She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 538 - The Truth!!

Chapter 538 - The Truth!!

Chapter 538 The Truth!!

Everyone was shocked.

Everyone’s eyes swept across Tanya and Jill’s faces.

Her face could be fake… With the current plastic surgery skills, of course she could fake it!

Everyone had watched her grow up. She had always been like that since she was young. Everyone knew if she had changed her face or not. But as for plastic surgery…

Everyone looked at Jill.

Jill’s eyes became even more flustered.

She had vowed earlier that the DNA report was fake because she thought that Nora and Tanya could only compare their DNA. She had relied on her face to pretend that the report was fake. But now, she understood.

Nora clearly knew more!

When Tanya heard Nora’s words, she was even more stunned. On her beautiful face, her eyes looked at Nora in shock. “You mean… she did plastic surgery according to look like my mother?”

Jill stared at Nora, wanting to know what she would say next.

She felt as if all the warmth in her body had dissipated at this moment.

She swallowed, still holding onto some hope. Then, she saw the girl standing there and said coldly, “She replaced your mother.” Her words made Jill’s legs weaken and she fell to the ground.

She knew.

She really knew everything!

But how did she know?!

Nora knew that everyone was very curious. She originally wanted to explain everything in one breath, but she did not expect her to suddenly open her mouth and yawn.

Everyone was speechless.

Nora also felt that she was a little too much. At such a high energy moment, how could she suddenly be sleepy?

Her voice became even hoarser as she said slowly, “She’s not Jill. The real Jill passed away 25 years ago!”

Jill shook her head crazily and roared at her, “No, this isn’t true. You, you’re talking nonsense! This is a story you made up! You have no evidence!”

Nora sneered. “How do you know I don’t have evidence? Jill… Oh, wait, should I say Margot?”

Jill… No, it should be Margot. She was even more flustered when Nora said her real name. Her body trembled slightly.

She wanted to say something, but when she opened her mouth, it was as if her throat was blocked. She was speechless.

She was really too shocked and afraid.

She had never thought that Nora would really investigate her this thoroughly!

A voice suddenly came from the crowd. “Margot? Oh my god, I’ve heard of this person!”

“Where did you hear that?”

“When we were young, she was in the papers. She and the person she mentioned earlier… Yes, Leonel, they were a couple! I remember now. Back then, after Karl killed Leonel, his wife fled for her life and ran on the streets in a panic. She bumped into the police and said that Karl had killed someone. Then, the police captured Karl. I heard that Margot was killed a year later. She died very tragically, and her face was disfigured. The police only confirmed her identity with an identification document. Everyone said that Karl had returned to kill her again… Isn’t she dead?”


No one was stupid. Hearing what this person had said, everyone was stunned for a moment before realizing something.


Everyone looked at Margot and took a step back in shock.

Tanya’s mind was in a mess. She looked at the person, who had just spoken, in disbelief. She suddenly realized something and her eyes turned red. “The person who died… was my mother, Jill?!”

Nora nodded. “Yes. Back then, Karl did not kill anyone. It was Margot who had an affair and got pregnant. After Leonel discovered this, Margot went all out and killed him! However, Karl happened to see her. Margot could only blame him at that time and even stabbed herself. She told the police that Karl had killed someone.”

“At that time, Karl had escaped and inadvertently confirmed his crime. However, Karl had more friends in the underworld. Everyone believed his words, so they began to harass Margot. They even said that if she didn’t turn herself in, she would really die! At that moment, Margot incidentally bumped into Karl’s girlfriend, Jill, who is also Tanya’s mother… She began to devise a plan.

After she and Jill gave birth, she schemed to kill Jill and undergo plastic surgery to look like Jill to marry her adulterer, Mr. Jones!

“As for Tanya… She didn’t kill her because everyone knew that Jill was pregnant. And she didn’t want her biological daughter to become an illegitimate daughter. Therefore, she left Tanya behind and forged Hillary’s birth date, making Hillary the true young mistress of the Joneses!”

All of this was heard by Nora through Margot and Mr. Jones’s fight the other day. After combining the bits and pieces, Nora formed a complete logical chain!

When she saw Margot’s pale face and Mr. Jones, who had collapsed to the ground in fear, she knew that her reasoning was perfect.

Although the recording of their eavesdropping could not be used as evidence, after finding out what had happened back then, Nora had already found all kinds of evidence.

And she submitted it to the police.

After Nora slowly described what happened back then, the entire place became silent.

A voice suddenly sounded. “Back then, someone even said that Margot was killed to avenge her husband. She and her husband were very close… I even shed a few tears for her, but I didn’t expect the truth to be so cruel!”

Tanya’s eyes were already red from anger as she glared at Margot.

Margot had framed her biological father and even killed her mother. She had even enslaved her for 26 years!!

Tanya trembled in anger.

She suddenly screamed and rushed to Margot. She raised her hands and attacked!


The crisp sound of a slap rang in everyone’s ears. The people around frowned.

Some people even sighed deeply.

The two policemen waited for Tanya to slap her more than twenty times. When Margot’s face was clearly swollen, they stepped forward and stopped her. “Alright, you’re not allowed to fight.”

They also wanted to do things professionally, really! However, they had suddenly felt a little dizzy and could not vent their anger! Therefore, they had given the victim the chance to beat the criminal! That was it!

Tanya was pulled away.

Her palm was swollen from the slaps, but she still felt that she had not vented her anger for the past 26 years.

Joel said, “You have to believe in the law.”

Tanya covered her head and slowly squatted down. She cried in pain again.

Margot, whose eyes were swollen from the slaps, looked at her and wiped the corner of her mouth before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Perhaps she knew that she was done for, so she stopped pretending. She stared at Tanya and sneered. “You can only consider yourself unlucky! Who asked your father to see through me?! Haha, I did so many bad things, and my daughter received retribution. When she died, I didn’t want to live anymore! But it doesn’t matter if I die. Your father also broke the law! He has to go to jail! He can’t even attend his daughter’s wedding. Your family deserves to have a bad ending! Hahahaha!”