She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 543 - Karl Has Come!!

Chapter 543 - Karl Has Come!!

Chapter 543 Karl Has Come!!

… only to see Karl standing next to her.

He was wearing the dark red suit that he had tried on the other day, and he was beaming. He had a naive and ingratiating smile on his face.

He looked at Tanya and smiled. “I’ve come, Tanya.” Tanya’s eyes instantly reddened. She grabbed Karl’s hand tightly but noticed that he was holding a small silver pistol in his other hand. The gun was pointed at Nora. He didn’t say anything, but the undercover officers hiding in the crowd did not dare to step forward.

Tanya was shocked. “Dad, what are you doing?” A smile appeared on Karl’s face when he heard her call him “Dad”. He said, “Don’t worry, she is your best friend, I would never hurt her. It’s just that I have to do this to see your wedding to the end.”

Nora understood, though. She stood there lazily, fearless of the silver pistol pointed right at her.

Because… there weren’t any bullets in the gun.

That was just a toy gun that Karl played with. As Black Cat, she had even once mocked Karl about it. However, Karl had said, “This gun can be used to threaten people! What do you guys know?”

And now, it really was being used to threaten people.

She stood where she was calmly and turned her head to look over. Sure enough, Morris had already taken a step forward. Karl, however, grinned and said, “Captain Ford, I’d advise you not to move. I just want to see my daughter’s wedding to the end. I’m sure you guys will agree to it, right?”

Morris clenched his jaw.

Nora raised her brows and said lazily, “Captain Ford, I don’t wanna die.”

Everyone was rather speechless when they saw her reaction. For some reason, despite her saying things like ‘she didn’t want to die’ as though she was scared, she couldn’t even be bothered to look like she was in fear and trepidation.

In the crowd, even Justin’s lip corners couldn’t help but spasm.

Why was his girl too lazy to even act? She was simply… so cute.

Morris held his earphone over his ear and said into it, “Everyone, remain on standby. Don’t mess around!”

His words immediately calmed all the other undercover officers.

Karl offered Tanya his arm and allowed her to hold it.

Tears were rolling down Tanya’s cheeks.

She didn’t know what to say. From the red carpet at the entrance to the stage in the distance, there was a total distance of two hundred meters.

Joel was standing in the middle of the red carpet and waiting for her.

Karl walked forward with her step by step. He said in a rather flustered manner, “Don’t cry, Tanya! Dad’s fine…”

The crying Tanya asked, “Did you escape from prison just to attend my wedding? Don’t you know that by doing that, another charge will be added to your crimes? You only needed to be in jail for two or three years, but now you’ll have to be in there for five years!”

Karl grinned and said, “I’m tough and sturdy. Five years is just right. Three years aren’t enough for me to do anything in prison at all.”

Tanya’s lips were still pressed together tightly. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she said, “Mom was killed by Margot.” “I know. Don’t worry, I won’t let her off,” replied Karl coldly. Then, he sighed and said, “I’ve already let your mother down once, Tanya, I can’t let you down too. I hope you can be the happiest bride today.”

Tanya was choking from her sobs.

Nora, who was ‘being held at gunpoint’ by Karl, walked leisurely beside the two of them. She heaved a silent sigh as she watched them. She glanced at the crowd, only to find that Ian was actually sitting in the first row and silently tearing up.

In addition, as he cried, he even glanced at her as though he had sensed her looking at him.

Nora: “…”

Excuse me!

Your status as a big boss in the world of commerce has shattered!

Right at this moment, a cold and unfamiliar voice suddenly rang out in the earphones: “Karl Moore has broken out of prison. He is armed and threatening the safety of the hostage. The sniper is ready and on standby. Permission granted to kill the target if necessary!

“I repeat, as part of the Assassin Alliance, Karl Moore is a cruel and vicious man. For the hostage’s safety, as well as the safety of everyone present, permission has been granted to shoot and kill the target whenever necessary!”

“Sniper, get ready!”

Together with the voice, another slightly younger voice also rang out in Nora’s ear:

“Nightingale ready!”

Nora’s eyes suddenly darkened.

Morris held his hand over his ear. “Sir, no! The suspect has no plans to shoot!”

The person whom Morris had addressed as “sir” sneered, “How would you know if he has plans to shoot or not? Besides, his hostage’s life is in danger! Sniper, fire at once! This is an order!”

“Yes, sir!”

Morris wanted to say more, but the sniper had already answered.

Nora frowned. Only then did she realize that Morris actually wasn’t the boss of the special department. Well, that made sense, though. He was only 25 to 26 years old; no matter how fast he rose through the ranks, there was no way he could control the entire special department.

Gunning down Karl, though?

If that happened, Tanya’s wedding would turn straight into a funeral!

Besides, Karl wasn’t intending to kill her at all.

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Right at this moment, Tanya, who was too agitated, tripped over her wedding gown in her high heels. Karl subconsciously put away the gun pointed at Nora and helped Tanya up.

It was at precisely this moment that the sniper’s voice rang out in the earphone: “Target locked on!”


“Yes, sir!”


The sound of a bullet whizzing through the air caused an uproar in the entire place.