She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 546 - Who Says I’ve Been Fired?

Chapter 546 - Who Says I’ve Been Fired?

Chapter 546 Who Says I’ve Been Fired?

Outsiders weren’t aware of the conversation in the special department.

By now, Nora had already returned to the Smiths’.

Tanya and Joel’s wedding was over, and all of them had gone home. As she was worried about Karl, Tanya was feeling rather down in the dumps. Knowing that she wasn’t in the best of moods, everyone else left early.

The moment Nora got home, her cell phone rang.

When she picked up the call, Justin’s voice rang out on the other end. “I took Cherry out for a stroll. She seemed a little unhappy.”

Nora nodded. “… Oh, okay.”

She obviously sounded as lazy as usual, yet the sharp Justin nonetheless sensed something. He asked, “In a bad mood?”


Nora didn’t like to whine, so she had always mulled over everything quietly by herself.

But when faced with Justin’s question, she couldn’t help but say, “I’ve been fired by the special department.” As soon as she said that, there was a moment of silence on the phone. A brief moment later, she heard a sigh from Justin, who then said, “If I say that I’m actually pretty happy about it, would you beat me up?” Nora: “?”

Justin said pitifully, “I’m always so worried about you every time you’re out on a mission. Now that you’ve finally been fired, you can stay at home safely and spend more time with the children.”

“??י :Nora

Why was what he was saying sounding so off?

The corners of her lips spasmed, and she couldn’t help feeling that their roles had been reversed!

Justin let out a low chuckle and asked, “Do I sound like a house-husband?”

Nora: “!!”

Justin sounded very relaxed as he added, “It’s their loss for firing you. I can only say that they are blind. You don’t have to feel sad about it. The way I see it, they will be crying and begging you to go back very soon!”

Nora raised her eyebrows. “Why do you say that?”

Justin chuckled again. “Didn’t they invite Q to join the team? Also, if your identity as Big Sister is exposed, they will definitely be even more desperate…”

Nora thought for a while about what he had said and suddenly felt that that was indeed the case.

A smile formed on her lips and she opened the door and entered the living room. She was about to speak again when she noticed Ian, who was in his wheelchair, in the living room contemplating something in silence. Upon hearing her coming in, Ian immediately looked at her.

Nora was a little surprised. “Were you waiting for me?”

Ian nodded. Then, he suggested hesitantly, “Let’s have a chat?”

Nora walked up to him and casually tossed her phone into her pocket.

Thinking that Justin would hang up, she didn’t disconnect the call.

Then, she pushed Ian’s wheelchair to the garden.

The weather was very fine that day. Tanya and Joel had picked a good day for the wedding.

The sun shone down upon them, yet it was neither glaring nor intense. It felt refreshing and comfortable as the two of them walked in the shade in the garden.

Ian suddenly said, “Nora, the way that Karl risked being arrested just to come back and give Tanya’s hand away in marriage today moved me greatly.”

Nora raised her brows.

Ian sighed and said, “I’m really afraid that I won’t be around when you get married in the future. My health has always been poor…”

Nora replied in a lukewarm manner, “As long as you don’t do anything stupid, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to live till you’re seventy or eighty years old.”

Ian sighed.

He had already been sick of living previously. After he realized that Nora was his daughter and that Yvette hadn’t betrayed him, he had suddenly felt even less like living because he couldn’t wait to go to heaven and be reunited with her.

However, his daughter had kept him here instead.

But later, when he saw how much effort Karl was putting into building his relationship with Tanya, and when he heard what everyone was saying about Tanya, Ian suddenly understood something-children without parents would be bullied by others.

Even if the child was very strong and powerful, people would still sigh whenever they mentioned them, and remark that it was a shame that both their parents had died and that they weren’t blessed enough.

They even put the blame for things like how the child was not blessed enough to have their parents with them on the child. Society demanded too much from girls.

Nora wasn’t as tough and hardy as Joel, Quentin, and Louis. Therefore, he had to do his best to stay alive. As long as he was alive, he would be able to back his daughter up. It was at this moment that Ian completely abolished his thoughts of suicide and not wanting to live for real.

For the first time in his entire life, he felt that he was still of use to someone and that there were still people who needed him.

With that in mind, Ian smiled and said, “Even so, I still hope that the day I see you get married comes soon. After all, no one knows for sure which would come first-tomorrow, or an accident?”

Nora did not refute him. Instead, she asked, “What you mean is…?” She felt a little hopeful.

Even Justin, who was listening to the conversation through the phone that Nora had tossed into her pocket, couldn’t help raising his brows.

His father-in-law had finally thought things through. Had he become agreeable to their marriage?

While he was wondering, he heard Ian say, “Why don’t you go on a blind date tomorrow?”

Justin: “?”

He heaved a silent sigh!

To be honest, he understood what Ian was thinking. His father-in-law must think that the other branches of the Hunts were too unstable and too chaotic, right?

He lowered his head.

Suddenly, a sense of lethargy and world-weariness welled up in him.

To be honest, even till now, he had been the one maintaining the connection between him and Nora in this relationship all this time. He had tested it before—if he didn’t send any text messages to Nora, she could ignore him for a whole day.

Thus, he felt rather dejected in this instant. He didn’t understand what the point of trying to please his father-in-law was anymore…

But it was at this moment that he suddenly heard Nora hesitate for a moment and ask, “Do you really disapprove of Justin? I’ve always thought that you were just making things difficult for him so that you would be in a more advantageous position, but I didn’t expect that… Can you tell me why?”.

Ian was not surprised by Nora’s question at all.

He immediately answered, “Because Justin is different. He is too cunning and sinister, and also too powerful. You won’t be able to control him.”

Nora: “?”

Ian said, “In marriage, one always overwhelms the other. Although your status is on par with his, Justin has a trump card that others can’t see through. A husband like him, who is beyond your control, will put you in a very passive position in the marriage.”

Nora: “…”

Ian went on. “He will make you take the burden of all the objectives and goals he wants to achieve. It’s to the extent that you won’t even realize anything if he takes advantage of you. You’ll be counting the money for him even after he’s sold you. Justin is that scheming and capable!”

Nora was stunned. Obviously, she hadn’t expected Ian to say something like that.

She kept quiet for a while before she said, “Actually, I am also very strong.” Who did her father think he was looking down on?!

Ian: “??”

He had said so much, but unexpectedly, it had sparked the desire to win in his daughter instead? The corners of Ian’s lips spasmed. “What I mean is—”

Nora interrupted him and said, “Don’t make things difficult for him anymore, he is the children’s father, after all. The kids will also be in a dilemma if you keep pulling a long face at him all the time. Besides… Do you think there’s anyone among the men you’ve found more good-looking than him??”

Ian: “??”

He was dumbfounded. “So the reason why you are dating him-or rather, that you like himis that he’s good-looking?”

Nora became even more puzzled. “Can’t I?”

Of course, one would need a reason to like another person.

If Justin wasn’t outstanding, wasn’t handsome, and didn’t treat her with that much sincerity, why would she like him?

“… Y-yes, you can.”

“Uh-huh.” Nora said, “Even though you can’t stop us even if you disapprove of the relationship, I still want to say this: Thank you for letting us be together.”

Ian: “??”

Why was she already thanking him for letting them be together? When did he do that?

The corners of Ian’s lips spasmed.

Nora yawned. “Is there anything else? If there isn’t, then I will go upstairs and go to bed for now.”

Ian: “.

Ian could only watch helplessly as Nora abandoned him in the garden and shuffled to her bedroom on the second floor of the villa. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but spasm again.

Although he knew that there would be bodyguards who would take him back to the house, was it really okay for her to just abandon him here? Ian knew that it must be because he had badmouthed Justin a lot just now, so his daughter had gotten mad at him. Ever since the two of them acknowledged each other, this was the first time that his daughter was giving him the cold shoulder.

It was all that pretty boy’s fault!

The huffy Ian suddenly looked to the side and ordered, “Go and gather all the good-looking men in New York! I’m going to look through them one by one. I simply don’t believe I can’t find someone more handsome than him!!”

The speechless bodyguard hidden in the shadows replied, “Yes, sir.”

When Nora returned to the bedroom and took out her cell phone from her pocket, she saw that the call had already been disconnected a long time ago.

She wasn’t bothered. However, when she took off her clothes and got ready to take a bath, she suddenly received a call from the Hunt manor. Thinking that it was Cherry, she picked up the call.

But unexpectedly, the elderly Mrs. Hunt’s voice instead suddenly rang out on the opposite end. “It’s me, Ms. Smith. I heard from Brenda that you’ve been fired by the special department? This is too much!”

Nora: “?”

Had Mrs. Hunt suddenly turned over a new leaf?

Why was she suddenly speaking up for her?

Nora’s brows knitted together. Thinking that it would be better if she got along with the elderly lady, she was about to reply when the old lady instead said, “As a woman, it is better that you stay at home and take care of your husband and kids instead. Not every woman can handle jobs that require so much professionalism like those of the special department. You are different from Brenda. Brenda has been through high-grade education since she was a child, so she is more than capable enough to deal with jobs like hers. You, on the other hand, are different. Not only did you grow up in the countryside, but you also don’t know much about the way of the world. It’s understandable that you would offend your team leader. In my opinion, you don’t have to feel too sad about it. This may instead be something positive for you!”

Nora: “…”

She knew it, the fox might grow gray but it would never become good! She didn’t say anything—because she discovered on her phone that she had suddenly received a few emails, and some of them were sent from the special department’s official email address.

One was sent to Q.

Another was sent to Black Cat. The content of the two emails was very similar and adopted a sincere tone. Additionally, both were inviting her to join the special department to be of service to the United States!

The sender of both emails was also a man with the last name Johnson.

Initially, Nora hadn’t wanted to bother with him. However, Mrs. Hunt’s voice rang out in her earphones. “You are too unsociable and eccentric. It’s understandable that other people would dislike you…”

The corners of Nora’s lips curled upward and she said, “Who says I’ve been fired because they dislike me?”