She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 544 - Don’t Worry, Dad

Chapter 544 - Don’t Worry, Dad

Chapter 544 Don’t Worry, Dad

The whole place was filled with the sound of a bullet piercing through the glass. The bullet looked like it was going straight for the back of Karl’s head, and would subsequently go right through his brain and kill him on the spot!

When that happened, he would take all the grievances with him into the ground and would forever become a secret.

However, in that split second, Nora suddenly stepped forward, grabbed Karl’s suit, and pulled him to the side!

The bullet whizzed past the side of his head by a hair’s breadth, grazing him!!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Karl himself didn’t seem to expect something like that to happen, so he looked stunned. Seeing that Morris and the others were about to come forward, Nora pulled the man’s sleeve and pointed his pistol at her waist again. Then, she raised her hands and shouted, “Don’t move!”

Morris and the others stopped in their tracks again.

In that instant, Karl had already recovered.

He, who had witnessed all sorts of situations and experienced countless life and death situations, had only been flustered just now because this was his daughter’s wedding. However, he quickly recovered and held Nora at gunpoint again. In fact, when he was searching for the sniper so that he could get out of the line of fire, Nora stepped forward and stood in between him and the sniper!

The cold and stiff voice rang out in the earphone again. He cursed furiously, “What is the hostage doing?!”

Someone whispered a reminder, “She is not a hostage. She’s Nora, a forensic doctor in the special department!”

The hard voice immediately became more anxious. “Then she must be wearing our earphones, right? Nora, can you hear me?” Nora’s expression remained unchanged and she stood motionless.

The cold voice spoke again. “Find a way to shift a little. You’ll be able to get out of the line of fire that way!”

Nora remained motionless.

“Damn it!”

The cold and hard voice seemed a little anxious. “What kind of forensic doctor is she? Has she undergone specialized training in the system before or not?”

“She is an externally hired forensic doctor!”

The cold voice was exasperated. “As expected, external hires are no good! Sniper, take aim. For the sake of everyone else present, you have to act decisively!”

The moment the voice said that, a low but clear voice suddenly rang out. “Captain Johnson, that’s not quite appropriate, is it?”

The voice took Nora by surprise for a moment. She turned her head and looked over subconsciously, only to see that Justin had walked over to an undercover officer at some point, taken off his Bluetooth earphone, and was currently communicating with the officers.

He spoke very aggressively. “The hostage is my fiancée. If you disregard my fiancée’s safety and insist on using such risky means to gun down the criminal, I will definitely pursue the matter!”

His words were loud and powerful-at the very least, they made the cold and hard voice choke. A moment later, he said, “Mr. Hunt, we are currently executing a mission. Please understand. The man holding your fiancée hostage is a killer who’s wanted internationally! He is very dangerous!” Justin remained tough and aggressive. “Captain Johnson, you don’t have to explain so much, I don’t understand anyway. All I know is that my fiancée’s life is currently in your hands.”

Johnson fell silent for a while. In the end, he nevertheless lost. He ordered, “Sniper, retreat.”

“Yes, sir!”

Nora could clearly feel that the danger from the sniper had disappeared. Obviously, the sniper had put away his gun. Only then did Nora whisper to Karl, “Uncle Karl, hurry up as much as you can.”

The sniper rifle just now had already put Karl on alert.

Whenever he was in such dangerous situations, he was usually surrounded and protected by the few top-ranked assassins.

Although they were not present at the moment, the girl’s calm and simple appearance gave him an inexplicable sense of security.

It was just like… Black Cat was by his side.

As soon as the thought formed in Karl’s mind, he immediately shook his head. Then, he held Tanya and continued walking forward step by step until he could hand her to Joel.

Behind Tanya were Pete and Mia holding up the train of her gown for her. Pete was wearing a suit while Mia was wearing a white organza dress. Neither of them was affected by what had happened just now. Cherry was seated beside Ian in the guest seats. She was holding her cell phone and pouting as she complained, “Sob, how can they not let Cherry be a flower girl? They are baddies!”

Ian patted her head gently and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Grandpa will hold a wedding and let our little Cherry do it next time!”

Cherry’s eyes immediately lit up and she raised her head. “Really, Grandpa?”

Ian nodded!

Cherry tilted her head and asked, “But I want to do it as soon as possible~ Can you hold a wedding soon? Who is going to get married?”

As soon as she said that, Louis, who was also sitting there, suddenly felt chills all over.

Then, he saw lan slowly turning his head to look at him.

Louis hurriedly waved and said, “Uncle Ian, I don’t even have a girlfriend. I…”

Before he could finish, Ian said, “If you get married, I’ll give you 50 million dollars.”

Louis instantly paused.

Although he had tricked Trueman into giving him money last time, he simply had too big a “family”. Because he had gained some money, he had adopted another bunch of stray cats and dogs, resulting in his expenses also increasing by a lot.

50 million dollars…

Louis immediately said, “Uncle Ian, my girlfriend and I have actually been hiding our relationship from you! We have been wanting to get married for a really long time! When do you think would be a suitable time to hold the wedding?”

Nora wasn’t aware of what was happening in the audience.

At this moment, she saw that Karl had already led Tanya to Joel.

At the holy and pure wedding, Tanya wore a wedding gown while Joel wore a black tuxedo.

Karl stretched out his hand and placed Tanya’s hand in Joel’s.

He patted Joel on the shoulder and slowly said, “Take care of my daughter, young man. If you dare to let her down, bully her, or find someone else outside, I will send Black Cat to take your head!”

Joel wasn’t bothered about the threat in his words. He merely straightened his back and looked at him as he said, “Don’t worry, Dad.”

Karl nodded.

He took a step back and raised his hands. At this moment, Morris was the first to rush up to the two of them. He held his arms behind his back, took out his handcuffs, and handcuffed him.

Tanya, who had heard the commotion, wanted to look behind her.

Karl, however, shouted, “Don’t look back. You must always look ahead of you in life. Tanya, be happy.”

Tanya’s eyes turned red.

She choked back her sobs and nodded hard.

Tanya and Joel walked up the platform step by step. When she turned to look at her father, she instead only saw his back as he was led away.

At the special department.

Karl was brought back once more. Nora didn’t stay at the wedding but followed them over, instead.

She found that Karl had come in very naturally this time as if he was going home. His relaxed expression made Nora and Morris look at each other with puzzled expressions.

Nora kept feeling that something was wrong.

It stood to reason that Karl would know that another charge would be added to his crimes, now that he had been arrested again. Shouldn’t he be sad about it? So, why was he looking so relaxed instead?

After the group of them took him to the interrogation room, he looked at Morris and Nora. “I wanted to take some things with me to my grave, but I don’t want to hide it anymore. I don’t want my daughter to have to shoulder the weight of being called a murderer’s daughter! Do you know how I escaped?”