She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 537 - Fake Face!

Chapter 537 - Fake Face!

Chapter 537 Fake Face!

Her words stirred up a thousand waves. The people outside looked at Nora in surprise.

Joel and Tanya’s eyes widened as well. The two of them looked at each other. Tanya was at a loss. Joel stepped forward and asked, “Nora, what’s going on?”

Nora did not hand the DNA report to the police. Instead, she dragged her feet and walked to Tanya, and handed it to her.

Her almond-shaped eyes were filled with pity. She sighed. “Jill is not your mother. No, I should say that the person standing in front of everyone is not Tanya’s mother!” Tanya had already done a DNA test with Karl last time, so she already knew what the DNA test report looked like.

When she heard this, she still opened the report in her hand in disbelief.

When she saw that their DNA was only 30% similar, she was stunned.

Jill was not her mother.

She was not her mother.

This thought made Tanya swallow hard. She raised her head again and looked at Nora.

Her lips trembled as she asked, “Nora, what’s going on?”

Her eyes were already filled with tears.

Since she was young, Jill had always said to her

“I’m your mother. Can I hurt you?”

“I’m your mother. No matter what I do to you, I’ve given you this life, and you owe me!”

“I’m just biased toward Hillary. You owe me this! I’m your mother, so you have to support me in my old age!”

She had had enough of all the moral abductions and accusations from the people around her. She had always wondered what mistake she had made to make her mother hate her so much.

However, she had never thought that Jill was not her mother at all.

At this moment, there was no anger from being deceived in the depths of her heart. There was no surprise now that she knew the truth. All she had was a relaxed feeling from the depths of her soul.

as a


She heaved a sigh of relief.

She was not an annoying child, much less a child that even her own mother did not like.

Tanya’s eyes turned red. Since she was young, she had always wanted to ask why she did not like her, but at this moment, she seemed to have received the answer she had wanted for so long This left her in a daze. She did not even want to ask…

It was only when Joel spoke that Tanya looked at Nora.

Before Nora could say anything, Jill, who was shocked by Nora’s words, had already shouted, “You’re talking nonsense! You’re talking nonsense here! I’m her mother!”

Nora pointed at the DNA report in Tanya’s hand. “The evidence is right here. Are you still not going to admit it?”

Jill’s eyes were in a daze, and her expression was extremely ugly. She panicked and refused to admit it. “Your report is definitely fake!”

However, Joel explained, “This report was produced by the National Detection Center. Its authenticity is absolutely reliable!”

Jill swallowed hard and looked at the people around her. Suddenly, she pointed at her face and said, “Everyone, come and judge. You say I’m not her mother? Then how can I look so similar to her?! Even Hillary and I aren’t as similar!”

Jill was not actually ugly. Tanya was 60% similar to her but was even more beautiful.

However, Hillary looked ordinary. From the looks of it, Jill looked more like Tanya’s mother than Hillary’s. If Nora had said that Hillary was not Jill’s child, people might have believed her more.

Therefore, everyone said,

“That’s right. I think they look alike too!”

“Tanya and Jill’s eyes are the same. How can they not be mother and daughter?” “Even if they’re not mother and daughter, they should be family. After all, they look so similar. But why is the DNA similarity only 30% in this report?”

The people around them discussed softly. Even if the DNA report was true, they trusted their eyes more.

When Jill heard this, she suppressed her panic and said, “Yes, just by the looks, Tanya and I can confirm that we’re biological mother and daughter! There’s definitely something wrong with your report! Don’t try to brush us off with such a report!”

When this was said, everyone looked at Nora.

Some people also felt that the report was fake…

“With the Smiths and Hunts’ power, it shouldn’t be difficult to fake a DNA report, right?” “In order to draw the line with Jill, is the Smith family creating a lie?”

“Jill is really too much of a mess. How many times has she forced her biological daughter like this? But the way they falsified the DNA report is too low.”

Jill felt a little smug. Her eyes were even colder, but she still found a way out for the two of them. “Tanya, look at your face. You completely inherited my strengths to be so good-looking. Now, you can’t deny that you’re related to me by blood, right? The report can be fake, but can your face be fake?!”

Tanya frowned. She was too similar to Jill. Then why did Nora say that they were not mother and daughter?

She then came back to her senses and looked at Nora. She asked, “What’s going on?”

Nora’s expression was still light. She was very slow and calm.

She was wearing a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. As she looked at the sun, her straight black hair was casually draped behind her back. When she saw that everyone was looking at her, her lips curled up slightly as she slowly said, “Of course you can fake your face.”