She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 536 - Jill Is Not Tanya’s Mother!!

Chapter 536 - Jill Is Not Tanya’s Mother!!

Chapter 536 Jill Is Not Tanya’s Mother!!

Nora’s words made everyone present look at her in shock.

Jill did not understand why she would suddenly say such a thing, but she still looked at Tanya angrily. “You don’t want your biological mother anymore? You don’t want your biological father either?! Tanya, I didn’t expect you to be such a heartless person!”

Tanya frowned at her scolding.

However, Nora just had to smile and say, “Of course she wants her biological father, but her biological mother… do you even qualify for that?”

This sentence caused a huge commotion!

Everyone present looked at Nora in disbelief.

Even Tanya frowned and looked at Nora in confusion.

Jill’s eyes flickered, but she did not think a girl would be able to tell anything. She cried and said, “How am I not? I spent 10 months pregnant and gave birth to her, but now, she doesn’t even recognize me as her mother? Yes, I didn’t treat her well, but I gave her life! That’s the eternal family tie!”

The others nodded. “That’s right. It’s a debt for a parent to give their child life. Even if she doesn’t acknowledge this mother, she can’t sue her own mother…”

“She’s too unfilial…”

When Jill heard that there were still people speaking up for her, she looked at Tanya. “Tanya, choose! If you dare let the police take your Uncle Jones away, I’ll report the matter to the police!”

Nora had her hands behind her back. Her almond-shaped eyes jumped slightly. She looked at Jill as if she was looking at an idiot. “Didn’t I say it just now? Go ahead and sue him. You said that Karl raped you, but Karl said that he and you were truly in love. Tanya’s existence is solely the product of your love. Whoever reports him will have to be the witness. You have to produce reasonable evidence. Without evidence, it’s useless even if you sue her to the gods!” With that, she deliberately looked at Jill and said slowly, “When the time comes, you’ll be framed. You’ll have a good time in jail with Mr. Jones.”

With that, she knocked her head with the DNA report in her hand. “Look at my memory. A man and a woman can’t be in the same prison, you two will have to separate… On the other hand, Karl only made a small mistake. He’ll be detained for only two years.”

She frowned. “I remember that Uncle Karl is not very good-tempered. I think he wanted to…”

At this point, she glanced at Jill.

Then, she tsked and said coldly, “I wonder if Uncle Karl will let you off then?”

These words made Jill shudder.

She had never known that Karl would only be sentenced to two or three years. If that was the case, then after Karl was released two years later, her life would definitely not be good!

When she thought of how Karl had once pointed a gun at her, Jill’s legs went limp. She immediately cursed, “I don’t have evidence of his rape, but back then, Karl was a gangster. He even took a life!”

Nora’s grip on the DNA result tightened slightly, but her voice was still filled with mockery. “Human life? How strange. If there was such a case, why didn’t the police know?”

In order to confirm Karl’s crime, Jill shouted, “27 years ago, Karl once killed a person named Leonel! He was also wanted back then. He escaped from the country after that! Although more than 20 years have passed, he’s still a murderer! I saw him kill people back then with my own eyes!”


Nora frowned.

She had watched Jill scold Tanya here, and watched as Joel was forced into a corner by Jill step by step. It was all to force her to say this!

They had gone to investigate Karl but to no avail.

However, if they investigated this case, they would definitely find some clues!

If she had asked Jill nicely, Jill definitely would not have told them. That was why Nora decided to use this method!

Now that her words had been dug out, she instantly stood up and could not be bothered to act anymore. Her expression returned to its usual coldness.

Although Joel did not understand what his little sister had been doing just now, he sneered when he saw that she had stopped talking. He said to Jill, “Don’t you know that there are limits to cases? After the limit, old cases will not be dug out again!” He ignored Jill’s shocked expression and said to the police, “Now that we have our answers, please take her away!”

He handed the evidence of tax evasion to the police.

The police were about to leave with Mr. Jones. “Wait!”


Jill and Nora suddenly spoke at the same time.

The two policemen turned back in shock.

Jill glanced at Nora and sneered. “You’re afraid too, right? Let me tell you, Tanya, Joel, if you dare to sue your Uncle Jones, I’ll kill myself here today!” She looked at Tanya with hatred. “And you’d be the murderer who killed her own mother! You forced your mother to die!”

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, Nora walked in front of the police. “Police officers, I want to report a case too.”

The two policemen were stunned. “Who are you suing?”

Nora raised the DNA report in her hand. “I want to sue Jill! She is not Tanya’s mother!”