She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 548 - Which Part of Him Is Different?

Chapter 548 - Which Part of Him Is Different?

Chapter 548 Which Part of Him Is Different?

Nora read the whole afternoon. At five o’clock, Justin called and said that Cherry wanted to have dinner with her. A puzzled Nora asked, “Then why don’t the two of you come over?”

Justin hesitated for a moment, seemingly somewhat reluctant to say something. However, in the end, he still said, “I doubt we can come over to the Smiths’. After all, Uncle Ian seems to have quite a lot against me.”

What he said simply made him sound as if he was suffering too much injustice.

Nora suddenly felt a pang of heartache, so she said, “Alright, send me the address. I will come over with Pete.”


After hanging up, Justin sent her a text message with the address of the restaurant they were having dinner at.

Nora glanced at it. It wasn’t very far from the Smith manor.

Thus, she decided to read for another half an hour before she set off.

However, perhaps because it was destined that she wouldn’t be able to find any peace, her cell phone suddenly lit up-Johnson had sent her another email inviting her to join the special department.

This time, the email was sent to Black Cat. The email read as follows:

“Hello, Black Cat. Have you seen my last email? Even if you are not interested in the United States’ special department, do you not care whether Karl Moore lives or dies?”

Nora stared at the email and narrowed her eyes. She immediately replied to the email: ‘What do you mean’

She had always been straightforward in her typing, and couldn’t even be bothered to add punctuation marks.

The other party responded very quickly: “Karl has been arrested for breaking the law in the USA. You should be aware of that, right? Don’t you want to save him? If you agree to join the special department, I can find a way to release him.”

Release Karl?

Nora narrowed her eyes and sneered.

Did that man think that she was a three-year-old? Karl had broken the law. Without a reasonable explanation, how could the special department possibly release him?

She narrowed her eyes and replied: ‘How are you going to release him?’

Johnson’s reply came even faster this time: “I can release a public statement that he is my informant. This way, he can say that it was by my instructions that he brought those people into the country.”

When she saw this, Nora’s pupils shrank abruptly.

An informant…

This sure was a flawless explanation. On top of that, it would also allow the special department to release him right away!

But why would Johnson say that Karl was his informant?

Nora frowned. Suddenly, she thought of how Karl had insisted that he did it for money when she and Morris had asked him over and over why he had illegally brought the people from the mysterious organization into the country

After that, Karl had successfully escaped from the special department’s cell…

Could it be that…

Nora narrowed her eyes. The dark pupils in her cat-like eyes flickered with a dim glow.

It seemed like she had figured something out!

At the special department.

Morris stood outside the door to the interrogation room, hoping to listen in on the conversation taking place inside. Unfortunately, the interrogation room had been soundproofed, so he couldn’t hear anything at all.

He wanted to know what the two of them were talking about, but as soon as Johnson had entered, he had turned off the surveillance cameras, rendering Morris unable to find out what Johnson and Karl were talking about.

His brows locked together tightly. After waiting for about half an hour, Johnson finally walked out of the room.

Morris hurriedly took a step forward and asked, “Did you manage to get anything out of him?”

Johnson glanced at Morris and shook his head. “He still refuses to talk.”

Morris suggested, “I’d suggest hiring Nora Smith back into the team. She knows Karl. He had already decided to talk the other time!”

Johnson sneered when he heard what he said. “She is a forensic doctor, so it’s not like she’s part of the interrogation process. Why should we ask her to come back? To watch the special department make a fool out of itself?! I’ll tell you this—I don’t agree to it!”

Then, Johnson pointed at him and said, “The one we need the most right now is Black Cat. I have already emphasized this many times! Asking a doctor to be a forensic expert? Are you trying to be funny here? Does she have any experience in solving criminal cases? Or have the people in the special department become so poor that they can’t even afford to see a doctor when they are ill?”

Morris clenched his jaw. He found Johnson’s words too unpleasant.

He took a deep breath. “Captain Johnson, you are prejudiced against Nora!”

His term of address had gone from “Sir” to “Captain Johnson”, which went to show that Morris had become extremely unhappy with him.

“Yes, I am! She was simply too unprofessional at the wedding! We don’t need someone like her! Hah!”

Morris stared at Johnson. “Don’t be so sure. You should never offend a doctor!”

Johnson sneered, “Heh, are you threatening me? i’ll tell you this, what I fear the least is getting sick! I am in great health and have never gotten sick all these years! Even if I do fall sick, I will never ask her to treat my illness!”

After saying that, he walked out of the room straightaway.

But as soon as he reached the door, his vision went black and he suddenly fainted and collapsed!

“Captain Johnson!”

“Captain Johnson!”

Amid the chaos, Johnson was sent to the hospital.

Nora took Pete to the restaurant.

When they arrived, for once, Justin actually wasn’t there before them. Nora didn’t lose her temper just because she had to wait. She took Pete into the private room.

They were at a Japanese restaurant. The solid wood decor in the private room looked very comfortable.

Pete took off his shoes and started writing his assignments with his legs crossed. As he did, he asked, “Mommy, why is the tyrant insisting that we have dinner together tonight?”

Nora was about to reply that she didn’t know either when the door was pushed open. Cherry ran in first. She blinked with her big round eyes and looked at Nora. Then, she said excitedly, “Mommy, quick, look at Daddy! Which part of him is different today?!”