She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 540 - Q’s Habit

Chapter 540 - Q’s Habit

Chapter 540 Q’s Habit

Karl stood there, staring downtown.

The sky in New York was gray and heavy. The foggy sky seemed covered in a layer of gray gauze. But at this moment, such weather was nostalgic in Karl’s eyes.

Because his daughter was there.

As he was staring, his phone suddenly rang. He picked up the call and a voice came from the other end. “Aren’t you going to leave?” Karl was silent for a moment before saying, “If I leave like this, I’ll never be able to come back!”

Escaping from prison added to his crime.

He could even be killed during the capture!

The other party sneered. “You shouldn’t have come back in the first place. You just have to complete the mission and bring those people back. Why are you interfering? Have you forgotten about your murder case?” A hint of coldness appeared in Karl’s dark eyes. “But now, the truth of my murder has been revealed. I’m not the murderer!”

“It’s too late! You’re already on this road. There’s no turning back. Go abroad immediately and wait for my orders.”

Karl took a deep breath. After a moment, he said, “Okay.”

“Once he flees, he’ll be a fugitive if he comes back. He probably won’t be able to return to the country for the rest of his life!” Morris was still talking. “Besides, this case itself has a lot of suspicious points. If he leaves like this, he’ll be associated with the mysterious organization forever. Perhaps New York will also be hostile to the Assassin Alliance in the future!”

Nora: “…”

She hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Is it that easy to get past the prison of the special department?”


Morris felt offended!

He coughed and explained, “Our prison is invincible. Even a cannon won’t blast open the door.”

Nora asked, “Then how did he escape?”

Morris sighed. “He got the key.”

“…” Nora was speechless again. Then, she shook her head and said, “How long had it been since he escaped until you found out?”

Morris was silent again. “Five hours.”

“…” Nora pursed her lips. “Five hours. You didn’t notice?”

Morris knew that Nora did not mean to look down on him, but he still felt a little hurt in his heart. He coughed and said, “Some surveillance cameras were replaced by the ones in front, so no one realized that he had escaped. I thought about his daughter’s wedding tomorrow, so I wanted to use that as a breakthrough and persuade him again. I only realized he was not inside when I pushed open the door.” Nora held her chin and continued, “Alright, then I understand. There are spies in the special department.”

Morris did not answer yes or no, which meant that he was probably suspicious as well.

After a while, Morris said, “We’ll set up a surveillance camera around Tanya tomorrow. Do you think he’ll come?”

Nora was silent for a moment. After a while, she sighed. “I don’t know.” She really could not tell which was more important between Karl’s life and his daughter’s wedding.

She hung up and lay on the bed.

After thinking about it for a while, she sent Justin a message: “Help me hack into the system and investigate Leonel’s case.”

Justin called her immediately. When she picked it up, she could hear the sound of typing on the keyboard. The man chuckled and said, “Why don’t you do it yourself?”

Nora yawned. “I’m tired.”

Justin nodded.

Then, he hacked into the system. After two minutes, he said, “There are no records.”

Leonel’s case was public knowledge, so why were there no records?

Nora frowned and was in thought when Justin said, “Oh no.” Nora was taken aback. “What’s the matter?” Justin coughed. “I was discovered.” Nora: “?”

How could Y be discovered?

As she was thinking, she heard Justin say, “Last time, the two of us hacked into it. We probably accidentally triggered something. The hackers from the special department targeted us. I was in a hurry to find the answer earlier and didn’t notice it. Now, the other party has established a passageway to chat with me. He asked me who I am.”

Nora: “?”

She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Then what did you say?”

Justin chuckled. “I said, I’m Q.”

Nora: “!!”

Why did she have to take the rap?!

She grimaced. “And?”

Justin laughed again. “He’s recruiting me and wants me to work for the special department.”

Nora: “…”

The corners of her mouth twitched. Before she could ask, Justin said again, “I rejected him.”

Nora responded with an “oh”. Then, she heard the man opposite her laugh softly. Nora asked, “What’s wrong?”

Justin smirked. “It’s nothing.”

His tone was filled with mockery.

Nora ignored him. “Stop talking. You exposed your identity. I won’t bail you out when they catch you.”

Justin laughed. “Don’t worry. If I’m caught, I’ll be Q and you’ll be Y.”


With Q and Y’s identities, could they still play with each other like this?

Nora did not bother with him anymore and hung up the phone.

The next day was Tanya and Joel’s wedding.

The wedding was held at the New York Grand Hotel. The Smiths had booked the entire hotel. Although Tanya kept saying that she did not want to hold a grand wedding, Joel did not agree. He even increased the scale of the wedding after discussing it with Karl.

The hotel had originally been booked by someone. Joel had to pay 10 times the price to snatch it from someone else. Of course, this was not important.

The important thing was…

It was rare for Nora to wake up early!! The wedding was held at noon, so Tanya had to wake up at six o’clock to put on makeup, change her clothes, and prepare to go to the hotel. Nora’s mission today was to accompany her the entire time.

After the alarm she had set rang three times, she got out of bed lazily and walked out with narrowed eyes.

As soon as she went out, she saw Joel standing at the door, looking at her with a faint smile.

Nora was taken aback. “What’s the matter?”

Joel said, “The special department called me last night and wanted to get Q’s contact details from me. I said she was overseas. The special department kept saying they wanted to recruit an expert hacker like Q and asked me if there was anything else that could convince her, other than that fetish…”

Nora: “??!”

She asked curiously, “What fetish?”

What did Justin say yesterday?!

Joel looked at her and chuckled. “Yeah, I asked this question too. Then, they replied that…”