She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 539 - Karl’s Choice!

Chapter 539 - Karl’s Choice!

Chapter 539 Karl’s Choice!

Margot hated Karl.

Leonel and Karl were both gangsters back then. They did not do much work and gambled every day. She was sent to Jones’ bed by Leonel to get some money.

Mr. Jones was rich and liked her body. The two of them were often together.

However, every time Leonel took the money and asked her to sleep with him, he would beat her up. Later on, when he realized that she was pregnant… Leonel would get her to ask Mr. Jones for a huge sum of money!

Only then did Margot kill him ruthlessly. At that time, she did not have any hostility toward Karl. However, it was strange that Karl had bumped into her murder scene!

Margot still remembered that she had turned around happily after killing Leonel, only to be scared out of her wits when she saw Karl.

She begged him to pretend that he had not seen any of it.

However, when Karl saw Leonel die, he said, “Margot, turn yourself in. I believe the law will treat you gently!”

However, she then stabbed the knife into her own arm.

She was covered in blood as she walked past Karl. She was also doing this for her own happiness. She was pregnant. She could not go to jail!

She ran into the street and shouted, “Murder! Murder!”

Karl chased after her. “Margot, don’t be like this. Go surrender yourself!” Then, she bumped into the traffic police. She said that Karl had killed someone.

As a hooligan, Karl always had some criminal records on him. If he ran away, he would be confirmed as a murderer.

Margot thought that she would be able to rest easy from now on. She even wanted to have a child and marry Mr. Jones.

However, Mr. Jones said that he could not marry her. Her status was too low, and she was even married. If the two of them got married, the police would suspect them of Leonel’s murder.

She had endured it silently and finally gave birth to Hillary.

Then, Jill came looking for her. She carried the child who had been born just two days ago and knocked on her door. “Margot, where did Karl go? He can’t have killed anyone, right? Can you tell me? Where did he go?”

Margot stared at her beautiful face.

Mr. Jones always said that she was not beautiful enough to marry him. Jill cried and wanted to look for the police to investigate the case again. Margot was afraid. Therefore, she went all out and killed Jill.

After killing her, Margot stared at that face.

Karl’s murder case had not been closed yet. The police were already suspecting her, but what if Margot was also killed?

Margot then cut open Jill’s face and forced Mr. Jones to bring her for plastic surgery. From then on, she lived with Jill’s identity.

As for Tanya…

She had originally wanted everyone to know that Jill had given birth. She did not want her daughter to become an illegitimate daughter and a murderer’s child.

Therefore, she left Tanya behind and forged Hillary’s birth date. From then on, she had always wanted Tanya to die.

When she was young, she had even deliberately locked her in the toilet to starve for four days. The family went out for a holiday.

When she returned, she thought that she would see her corpse, but the little girl was still alive at her last gasp. She was like wild grass with such tenacious vitality.

Margot and Mr. Jones were taken away by the police.

With Nora’s statement and some evidence provided, Margot’s murder charge was confirmed. What awaited her would be life imprisonment and the dark days in prison.

A shocking conspiracy was easily exposed by Nora.

Furthermore, the so-called murderer’s father had already been cleared of suspicion. Tanya was no longer a murderer’s daughter. The people who had come to the Smiths to give gifts finally faced Tanya more sincerely. Everyone gave their gifts and left.

The room finally quietened down after everyone left.

Tanya was in a daze while Joel sat beside her and comforted her softly. Mia looked up and teased Tanya. “Mommy, can I dance for you? Don’t be sad. I’ll help you hit bad Grandma…”

Tanya hugged Mia.

However, Cherry’s eyes were as big as black grapes. The game on the phone had not started yet, but she said, “God-mom, you should be happy. After all, it’s not that your mother doesn’t love you, but she’s not your mother at all! Can you be happy? Why don’t I share the handsome guys I have with you?”

Nora: “?”

Joel: “??”

Pete: “????!”

Pete pulled a long face and scolded, “Cheryl Smith! How many times have I told you not to keep in contact with Brenda anymore? Otherwise, I’ll tell the tyrant!”

Cherry stuck her tongue out at him. “Pete, you can’t be the tattler!”

The sky gradually darkened.

Nora sat on the sofa, but she still felt a little uneasy.

At 10 PM, when she had finished showering and was about to sleep and then wake up early the next day for Tanya’s wedding, her phone suddenly rang.

She picked up the call and Morris’s voice came from the other end. “Karl has escaped.”

Nora: “??”

She did not speak for a moment, but Morris said in a deep voice, “Breaking out of prison will add to his crime! He could have been sentenced to two to three years, but now, he’ll be sentenced to at least five years!”

At the same time, in the dark suburbs, a helicopter was parked.

Black Panther looked at Karl and said, “Boss, let’s go! They must be looking for you everywhere!”

After leaving, they would be free!