She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 545 - Another Secret Identity~

Chapter 545 - Another Secret Identity~

Chapter 545 Another Secret Identity~

How he had escaped?

Everyone was aware that there was a traitor in the special department.

Was Karl intending to confess and plead for leniency?

From the looks of it, for Tanya’s sake, he had indeed thought things through and made up his mind.

Nora and Morris were about to speak when the door of the interrogation room was suddenly pushed open. A middle-aged man, who looked about fifty years old, strode in.

The man, who looked furious, immediately stared at Nora after he entered. He said, “What’s the matter with you?! As a member of the special department, even if you’re an externally hired forensic doctor, you should not be letting someone point a gun at you!”

Nora frowned as she looked at him.

Morris spoke up at this point. He said, “This is Captain Johnson, who is also my mentor. He was the one who guided me when I first entered this line of business.”

Nora looked at the man.

So, he was the one who had ordered the sniper to fire just now?

The man’s aura was identical to Morris’s, and both of them were cold and steely men. But for some reason, Nora didn’t like him very much.

Morris looked at Johnson and slowly explained, “Captain Johnson, Ms. Smith is an externally hired forensic doctor. She is only responsible for studying and researching the genetic modification drugs that the special department investigates and confiscates. Therefore, it is very understandable that she wouldn’t be able to keep up in terms of physical strength.”

Johnson stared at Nora. “She can’t keep up in terms of physical strength? The way I see it, she’s a spy. Why did you block the bullet for Karl Moore just now?”

Nora raised her eyebrows, her almond-shaped eyes looking somewhat innocent. “What bullet?”

Johnson snapped, “You placed yourself in the line of fire between him and the sniper to help him! Stop pretending!” Nora said, “What are you talking about, Captain Johnson? I’m just a weak and powerless externally hired forensic doctor. How would I know about the bullet trajectory of the sniper rifle?”

Her words made Johnson choke.

However, Morris, who was standing beside them, glanced at her with a cold look on his face.

Nora kept standing where she was and feigned innocence. Johnson was infuriated. He pointed at her and ranted at Morris. “Look at how she’s using her ignorance to justify her actions! We don’t need someone like her in the special department!”

Morris frowned.

At this point, Johnson spoke again. He said, “Also, Karl’s escape is definitely an inside job. In that case, who is the traitor in the department? Going by how well she cooperated with Karl today, it may just be her!”

Morris immediately said, “Watch what you say, sir! As a police officer, we mustn’t say anything without evidence.”

“Hah…” Johnson was likely terribly outraged. He said, “Then we won’t discuss this today. I have already looked thoroughly into Ms. Smith’s background while on the way here, and I will tell you now—she is not suitable for the special department!” Morris frowned. “Sir, you…”

Johnson held his hand up and stopped Morris from speaking. He said, “Listen to my reasons for saying that first! Nora Smith’s mother is Yvette Anderson! And Yvette Anderson is someone we can confirm was a member of the mysterious organization back then! That alone makes Nora Smith unsuitable to remain in the special department!”

“Her mother is a suspect, so what she needs to do is steer clear and avoid suspicion! But what are you doing instead? You’re letting someone who should be avoiding suspicion be part of the case! Is this what I taught you?!”

Morris clenched his jaw.

Johnson pointed to the special department regulations and asked, “Morris, what is rule seven of the special department regulations?”

Morris straightened his back at once and recited aloud, “All direct or collateral relatives of persons involved in the special department’s cases are to stay away from the investigations to avoid suspicion!”

Johnson pointed at him, “Do you still think she is suitable to stay in the special department?”

Morris still wanted to explain. “But—”.

“No buts!”

Johnson looked at Nora aggressively and said, “Nora Smith, you have been fired! Please immediately return all your credentials to the special department and leave! You are not allowed to carry out any further private investigations into the case!”

Nora: “?”

She glanced at Karl, who was sitting there.

Karl had clearly wanted to tell them something just now. Was he forbidding her from listening?

She looked at Morris again. He took a deep breath and said, “Ms. Smith, go back for now. After I discuss this with Captain Johnson, I will invite you back again.”

“Hah!” Johnson sneered, “She’s nothing more than a weak and powerless girl who only knows how to be a burden to the team during critical moments! What’s the purpose of inviting a person like her back?!”

Morris sighed.

Nora understood now.

It seemed that Johnson had the final say in the special department.

She raised her eyebrows, took out the special department’s staff pass from her pocket, and handed it to Morris.

When Morris took it from her, he lowered his voice and said, “Don’t worry, give me some time. I will definitely let you come back in style!”

His mentor had been transferred to the special department out of nowhere this time.

The special department originally had no direct leader. It could be said that Morris dominated the team. With the sudden appearance of an obstruction like him, he needed some time to regain his authority in the special department!

Nora looked at him. Her lips suddenly curled into a smile and she said, “No, it’s fine.”

She’d had enough of being an externally hired forensic doctor. Did they really think she cared for it?

If she had that much spare time, she might as well just go home and have a good sleep instead! It had already taken up so much of her time!

She glanced at Karl again, only to see him wave at her relaxedly. He smiled and said, “Go back and tell Tanya that I will be fine, Nora! Tell her to wait for me to come home with peace of mind!”

Nora didn’t know where his confidence was coming from, but she nonetheless turned and left the interrogation room.

After she left, Morris looked at Johnson and said, “You will regret the choice you have made today, sir!”

Johnson sneered, “She’s just a useless little girl. Why would I regret anything?”

At this moment, someone knocked on the door and walked in. He sighed and said, “Captain Ford, those few bodyguards we arrested the other day are too tight-lipped. They simply refuse to say anything!”

Morris frowned.

At this point, Johnson-who had been transferred to the department out of nowhere

-in order to show off his abilities, said, “If it’s about interrogation, then I have a particularly great candidate to nominate!”

“Who is it?” asked Morris.

Johnson lowered his head and replied, “Black Cat.”

Black Cat?

Morris subconsciously glanced at Karl. Black Cat was the top assassin in Karl’s organization! Now that they had arrested Karl, how would Black Cat possibly be willing to help them?

While he was thinking about it, Johnson smiled triumphantly and said, “Don’t worry, I can get Black Cat to help us! People like Black Cat, talented at investigations and interrogation methods, are what the special department needs the most! Morris, you’re too shortsighted. That girl who does scientific research is nothing compared to Black Cat! I am confident that I can headhunt Black Cat and bring him into the department!”