She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 556 - Ruth Digs Her Own Grave!

Chapter 556 - Ruth Digs Her Own Grave!

Chapter 556 Ruth Digs Her Own Grave!

Nora frowned, her displeasure at its maximum.

She had disliked Ruth very much ever since the first time they had met.

Not only did she use Black Cat to hype herself up, but she had also used Y to make the others like her… She sure was flattering herself a lot.

To think she had actually stolen the credit for the good deed that Nora had done anonymously the night before, though?


Nora cast her eyes down, feeling a little displeased. However, she had always been easy-going in nature, so she didn’t say anything. After all, she couldn’t possibly just go up to everyone all of a sudden and say that she was Q. She still had to keep her identity a secret.

But despite her not making any trouble, she never expected that her conflict with Ruth would come this quickly!

At two to three o’clock in the afternoon, just as she was about to leave and go home out of boredom, she ran straight into Ruth!

Ruth, who had her head lowered and was carrying documents in her arms, walked over hastily and collided with Nora!

Nora immediately stepped back and quickly avoided the impact of the collision. However, as Ruth was in high heels, she fell onto the floor.


A loud collision rang out in the hall. Upon hearing the sound, the others all rushed out.

“Are you alright?”

“Ruth, are you okay?”

A look of pain came over Ruth’s face. As she massaged her lower back and got onto her feet, she looked at Nora and sighed. “Ms. Smith, why didn’t you grab me just now?”

Nora: “??”

She frowned and stared at Ruth. Then, she replied unhurriedly, “I didn’t react in time.”

Ruth’s sweet and pretty facial features scrunched up into a look of pain, making everyone feel bad for her.

She massaged her lower back and sighed again. “Never mind, I’m alright anyway, I won’t blame you for it.”

Nora’s mind was full of question marks again.

What was she blaming her for?

Her brows drew together. When she turned and got ready to leave, Ruth suddenly said, “Ms. Smith, you look rather free to me, can you do me a favor? I need to photocopy these documents, but I think I may have to sit for a while. Can you photocopy them for me?” The look in Nora’s eyes turned cold at once. She turned to Ruth and immediately replied, “I’m not free.”

Was she making her do chores?

Ruth was clearly trying to take her down a notch!

When she was about to leave after her reply, Damon suddenly lost his temper. He said, “That’s enough, Ms. Smith! There should be a limit to everything you do. Just because we aren’t holding it against you, it doesn’t mean that you can behave so brazenly!”

Nora: “???”

Damon shouted furiously, “What did you mean when you said you didn’t react in time? I saw with my own eyes that you took a step back. You obviously could have caught Ruth and prevented her from falling, yet you didn’t reach out. I’d wager it doesn’t even occur to selfish people like you to help others, right?” Damon continued yelling out his thoughts. “Q obviously works in the Smith Corporation. Now that the team has run into problems, all you need to do is say the word and he would help, yet you are unwilling to help us out! In contrast, look at what Ruth did. She waited until the middle of the night yesterday for Y to come online to solve the huge problem for us!”

Nora’s gaze suddenly turned frosty. “Q doesn’t receive a single cent of remuneration from the special department.”

So why should he think that Q should provide her services to the special department?!

Moreover, never mind that she had done a good deed anonymously, and never mind that Ruth had stolen all her credit-but now they were actually using the credit of what she had done to make things difficult for her?

Hah, then there was no way she could let this go so easily anymore!

The moment she said that, Damon choked on his breath.

To be honest, Damon was actually aware that his resentment toward Nora was unjustified. Q was a network consultant that the Smiths had externally hired, so why should he provide his services to the special department?

But the scariest thing among humans was direct comparison! Before Ruth joined the department, Nora’s attitude would only have given people the impression that she was haughty and beyond one’s reach. However, after Ruth joined the team, she had personally helped to contact Y and even straight-up fixed the special department’s network issues for them.

Comparing one to another would only pointlessly vex oneself.

Now that they had someone to compare her with, it made Nora seem too selfish and callous!

With that in mind, Damon cheered himself on and said angrily, “Yes, the special department has certainly never paid Q a single cent, but the special department serves the people! If even Ruth can approach Y and beg him for so long to help us out, why couldn’t you approach Q?”

He was twisting reason and resorting to fallacious arguments now.

Nora ignored him. Instead, she turned to Ruth, let out an icy sneer, and then said, “So, it’s thanks to you that the IT Department’s network was fixed? You were the one who went to Y and asked him to fix it?”

Ruth sighed when she heard what she said. To be honest, she hadn’t seen Y come online at all even after waiting the whole night the day before. She’d originally been planning to make up an excuse to gloss things over, but unexpectedly, the moment she reached the special department, Damon had rushed up to her excitedly and thanked her for her efforts.

Someone had gone online and hacked into the system the previous night, and also helped them repair the system.

Ruth had been dumbfounded at the time, but because Damon kept thanking her, causing all the other colleagues around them to also thank her, she had tacitly admitted to it.

After all, according to Damon, Y and Q were the only people who could soundlessly infiltrate the special department’s network and fix their bugs!

It was impossible for Q to be the one who had done it. After all, the special department had already approached Q so many times, but he had completely ignored them.

In that case, it could only be Y.

Y must have seen her request and come over to help.

Seeing that Nora had adopted an attitude like that, Ruth sighed and said, “Ms. Smith, there’s no need to focus on whose credit it was. I’m just helping out my colleagues. Just like Damon said, we’re all serving the people here.”

Her choice of words simply couldn’t get any prettier!

Nora narrowed her eyes and asked once more, “Did you or did you not ask Y to help the IT department with the bug fixes?”

Ruth narrowed her eyes. Faced with such an aggressive inquiry, she could only bite the bullet and answer, “Yes, I did!”

Damon and their other colleagues immediately spoke up.

“Ruth, you are so impressive! We thank you on behalf of the special department!”

“Yeah. You’ve only just joined us, yet you’re doing so much for the special department and being so concerned for us. You’ve done the IT department such a big favor. You’re setting such a good example for us all! We need more comrades like you in the department!”

“Good employees like you are so rare these days~ Some people just can’t be compared to you!”

Ruth, who was being showered with compliments, adopted a very humble attitude on the surface. She gave them an exceptionally sincere smile and said, “No, these are things that I should be doing.” Damon immediately said mockingly, “To you, these are things that you should be doing, but for some people, even though they obviously just needed to lift a finger to help out… People shouldn’t be too selfish! Especially people in our line of work. If everyone decides to be selfish, then how are we going to protect the society and keep the peace?!”

Nora cast her eyes down frostily as she listened to what they said.

She had really become angry this time.

She slowly shifted her gaze to Damon and asked coldly, “Who says Y was the one who fixed the bug?”

Damon was stunned to hear that. He replied, “What do you mean? Who else could it be if not Y, Q?”