She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 554 - Hacker Q and Y

Chapter 554 - Hacker Q and Y

Chapter 554 Hacker Q and Y

Nora had always been a woman of few words. When solving problems, she would only use her fists and not her mouth.

Although an office was nothing and she was rarely here, it was one thing for her to take the initiative to let go, forcing her to let go was too much.

She narrowed her eyes and took a step forward.

Captain Johnson frowned. The girl in front of him was clearly thin, but for some reason, he felt that she was very imposing.

He straightened his neck and asked, “What are you doing? Are you still going to attack without listening to my command?”

As soon as he said that, Nora punched him in the chest.

Captain Johnson instantly frowned in pain and looked at her angrily. He waved his hands and rushed forward. “Nora, how dare you hit me? I’ll teach you a lesson now!”

Nora sneered and moved her wrist again. She was about to beat this person up again when a stern voice was heard. “What are you doing?” Captain Johnson stopped in his tracks. The few of them turned around in unison and saw that Brenda had probably just returned from the training grounds. She was wearing a black jacket. Her wavy hair was tied into a ponytail, and she looked capable and neat.

She rushed over.

Just as Nora thought that she was here to scold her, she saw Brenda stop in front of her and look at Captain Johnson. “Captain Johnson, no matter what Nora did wrong, you shouldn’t have hit her! No matter what, she’s still a girl. She’s weak and can’t be compared to those smelly boys under you!” Nora: “?”

She blinked and silently lowered her fists.

Johnson: “???”

He felt like he had heard wrong. “What did you say? She was the one who attacked first!”

His chest still hurt!

Some people surrounded them. They did not know what had just happened. They could only hear Brenda say angrily, “You scolded her badly, so what if she hit you? Isn’t her little fist like a mosquito bite? You actually want to retaliate? This is my sister-in-law. Come at me if you have anything! Let’s fight on the field if you dare?”

Captain Johnson shouted angrily, “What do you mean like a mosquito bite? Her punch clearly hurt!”

With that, he pulled open his shirt and pointed at his chest for everyone to see. “My chest is red!”

When he said this, he saw that everyone was looking at him strangely. Captain Johnson lowered his head and realized that because of his heart attack, he had been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. This was why his chest was still red.

Brenda sneered. “Captain Johnson, your scam is too interesting- This clearly happened when the hospital was trying to save you, right? But now you’re saying that it was my sister-in-law who did it. It’s clearly a scam!”

Her words were filled with mockery.

The others also said, “Captain Johnson, forget it. Why are you fussing about it with a young girl? Besides, Miss Smith saved your life! We men should be more generous. Don’t keep fussing all the time.” Johnson: “???”

He was about to explode with anger. He felt that he was so aggrieved! What little girl? You bunch of bastards! No one was stronger than her!

Just that punch alone made him want to throw up his lunch!

However, this group of people did not believe it!

When everyone was criticizing Captain Johnson, a hint of surprise flashed across Nora’s light almond-shaped eyes. Huh? Something like this was possible?

And she herself had unknowingly been made a delicate girl.

However, when she saw how everyone was protecting her, Nora felt that it was not bad to occasionally act delicate.

As her thoughts were running wild, Brenda said, “Nora, what’s going on?”

Nora did not correct her. She pointed at the people working in the room. “They want to force me out of my office.”

Brenda’s expression instantly darkened. “Isn’t this going too far?! Why? Nora came first, and you want her to give up her seat for the next person? On what basis?”

Captain Johnson sneered. “She’s a forensic doctor. What does she need an office for? I think there’s a workstation outside! Ruth is a psychiatrist and an interrogation master. Of course she needs her own office! Besides, this office is good and very suitable for Ruth. She has her eyes on this office too…”

Accompanying his words, Ruth took a step forward and sighed with a smile. “Captain Johnson, isn’t this a misunderstanding? I didn’t know there was someone here. If I had known that it was Miss Smith’s office, I definitely wouldn’t have fought for it. Alright, alright. Don’t make a fuss over a small matter. I can work anywhere. It’s fine even if I get a work desk outside. Don’t make everyone lose face.”

When Captain Johnson heard this, he nodded and looked at Nora. He sneered. “Learn from Miss Ruth. She didn’t complain about not having an office! Why are women so petty?!”

After that, without giving Nora a chance to speak, Captain Johnson held his chest and took Ruth to the office beside him.

After the two of them left, Brenda grabbed Nora’s arm. “Nora, hurry up and show me. Are you hurt anywhere? If you’re hurt, my brother would definitely not let me off! Why are you so stupid? Why are you fighting head-on with Captain Johnson? He’s a man, and you’re a woman. If you fight him like this, you’ll definitely be the one at a disadvantage!”

Nora: “…”

Where did Brenda get the illusion that her body was soft and easy to bruise? Uh, no, it was because she was weak?

She grimaced. “I’m fine.”

Then, she entered the office.

In the office, she was about to play with her phone or take a nap when a group of people suddenly gathered outside the door. Everyone was chatting with Ruth.

“Do you really know Black Cat?”

Someone asked.

Ruth smiled and did not speak. She pretended to pull a zipper over her mouth. “I can’t say it-“

Everyone smiled and stopped asking.

At this moment, a colleague from the Internet department of the special department, Damon, said, “I don’t have any feelings for Black Cat. I’m only interested in a few well-known hackers. Captain Johnson said he wanted to invite Q over, but he hasn’t invited him yet…”

When Ruth heard this and saw that everyone had changed the topic, she immediately lowered her eyes. “Speaking of which, Q isn’t the best hacker in the hacker world, right? Y is the best hacker.”

In the Hacker Alliance, since Nora was too lazy to manage things, everything was handled by

When they heard Ruth’s words, everyone looked at her. “Forget about Y, we haven’t even seen Q.”

As soon as they said this, Ruth smiled. “Actually, I know Y.”

Nora instantly pricked up her ears.