She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 531 - Back Then!

Chapter 531 - Back Then!

Chapter 531 Back Then!

The two of them likely had only just gotten into the car and left. Only their breathing and the sound of the car starting and moving could be heard at the moment. For a while, neither of them spoke.

Nora looked upstairs while she listened in on them-Tanya was holding her head and she looked worried and anxious.

Nora looked around and asked, “Where’s Joel?” “He went to ask Dad what happened.” Tanya raised her head blankly and looked at Nora. She asked in a puzzled manner, “Nora, my father… Is he really a bad guy?”

Nora’s jaw tensed up. She looked at Tanya and sighed. “There are no so-called good guys or bad guys in this world… Neither is there true good or evil…”

When she was a child, she had abhorred evil.

But as she grew up and came into contact with more and more things, her many identities also came into contact with a lot of people. Only then did she gradually come to understand.

In this world, no one was strictly evil or good.

Take, for example, Jill. She was a complete villain from head to toe for others, but to Hillary, she was a good mother.

And take, for example, Karl… He indeed had a lot of blood on his hands and also looked fierce and menacing, but in Nora’s eyes, a man like him was instead likable.

Tanya, who didn’t get the answer she wanted, hung her head once more.

After a while, the landline at home suddenly rang. The nanny picked up the call, upon which she looked at Tanya and said, “It’s Mdm. Sue.”

Tanya frowned.

It was Sue from the ancestral home again.

Before she could say anything, Nora went downstairs and answered the phone. As soon as she said “hello”, Sue said, “Tanya, has your father really been arrested? Oh my, is a scary man like him finally going to be brought to justice? How delightful! He even fired at us the other time. Heh, does he think he can just shoot at others so casually? He’s such a boor!”

Nora couldn’t bring herself to listen any further, so she went straight to the point and asked, “What exactly do you want?”

It was only then that Sue realized that it was Nora on the phone. Surprised, she said, “Nora? Well, all the better if it’s you on the phone. I’ll tell you this, Karl Moore is a huge villain. Now that he has been arrested, they definitely won’t let him out anymore. We’ve already asked around; it’s said that he committed murder. Tell Joel to hurry and divorce Tanya! This is also what your granduncle wants. The Smiths mustn’t have a murderer’s daughter as a daughter-in-law! It would be horrible if news of this were to spread!”

Nora frowned and sneered, “Are you a police officer?”

Sue choked. “Huh? Of course not!”

Nora said, “Oh, it’s fortunate that you’re not. Otherwise, there would have been so many cases of injustice in the world!”

Despite being dissed, Sue didn’t get angry. She said, “Oh Nora, I know you’re on good terms with Tanya, but just giving her a bit of money in private will suffice. Someone like her is not suitable to be the matriarch of the Smiths! News of the incident has already spread in New York! There are even people saying that Jill was right to leave Karl Moore back then and that Tanya is regarding a bad man as her kin! She should be repaying the Joneses for their kindness! How can she abandon the Joneses just because she has climbed up the social ladder? Isn’t a woman like her too cold-blooded? She’s so ungrateful!”

“… I’m hanging up,” said Nora.

As soon as she said that, Sue said anxiously, “Wait, don’t hang up just yet! I’m talking business here. Do you know who spread all this news? It’s Jill! She deliberately spread the news everywhere until the whole city was talking about it. Think about it, even if Tanya does become the matriarch of the Smiths, is there anyone in New York who would respect an ingrate like her?”


Nora hung up huffily. As soon as something happened to Karl, an all too eager Jill had immediately started dragging Tanya’s name through the mud. She was too much!

She lowered her gaze. Right at this moment, she finally heard Jill and her husband’s conversation in the earphone!

Mr. Jones said, “Don’t fall out with her like that. Doing that will not benefit anyone! Can’t you take a softer attitude with Tanya?”

Jill’s voice was very shrill. “Why should I? I feel like killing that little bitch the moment I see her face!”

“That’s enough! You have to change that attitude of yours!”

Jill sneered, “Hah, you weren’t the one in pain and suffering during that incident back then, of course you wouldn’t mind! But I do!”

“Back then, back then… That’s all you keep talking about. Why are you bringing up all those things from back then again? Don’t talk about it anymore. Aren’t you afraid that Mr. Smith will come to know of it?”

“What are you so scared of? We’re in our car right now! You have never wanted to talk about it all these years. Since you refuse to let me talk about it, all the more I will do so! Back then…”