ck?

Was this something that could be tolerated?

The corners of her lips spasmed and she sneered, “That’s not necessarily true.”

“Even if it’s not necessarily true, it’s still Ruth who got Y here!” Johnson said, “Therefore, no matter how you look at it, it’s all still Ruth’s credit!” He looked at Morris again. “You must consider one’s personality when you recruit someone! Morris, this is not an era where an individual should be trying to play the hero. Teamwork is what matters the most! An approachable person like Ruth would definitely bring more pleasant surprises to the department!”

Johnson looked at Ruth and said, “Work hard, Ruth! You have a promising future!”

Ruth, who had been utterly stunned when Y appeared: “…”

She stared at the computer screen blankly, feeling dumbfounded!

Why was Y here?

While she was still surprised, another few words appeared on the screen: “Apologies, I don’t have a Messenger account, so I can only use this method to clarify some things with everyone.”

No personal Messenger account…

When those four words appeared, Ruth felt as if a bomb had gone off in her mind!

However, the rest hadn’t realized it yet. In particular, Damon was even typing a reply excitedly: “It’s okay. What do you want to clarify?”

The others were also quietly marveling.

“Advanced hackers approach people in such peculiar ways…”

“Yeah! I suddenly find his actions so cool!”

“What do you mean ‘so cool? It’s more like ‘too cool’, okay?”

“It’s obvious at a glance that you guys are science and engineering majors. How uncultured! This is called ‘the coolest ever’!”

While they were being silly, someone suddenly realized something. He said, “Why wouldn’t he have a personal Messenger account, though? Isn’t he friends with Ruth on Messenger?” As soon as he said that, the entire IT department suddenly became dead silent.

In addition, almost as soon as he said that, another row of words appeared on the computer screen: “Just to clarify, I don’t know any lady named Ruth. Of course, if the special department ever needs my help, Ms. Nora only has to say the word and I will do my absolute best.”

The whole room fell dead silent again.

Surprised, everyone slowly turned to look at Ruth.

As if she had suddenly contracted some kind of contagious disease, the few people who had gathered around her silently moved away at once.

Ruth clenched her fists tightly.

She stared ahead of her in shock. Never would she have ever imagined that a master-level figure like Y would suddenly descend upon their department, and even hack into the IT department with great fanfare just to clarify something like that?!

How could this be?!

It was just like someone bragging outside that they knew a certain celebrity. Would the celebrity specially make a public social media post to clarify that they didn’t know them?

How would a nobody like Ruth possibly attract the attention of someone as talented as Y?!

It must be Nora!

Y was the Hunt Corporation’s consultant. In order to make herself look good again, Nora must have approached Mr. Hunt and asked him to talk to Y, right?

As Ruth figured this out, she suddenly felt like she had accidentally messed with the wrong person!

She clenched her fists tightly. In the midst of her fury, Morris’ low and serious voice rang out. “Ruth, please explain what on earth is going on. Do you or do you not know Y?” Ruth couldn’t help but stammer. She swallowed and suddenly said, “I, I… How are all of you so sure that this person is Y?”

Damon’s jaw tensed up and he slowly said, “By his abilities. Do you think that any old hacker can hack into our IT department?”

Ruth: “!!”

She clenched her jaw. Suddenly, she lowered her head, her demeanor so aggrieved that even her eyes turned red. She said, “I’m sorry, everyone. I… I might have been deceived!”

She took out her cell phone, opened the chat window with Y, and said, “I chat with him a lot. When he said he was Y, I believed him. I didn’t expect that I’ve actually been deceived!”

With her in tears, it would be hard for the others to continue blaming her.

However, the corners of Brenda’s lips spasmed and she clicked her tongue loudly. She said, “The moment you joined the department, you claimed that you knew this person and that person. So, you’ve found out that the Y you knew is a fake? In that case, might the Black Cat that you claim to know also be a fake? Which other big boss do you also know?”

Ruth’s face flushed at once. Seemingly unable to bear the pressure, she ran off in tears covering her face. After she left, everyone in the special department started to whisper to one another. “What’s going on?” “Maybe she really was deceived?” Johnson felt as if he had been slapped in the face. He stared at the people in front of him and suddenly said, “Alright, stop speculating What’s there to say? Go and do your jobs!”

As soon as he said that, Morris said coldly, “Captain Johnson is right, go do your jobs right now! You can’t get any work done just by flapping your lips! Do you think you’re special just because you know certain people? Also, let Ruth serve as a warning example for all of you. Despite being a member of the special department, she was deceived by a conman! What an embarrassment!”

His words were simply too mean!

Nora almost laughed out loud.

Johnson flushed even redder. He looked straight at Morris. “You—”.

But before he could finish, Morris interrupted him and said, “Johnson, the department should be recruiting people who at least have a functioning brain! Also, their character takes priority!”

Morris left straightaway after saying that.

Johnson felt as if his cheeks were stinging and burning hot from being slapped in the face. He looked at the people around him again, waved, and said, “Alright, begone! What are all of you looking at?”

Nora left the IT department with a smile on her lips.

As soon as she entered her office, her cell phone rang. She picked it up and took a lookit was Justin. She raised her brows a little and pressed the answer button.


The man sounded very aggrieved. “Remember to give me the opportunity to explain the next time something happens!”

Nora looked straight ahead of her and leaned back on her chair. “… Alright.”

Her perfunctory tone, however, made Justin very dissatisfied. He heaved a quiet sigh and said, “We are lovers. If even lovers have to be so suspicious of each other, wouldn’t life be too tiring?”

Nora kept quiet for a moment.

She had never been in love, nor had she ever known how to interact with people. She had merely felt uncomfortable when Ruth said that she knew Y and when the others said that Y might like Ruth. Thus, she had ignored Justin’s messages.

Thinking about it again, she had indeed gone overboard.

She looked at the phone seriously and said, “Okay, I will take note of it next time.”

“How are you going to make it up to me this time?” The man suddenly asked in a low voice.

Nora: “?”

The corners of her lips gradually hooked upward. In a lazy tone, she asked, “Do I have to make it up to you?” “Yes, you have to.” The man was just like a little puppy. He said, “Besides, I haven’t seen you for two days, I miss you. Shall we have dinner together?” Nora was about to tell him to bring the two children along when the man spoke in a low voice again. He said, “Just you and me. I will book a private room at a place where no one will disturb us, okay?”

The man’s voice was very low and he sounded as if he was cajoling her, making Nora feel as if feathers were tickling the depths of her heart. She coughed and replied, “Alright.”

Nora’s smile stayed on her face even after she hung up.

At the Hunt Corporation.

Lawrence’s lip corners spasmed as he listened to his boss’ shameless words. After Justin hung up with a smile on his lips, Lawrence handed him the document in his hand.

Justin took a couple of glances at it and signed it.

When Lawrence was about to step out, Justin suddenly said, “Lawrence.”

Lawrence stopped and looked at him. “Yes, Mr. Hunt?”

Justin asked unhurriedly, “How long do you think it will take for people to seize my power and take over my position?”

Lawrence: “???”

The entire company is under your control, Boss! I’m afraid your uncle and his family will have to wait a hundred years after this batch of employees changes!

What the heck was his boss thinking?

While thinking about it, Justin said, “With that, I will become harmless and easy to control, right? And Uncle Ian won’t worry anymore.”

Lawrence: “????”

Justin looked up at him in silence.

“… Boss, I have something to do!”

Lawrence fled the office before Justin could say anything else. He was really afraid that his boss would ask him to make up plans for the company’s bankruptcy!

At the special department. Nora was notified of an impromptu meeting. As soon as she entered the conference room, Johnson said, “Alright, as evident from the investigation, the Y that Ruth knew is indeed a fake. She was deceived by the other party’s skillful tricks. Fortunately, no losses were suffered. The good news, though, is that it is true that Ruth knows Black Cat!”

Nora, aka Black Cat: “??”