She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 555 - Go!

Chapter 555 - Go!

Chapter 555 Go!

Nora was originally not interested, but when Ruth said this, she instantly pricked up her ears.

Ruth knew Y… In other words, she knew Justin?


Nora smiled sarcastically.

The people outside were already in an uproar. “You know Y? That’s too awesome. Who on earth is Y?”

Ruth sighed. “Y only serves Hunt Corporation and never takes on any missions outside. It’s useless even if I tell you who Y is!”

When Damon heard this, he lowered his head in disappointment. “You’re right.”

He lowered his head in dejection. “Our department recently encountered a difficult problem and wanted to ask Q and Y for help. Unfortunately, we don’t know these two people.”

Hearing this, Ruth deliberately looked at Nora’s office and said, “I heard that Q has become Smith Corporation’s online consultant? If there’s a problem, why don’t we ask Miss Smith for help? After all, Miss Smith is the eldest daughter of the Smiths. It should be a matter of a word for Q to come over…”

Damon’s eyes instantly lit up. He suddenly turned his head and looked at Nora’s office.

Nora: “…”

Damon’s eyes were burning through the glass door.

Nora lowered her eyes and stood up. She walked to the door and pulled the curtains down, cutting off the view outside.

Everyone was speechless.

The corners of Damon’s mouth twitched. Then, he lowered his head and whispered, “Miss Smith is solitary, cold, and proud. We don’t dare ask her for help.”

At the thought of this, Ruth stood up. “Then I’ll try!”

Hearing Ruth’s words sensitively, Nora opened the door immediately and walked out. She could not be bothered to deal with this woman.

Furthermore, she could not expose her identity as Q. Ruth, who was standing at the door and about to greet her: “…”

The others turned their heads quickly and pretended not to see Ruth’s awkwardness.

Ruth sighed and walked back. “Forget it, I’ll help you. Send me the problems you encountered. I’ll ask Y tonight.”

Damon’s eyes lit up. “Really? Okay!”

Damon sent the problems he had encountered to Ruth. Ruth took the questions and returned to the office. She looked at the people outside and a confident smile appeared on her face.

However, she then found the hacker’s website and privately messaged Y: “Master, hello. I’m a programming lover. I encountered a few small problems and wanted to consult with you. Please name a price. I’ll only ask a few small questions!”

After sending the message, she waited for Y’s reply.

She believed that Y would not ignore her if she was willing to pay a high price for such a small problem. Furthermore, even if Y ignored her, she could tell Damon that Y was busy and had not replied.

Soon it was time to get off work. Damon came to knock on the door. Ruth sighed. “Y lives in a different country and lives an inverted life from us. He hasn’t replied to my message!”

Damon understood. “I understand, I understand! Masters have more personalities! I understand. I’m willing to wait!”

Ruth nodded and went out with Damon.

On the way, she met various colleagues in the special department greeting her. On the first day Ruth came, she received a lot of goodwill from everyone!

Nora returned to the Smiths. When she stopped the car, she saw a white Land Rover beside her. Louis was wiping it with a towel over there, looking like he loved it very much. Nora raised her eyebrows. “Is this new?”

Louis immediately nodded. “Yes, I was despised by the beauties. They all refused to be my girlfriend. Sigh! Chester said that it was because my car was too lousy. I had no choice but to change to a new car!”

This car had cost him $90,000!

However, when he thought about it, he realized that he would receive gifts and cash worth a few million dollars if he got married. Therefore, he decided to invest.

However, when he thought of this $90,000, his heart ached!

Nora: “…Are you sure those girls didn’t want to be your girlfriend because of your car?” Louis nodded. “I think so… Nora, what do you mean? Do you despise me?”

Nora did not say anything and agreed silently.

Louis: “…”

Louis was very angry, but he thought of Nora’s bank card and decided to endure it!

He said, “Nora, my car will be yours from now on. You can drive it anywhere if you need! Just remember to help me when you take the car!”

Help him?

Nora did not reject his kindness and could only cough. “Yes, you can definitely chase after a girl! Go for it!” Louis was stunned. A huge question mark appeared on his head.

Nora was puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

Louis: “…What I mean is, when you take the car out, remember to put gas in it! Don’t cheer me on!”

Nora ignored the awkwardness and went upstairs.

After entering, she picked up her computer and hacked into the special department. Since she was a member of the special department, she had to help with some things.

If there was a problem with the Internet Department, she would go in and help fix the bug.

After fixing all the problems Damon had mentioned, she logged out of the computer and went to bed.

Yes, she would not leave her name even if she did a good deed!

The next day, she went to the special department as usual. As soon as she entered, she saw Ruth and Damon sitting in the hall together. Damon was sitting there with his head lowered, looking grateful.

Ruth smiled gently and shook her head. She said something.

Nora ignored them and went to the office.

On the way, she heard her colleagues discussing.

“They’re both daughters of wealthy families. People are really different!”

“Yes, Miss Smith is too arrogant. I don’t even dare to trouble her. I didn’t expect Ruth to be so easy-going and help us so much!” “Besides, Ruth is always smiling. She looks easy to get along with.”

“In comparison, I think Ruth is better. Miss Smith is a little too cold…”

Nora ignored the discussion and entered the office. She saw Brenda sitting there unhappily. “Nora, did you hear that? You’re about to become a bad person in the department! That Ruth is too pretentious! I really don’t know what she did to make people respect her so much!”

Nora glanced at her. “Is that why you’re in my office?”


Brenda stood up. “Justin wanted me to ask why you didn’t reply to his message last night.”

Of course, it was because Ruth said she knew Y!

Nora did not speak.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from outside the door. “Have you heard? Ruth helped the Internet Department contact Y! She solved their big problem! She’s really awesome!”

Nora: “???”

Who had solved the big problem in the Internet department??