She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 547 - Nora Is So Popular~

Chapter 547 - Nora Is So Popular~

Chapter 547 Nora Is So Popular~

Mrs. Hunt was taken aback. “What do you mean? Weren’t you fired?”

Nora didn’t pay any more attention to her. After all, chatting with her was a total waste of time. She politely replied, “I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”

And then, she hung up.

If she weren’t Justin’s grandmother, she couldn’t even be bothered to say goodnight.

How dare she say that she was unskilled in building interpersonal relationships? Hah.

Nora picked up the phone and sent a message to Solo: ‘How do you find me as a person?’

Solo, who was far away in Switzerland, gnashed his teeth in fury upon seeing her text message.

If she hadn’t saved his life, he wouldn’t have been enslaved and suppressed by her so easily.

But did he dare to fight back? Of course not.

Thus, Solo replied: “You’re fantastic! Absolutely great!”

Nora was very satisfied. See? Even someone as unsociable and eccentric as Solo thought that she was a great person. Why would she be poor at building and maintaining interpersonal relationships with others?

Solo sent another message: “I’m going back to the States in a couple of days and will be in New York. Wanna meet?”

He was coming back to New York?

Didn’t that mean that it would be perfect for her to use him to cover up her identity?

Nora didn’t want her identity as Q to be exposed. Thus, she replied: ‘Good timing. I have something I need you to do.’ Nora put down the phone, completely unsuspecting that she might not really be great at interpersonal relationships, after all. When she was about to go to bed, someone knocked on the door.

She opened the door to find Joel outside. He had an anxious look on his face. “Nora, what exactly is going on with Karl?”

Nora replied calmly, “He is very confident, and even told me that he’ll be fine.”

Joel: “?”

It had become more difficult for him to ask around and get news from the special department this time. Rather than asking others for news, he might as well just straight-up ask Nora.

Thus, after Karl was taken away, he had been waiting for her to come home while he also continued getting his men to ask around and find out what had happened.


But he didn’t expect that all she would say was just a few words?

Perhaps it wasn’t convenient for her to tell outsiders about the ongoings in the special department.

But… Never mind. Given how reticent this younger sister of his was, she wouldn’t be able to give him a clear account of what had happened even if he wanted to hear about it.

With that in mind, Joel nodded. Then, he patted her on the shoulder and said, “I heard about what happened to you. It’s okay, don’t be depressed about it.”

“… What happened to me?” asked Nora.

Joel was surprised. “You know, you’ve been fired!”

Nora blinked. “Why would I be depressed about it?”

Joel: “??”

The siblings stared at each other for a short while. Then, Joel coughed and turned to leave. As soon as he turned, Nora suddenly called out to him, “Joel.”

Joel looked back at her.

Nora asked, “How do you find me as a person?”

How did he find her as a person?

Arrogant and cocky, of course! On top of that, she was just like a rock-never soft toward anyone!

But could the wily little fox Joel say that?

Certainly not.

He smiled and replied, “Very cute.” Nora nodded in satisfaction. “Okay, there’s nothing else.”

Without waiting for Joel to leave, she immediately turned and closed the door.

… What a rude little girl!

After asking the two of them about it, Nora felt even more assured. See? Both of them had said that she had a good personality, so how would she possibly be unskilled at interpersonal relationships?

When she woke up the next day, Nora opened her eyes to see Pete already sitting at the desk and studying quietly.

She stretched. Before going to the bathroom to wash up, she looked at Pete and called out, “Pete?”

Pete looked up. “Yes, Mommy?”

Her son’s eyes were serious, which made Nora smile. She asked, “What do you think of your Mommy?”

Pete tilted his head.

Although Mommy was always either sleeping or on the way to sleeping, for Pete, who’d never had a mom since he was a baby, just having her within his sight was already great.

Especially if he could see her right away whenever he lifted his head while she was in bed and sleeping.

Pete smiled sincerely and said, “You are the Mommy who spends the most time with her


A smiling Nora nodded.

See? Not only did she have good relationships with others, but she was also the best mother in her children’s eyes!

After washing up, Nora opened the door and went downstairs. When she was about to have breakfast, she suddenly saw Louis sneaking out.

Nora suddenly called out, “Louis.”

Louis paused and looked back at her, upon which his eyes lit up. “Nora?”

Nora tore off a piece of bread and asked, “How do you find me as a person?”

Louis curled his lips disdainfully when he heard her question.

Not only was she cold, indifferent, and reticent -making her seem just like a walking refrigerant—but she was also arrogant and cocky. Even the way she walked was so unwomanly!

But when he thought of Nora’s money… Louis beamed and replied, “Kind, beautiful, and approachable, of course, Nora! You’re practically a model woman of the times!”

Nora became more satisfied.

She ate the bread she was holding and then asked, “Where are you going?” Louis straightened his back and replied, “To talk to my girlfriend about marriage!”

Nora was taken aback. “You have a girlfriend?”

Louis waved and replied, “Of course not. But I’m going to find one now!”

Nora was enlightened. She remarked, “I knew it. How would you be able to find a girlfriend with that head of bleached blond hair of yours?”

Louis: “???”

Why was his cousin’s mouth so toxic?! Could he take back the compliments that he had gone against his conscience to give her just now?

Never mind. On account of how he couldn’t afford to mess with her because of how rich she was, he would just suck it up!

After asking several people in a row, where all of them said that she had a good personality and was popular, Nora’s doubts had all been assuaged. She confidently threw what Mrs. Hunt had said the day before to the back of her mind.

After finishing her breakfast-or rather, lunch

– Nora got ready to go upstairs to read her medical books and look for a way to treat Quentin.

As soon as she went upstairs, she saw Ian waving at her.

When Nora walked over, Ian took out a few photos and asked, “Nora, what do you think of these people? Are they handsome enough?”

He gave priority to a certain photo he had taken out. The man in the photo looked a little like Justin, he also had deep-set eyes and a straight, sharp nose. Ian said, “He’s an Oscar-winning actor. Surely he’s handsome enough, right?”

“… Yes, he is pretty handsome.”

Ian’s eyes lit up. “How about meeting him, then?”

Nora yawned. “No, it’s fine. Justin is still more handsome.”

“How can that be? No matter how I look at him, he’s more handsome than Justin, isn’t he?”

Nora tilted her head. “Perhaps it’s because… he doesn’t have a beauty mark at the corner of his


Ian: “???”

With that, Nora entered her bedroom.

Justin’s beauty mark at the corner of his eye was pretty much his signature. Nora wasn’t lying when she said that just now-she really did feel that Justin’s beauty mark at the corner of his eye was very distinctive!

At the Hunts’.

After Justin ended the call the previous night, he walked to the full-length mirror at home and looked at himself.

He touched his cheek with his large hand and rubbed the beauty mark at the corner of his eye.

As it turned out, Nora liked him because of his face?

In that case, he had to give full play to his strengths.

He suddenly picked up his cell phone and called Lawrence.

The man answered very quickly. Justin said, “Send me some sheet masks and skincare products.”

Justin was a fastidious man in his lifestyle, but he had always been relatively careless with his face. It was already enough for him that he cleansed his face every day. However, things were different now!

He was going to start paying attention to skincare!

Thus, Lawrence came over to deliver sheet masks to Justin early in the morning. He said, “… Apply this in the morning for five minutes. After that, apply this lotion and then the emulsion. Also, this is for anti-aging…” After explaining all the skincare products’ functions in succession, Lawrence noticed his boss rubbing the beauty mark at the corner of his eye with his fingers. It was to the extent that the skin there was turning red.

Justin suddenly asked, “Say, do you think the mole can be removed? Why is it so ugly?”

“… Of course. Do you need me to make an appointment with the doctor for you?”

“Yeah, contact them.” Justin was very concerned that the mole would affect his appearance.

Lawrence immediately contacted the director of the best aesthetic clinic in New York and spoke with him seriously. During the phone call, Lawrence even said, “News of Mr. Hunt visiting the clinic must not spread and must be kept absolutely confidential. In addition, get the best doctor in the clinic to do it and ensure that there aren’t any scars. You must arrange for a doctor with zero cosmetic surgery failures!”

“Yes, yes, of course!” The director respectfully replied. Then, he asked, “What does Mr. Hunt want to do? His nose? Eyes? Or the whole face?”

Lawrence frowned and replied, “None of that, of course. It’s even more serious.”

The director’s heart sank at once.

It was the aesthetic clinic’s honor that Mr. Hunt wanted to come over and have cosmetic surgery done. However, it was also exceptionally stressful to perform cosmetic surgery on wealthy people like him. After all, everyone’s sense of aesthetics was different. In the event that Mr. Hunt was dissatisfied, it would instead damage their clinic’s reputation!

The director was filled with trepidation. He asked, “Then which body part is he intending to treat?”

An area that was more important than the eyes, nose, and face would be…

Could it be that Mr. Hunt found a certain part of himself not… strong enough? So he wanted to do something about that? While the director’s imagination was running wild, Lawrence said seriously, “At the corner of his eyes…”

The corner of the eye… The director breathed a sigh of relief. Although operating on the corner of the eye was just a minor operation, it would indeed be very unsightly if not done well.

The corners of Mr. Hunt’s eyes were pretty good-looking, though?

Then, he heard the rest of Lawrence’s words: “… is a mole.”

The director: “???”

After they made an appointment, Justin looked at the time and realized that he would be just in time to have dinner with Nora after removing the mole.

Yup, hopefully, he would be able to give her a surprise in the evening!

At the special department.

Johnson had already come over early in the morning. When Morris saw him, he walked over and said, “Sir, I think the dismissal of Nora Smith as our forensic doctor requires further discussion.”

Johnson waved and said, “There is nothing to discuss. The department doesn’t need people with medical skills! What we need are talents like Black Cat and Q! I have already sent emails to both of them and invited them to join the team, and am currently waiting for them to reply!”

Then, he said, “And now, I’m going to interrogate Karl! No one is to enter the room without my permission!”