She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 558 - I’m Y

Chapter 558 - I’m Y

Chapter 558 I’m Y

Justin narrowed his eyes and called Brenda straightaway. He asked, “What exactly is going on? Make it clear.”

He obviously wouldn’t know that a new employee had joined the special department, so he needed to ask for the specifics.

Brenda told him what had happened.

Justin fell silent. Then, he said, “I see.”

“?יי :Brenda

She panicked. “What do you mean ‘I see’? Ruth is no kind soul! It’s obvious that she’s a complete bitch, and she keeps making things difficult for Nora in the department both openly and secretly! It’s so infuriating! Hurry up and contact Y! Doesn’t he listen to you the most? Get him to just blacklist Ruth, lest she uses his name to throw her weight about here!!”

Justin replied, “Yeah okay, I’m hanging up.”

Brenda: “??”

As she stared at the disconnected phone, she simply felt so anxious on Justin’s behalf.

Nora was already so mad. Why didn’t he seem anxious at all? Besides, this was really a tricky situation.

After all, Y was only an employee of the Hunt Corporation. To be honest, even Justin wouldn’t have the right to interfere with Y’s right to make friends, right?

In addition, most of the employees in the special department were men. Once they cleared things up, they would all just drop it and wouldn’t hold any grudges.

As a result, the atmosphere had returned to a harmonious one now.

“Ruth, are you actually that familiar with Y?! You actually have him on Messenger! And he instantly replies to your messages too!”

Ruth lowered her head and smiled. “We’re alright, I guess. He didn’t reply to me the whole day yesterday, though, so I got angry last night. That’s why he’s paying extra attention today.”

“???י :Nora


That scumbag had sent her a few messages the day before, but she hadn’t paid him any attention. As it turned out, he had gone to coax Ruth and make her happy instead? Although Ruth might not even know Y in reality, she just didn’t feel like paying any attention to Justin now!

Nora took a deep breath.

At this time, Damon walked up to her and bowed a little. “Sorry about that, Nora! I was too impulsive just now! I mouthed off to you when I didn’t even know what was going on. I know you’re probably still angry. You can beat me up and vent your anger!”

Nora: “…”

The corners of her lips spasmed as she looked at Damon. She couldn’t be bothered to hit him, though, so she said, “No, it’s fine.”

She wasn’t trying to specifically help Damon when she helped the special department, so it didn’t matter to her one bit what he had said.

Seeing how distant she was being, Damon flushed as red as a tomato. He knew that he was in the wrong, so he did not dare to ask for Nora’s forgiveness, either. As such, he could only take a step back in embarrassment.

At this moment, Johnson suddenly looked at Nora. “Ms. Smith, since you can get Q to do what you want, then why don’t you, on behalf of the special department, try asking Q to join us again?”

Nora glanced at him and replied very slowly, “Q cannot be bothered to join the department.”

She turned around and got ready to leave.

However, it was at this point that she suddenly heard Ruth take the initiative to speak. She said, “I’ll try asking Y when I’m free! Y is unsociable and eccentric, though, and all masters of art have hot tempers, so he may not


Johnson was overjoyed. “That’s great! You have to help us out on this, Ruth!”

Then, he looked at Nora and sneered again, “Isn’t it just doing the IT department a small favor? I don’t know what some people are so arrogant for.” Nora: “??”

She abruptly turned to Johnson, only to see that he was already singing praises of Ruth. “You’re really a great comrade to have, Ruth. If you can get y onto the team for us, then you would be making a huge contribution to the team! I will definitely promote you!”

Ruth lowered her head and beamed as she said, “Nah, a promotion isn’t necessary. I’m just hoping that the special department will do better and better.”

“You are so self-aware! Unlike some people, who only care about themselves and never take the department into consideration! You are a much better person than her!”

Johnson continued to compliment her.

Nora curled her lips disdainfully and kept quiet. Morris came up to her, lowered his voice, and said, “Don’t hold it against them! I know that you’ve done a lot for the department.”

Nora: “…”

Was Morris afraid that she would get angry, so he had specially come over to comfort her?

There was no need for that, though!

It wasn’t like she was a child.

Nora was about to speak when a hesitant voice traveled over from the side again. “Nora… I know you’re very angry with me, but I’d still like to be a little thick-skinned and ask you something… Can you introduce Q to me? Me? I promise I won’t disturb him. I’ll only ask him the occasional question.”

Nora looked at Damon. The man had already lost the accusatory attitude from just now, and there was a pleading look in his eyes.

Nora sighed and replied, “Q doesn’t have a Messenger account.”

As soon as she said that, Ruth’s surprised voice rang out. “Q doesn’t have a Messenger account? How can that be?! Everyone uses Messenger to contact one another these days, so why wouldn’t he have one?”

Her words made the atmosphere turn somewhat grave again.

Everyone looked at one another, a guess forming in their hearts. However, they were too embarrassed to say it, for fear that they would embarrass Nora.

Johnson, however, was more than happy to blow things up. He immediately said, “Q probably has one, just that Nora doesn’t know his account, right? That’s why you say that he doesn’t have one. Here I was, thinking that you were really familiar with Q. Did you have to ask for your elder brother’s approval first when you asked Q for help?”.

His words were overflowing with mockery!

Everyone else immediately shut up, not daring to speak anymore.

Everyone looked at Nora, hoping that she would not get mad.

Nora, however, narrowed her eyes. “Even so, I have the means to contact Q, do you?”

Johnson: “??”

He had nothing to say to that!

Just as everyone was at a loss as to what to say, someone suddenly ran over and said, “This is terrible! Someone has hacked our network again!”

The moment he said that, Damon and another member of the IT department hurriedly rushed over to the IT department.

Nora thought for a while and followed them over as well.

On the way there, Ruth remarked worriedly, “Surely Q didn’t leave an opening when he was fixing the bug, right? Otherwise, why would we be hacked?”

The few of them entered the IT department just as she said that.

All the screens of the computers in the IT department had gone black. Damon was typing on the keyboard, but the screen was completely black without anything on it.

“What’s going on? The other party is a computer expert, we aren’t their match at all!”

“How did they hack into the system? This is too weird!” “Our firewall has always been very strong, so ordinary hackers can’t get in at all. Q was the one who hacked into the system to fix the bug for us last night. Apart from Q, there’s pretty much no one else who can hack into the system…” While the few of them were quietly complaining, a chat box suddenly popped up on the computer. Then, a row of words appeared:

“Hello, everyone. Don’t worry, I’m Y.”