She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 549 - Falling Into Her Hands!

Chapter 549 - Falling Into Her Hands!

Chapter 549 Falling Into Her Hands!

Which part of him had changed?

Cherry’s words made both Nora and Pete look at the door curiously.

Justin took step after step into the room.

He was wearing a black suit. The tall and slender man leaned against the door after entering. His narrow and sharp eyes swept across the private room and then, his gaze traveled to the ceiling and he let out a cough.

Nora’s gaze landed on his face right away!!

His cheeks, which were as smooth as usual, were still poreless, and his fair skin was glowing. In addition to his deep and bottomless eyes, his straight and sharp nose, as well as his…

Huh? Where was the beauty mark at the corner of his eye?! Why was it gone?!!

Nora got up abruptly and looked at Justin in astonishment.

Justin, who had caught a glimpse of her expression, breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

From the looks of it, her breath had been taken away by how he currently looked, right?

Next to them, Cherry was cheering. The little girl bounced around and said, “Mommy, look! Isn’t Daddy more handsome than before?” Justin’s cheeks were a little red.

Wasn’t the way the woman was looking at him a little too explicit and a little too fervent? He was just thinking about it when the corners of Nora’s lips spasmed and she asked, “The beauty mark at the corner of your eye is gone?” Justin nodded. “Yeah. Do I now look…”

Before he could utter the word “better”, the woman in front of her suddenly curled her lips disdainfully and sighed. “You’ve become uglier.”

Justin: “???”

Nora glanced at him disdainfully with a touch of regret in her eyes. “Why did you remove the beauty mark for no reason? Did you suddenly lose your mind?”

Justin: “???”

Even the look of interest in Nora’s eyes seemed to have faded away somewhat. As she looked at Justin, she sighed again, looking as though she thought there was no more hope left for him.

Justin: “…”

A short silence instantly descended upon the private room.

Cherry and Pete looked at each other. Then, Cherry ran to Pete with her stubby little legs, sat down next to him, and then rested her chin on her hands. She said, “Look at him, Pete. I told Daddy that the beauty mark at the corner of his eye was attractive, but he simply insisted that it wasn’t and insisted on going to the beauty salon to have it removed! As expected, Mommy and I have the same taste when it comes to handsome guys!”

“… Uh-huh,” said Pete.

Cherry then took out her cell phone and said, “Shall we play games, Pete? I haven’t carried you for so long-“

“No, I’m not playing. I have to finish this problem.”

Cherry: “??”

She curled her lips disdainfully and sighed. “What’s so fun about those problems? How can it be more fun than games?”

Pete looked up at the ceiling speechlessly. “Is playing games the only thing on your mind every day?!”

“Of course not!” Cherry looked at him confidently and said, “I also think about handsome guys!”

While the two little fellows were talking, Justin touched his nose. Then, he sighed, took out a piece of wet tissue from his pocket, and wiped the corner of his eye, upon which the beauty mark reappeared. He heaved a silent sigh and said, “Cherry said that you may like the beauty mark, so I didn’t remove it.”

His car had entered the beauty salon, but then he turned around and left.

After all, one could just apply a bit of makeup to cover up something sometimes. However, once it was gone, it would never return! From the looks of it, Cherry wasn’t that unreliable, after all!

Nora was relieved to see the beauty mark back on the man’s face. She remarked, “This looks more pleasing to the eye, after all.”

When Justin saw how relieved she was, the corners of his lips slowly curled upward.

For some reason, he suddenly thought that once they got married, apart from kissing his lips, she could also kiss the beauty mark at the corner of his eye.

The thought of it immediately made the man’s ears redden, and they flushed all the way to the base of his ears.

When Nora caught a glimpse of it, she asked hesitantly, “What’s the matter? Do you have a fever?”

“… No. Let’s have a seat.” The two sat down and started eating while facing each other. At this moment, footsteps rang out outside the door. Then, someone opened the door to the private room and Brenda hurriedly walked in.

Justin frowned. “Why are you here?”

Brenda replied, “For dinner, of course! Aren’t you guys having a party here?”

Justin: “?

Cherry, who was playing games, asked in puzzlement, “How did you know we are here, Aunt Brenda?”

Brenda took off her shoes unceremoniously and sat beside Nora. “Tsk, have you forgotten what your aunt does for a living? I have all too many ways to find out where you guys are!” Then, she looked at Nora and said, “Captain Ford spoke up a lot for you in front of Captain Johnson today, but that old stick-in-the-mud still refuses to give in. I’m so mad!”

She picked up a piece of salmon and put it in her mouth. “So, I decided not to stay in the special department and just left. They can do whatever they want! Captain Johnson is notorious for being a difficult man, though. The way I see it, unless he becomes seriously ill and falls into your hands, it will be very difficult for you to go back!”

Almost as soon as she said that, Nora’s cell phone rang

When she answered, Morris’ voice came from the other side. “Captain Johnson is experiencing an acute myocardial infarction. The doctor says that he’s in critical condition now and only you can save him!”


Brenda, who was listening to the phone call, suddenly spat out the tea that she had just drunk. She turned her head and looked at Nora in amazement. Then, she suddenly burst into loud laughter and said, “My mouth must have been blessed. With this, Captain Johnson has really fallen into your hands, Nora!!!”