She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 530 - Jill’s Secret!

Chapter 530 - Jill’s Secret!

Chapter 530 Jill’s Secret!

When he heard her, Karl looked at Nora and asked, “If I say that I don’t know, will you believe me?”

Nora was taken aback. “Why wouldn’t you know?”

Karl sighed. “I really don’t know how he left the country. I am only responsible for bringing them into the United States! Moreover, after we arrived in the country, we went our separate ways. I didn’t involve myself with them after that.”

Nora frowned.

She’d originally wanted to give Karl a chance to redeem himself, but with the way he was putting it, it really was Karl who had brought them into the country?

She broke into a frown.

Karl said, “It is indeed my fault for forging their documents and bringing them in and out of the country illegally. I am willing to be punished for it. You guys can decide the sentence!”

These were small charges, so he would probably be sentenced to jail for three to four years.

Seeing Karl confessing to his crimes so readily, Nora couldn’t help asking, “As far as I know, the Assassin Alliance never takes such jobs. Why did you take the job?” Karl sat on the chair casually. His big and muscular body on the tiny chair made the chair look as if it would collapse any moment.

He rolled up his sleeves, revealing the tattoos on his arm. He was the very picture of a delinquent from the underworld.

He grinned. “Why else could it be? Because they offered a lot of money, that’s why!”


Before Nora could say anything, Morris had already spoken. He said, “Mr. Moore, as far as I know, they only gave you 1.5 million dollars to enter the country. Others may be tempted by this amount of money, but considering how you are worth a few hundred million dollars, surely you won’t be interested in the job, right? I hope you can cooperate with our investigation! You have to give us a logical reason! Otherwise, we have reason to believe that you are in cahoots with the mysterious organization!”

Morris’ suspicions were well-founded, and even Nora couldn’t refute him.

Karl sighed. “It really was for the sake of money! People like us don’t have any boundaries for what we do. What’s bringing a few people back to the country when we are used to even murder? You think a few hundred million dollars is a lot of money? That money is slowly accumulated from several million-dollar jobs! I’ll say this, though I have never killed anyone in the United States, so you have no right to arrest me because of this!”

He spoke clearly and logically and was totally a wily old fox.

Nora looked at him, her jaw tensed up. She knew that Karl wasn’t telling the truth.

In the eyes of outsiders, the Assassin Alliance was indeed an underworld organization. As long as one offered them money, they would take the commission and do the killing.

However, she knew that the Assassin Alliance had boundaries!

Besides, there was an unwritten rule in the Assassin Alliance, and that was—they were not allowed to kill Americans! Because they didn’t want to leave behind criminal records in the States.

This rule was set by Karl, which went to show that the man had feelings for the country.

In fact, one could even say that Karl might have already made up his mind to retire in the States.

Yet he was suddenly saying that he was willing to do anything for money. She didn’t believe him at all!

Before returning to the States, Karl was completely unaware that he had a daughter. In the organization, he often advised others: “It’s enough to just have enough to spend. Don’t get too caught up in greed!” Besides, even Black Panther could tell that those people were problematic. Would he not be able to see it?

Something was definitely wrong here!

Nora stood up suddenly, nodded to Morris, and left the interrogation room.

Since Karl refused to say anything, then she would investigate this herself!

She didn’t believe that there was anything in this world that Q and Black Cat wouldn’t be able to resolve!

Nora went straight back to the Smiths’.

She was originally planning to go upstairs to do something, but when she was parking, she unexpectedly found an outsider’s car in the parking lot.

Puzzled, she walked into the living room. Before she even got close to the living room, she heard Jill’s voice coming from the room. “I knew he was a bad person. He was already covered in tattoos when he was young. It was obvious from a glance that he wasn’t a reliable man, but I didn’t expect him to be such a vicious criminal! Now that he has been arrested, hah, he really deserves it! What goes around comes around! He has to pay the price for killing so many people! The way I see it, he can forget about ever getting out of prison!”

The things she said were extremely awful.

Tanya sneered, “No one knows or can be sure what the truth is, or why they arrested Dad! I don’t need you to talk nonsense here!”

“Talking nonsense?” Jill’s voice instantly rose. “Tanya, do you have a conscience or not? Are you still calling a murderer like him your father?! If I were you, I would never acknowledge him!”

Nora frowned.

She was about to enter the living room when Hillary’s father, aka Jill’s current husband, said, “Tanya, don’t hold it against your mother for saying such awful things. We rushed over as soon as we heard the news. If even a small family like the Joneses have heard about the incident, then I’m afraid all of New York probably knows by now? With a father like him, even if you don’t mind, won’t Mr. Smith mind? The Smiths have a reputation to uphold! What’s more, Mr. Smith’s and your wedding is in two days.

Surely you need someone to give your hand away at the wedding, right?! That’s why we are here… Your mother is ultimately still your mother, how can she just stand by idly and watch you be married without someone to give your hand away? We’ve already discussed this between the two of us. Since you grew up with the Joneses, why don’t you get married as a Jones instead?”

Nora was infuriated. She pushed open the door, but she immediately heard Tanya sneer, “Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones. I am not worthy of your kindness. Please leave!”

After saying that, Tanya immediately ordered the butler, “See the guests out! The butler came in. “Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones. This way please!”

Mr. Jones got up. However, Jill shouted at Tanya angrily, “Tanya, you’re mistaking a good man for a bad one! Our suggestion is all for your own good! Yet you’re not appreciative of our gesture?”

Tanya didn’t have the time to talk to them. She was terribly troubled at the moment.

When she didn’t speak, the butler said aggressively, “Mrs. Jones, if you refuse to leave, then I will have to call security!”

“Don’t touch me, I can leave by myself!” Jill glared at Tanya. Suddenly, she said, “By the way, don’t the Smiths have a real estate project that they are looking to partner up for? You can approach the Yeet Enterprise. Remember to tell Joel this.”

Tanya: “?”

She found what she said ridiculous. “Why should I?”

Jill was also sneering. “Because I took $300,000 from them! I’m your mother! Even if you’re dead, you have no choice but to acknowledge it! Since I’ve taken the money, you, as my daughter, have to get things done! I’ve already written them an IOU! If you don’t get Joel to work with them, then they will come to you for money!”

After saying something so shameless, Jill sneered again, “You’d best think carefully about what a father like that will bring you! The Joneses are at least innocent and have never broken the law! I’d advise you to think about this carefully.”

Tanya was really very tired. She stared at Jill and suddenly asked, “Why are you treating me like this?”


Jill suddenly became furious. She pointed at her and ranted, “You caused Hillary’s death, so you owe us all of this! You have to back Uncle Jones and let him support the Joneses! Otherwise, for as long as you’re alive, I, your mother, will never stop harassing you and making life difficult for you! Now that that goddamn Karl isn’t here anymore, I shall see what else you people can do about me!”

No matter what, her parents were the ones who had given her life.

Jill was her mother, so she and Joel couldn’t really kill her.

Previously, Jill hadn’t come over to make a scene anymore because Karl had intimidated her. But now that Karl had been arrested, Jill immediately saw hope again.

“Get lost!”

Tanya yelled at her.

Jill slowly walked toward the exit. “Don’t forget what I told you and remember to tell my fantastic son-in-law that! Also, remember to let me know when Karl’s sentence is passed… Hahaha!”

Tanya was so furious that her chest was heaving up and down. Nora lowered her eyes. She stepped forward and bumped into Jill, who was about to leave! After the collision, she stepped aside and raised her eyebrows at Jill.

Jill cursed furiously, “Are you blind?”

But when she saw Nora, she swallowed back down the curses at the tip of her tongue. She merely muttered “Tsk, what bad luck” under her breath and went out with Mr. Jones. Nora looked at them from the back with a cold look in her eyes. Then, she took out a miniature earphone and put it in her ear. Just now, when she made contact with Jill, she had planted a virus into her cell phone. Her cell phone was now Nora’s listening device!

She wanted to hear what the two people would say after they left.

Jill’s completely different attitudes towards her two daughters, Hillary and Tanya, puzzled her. If a mother could love her daughter to the point of how she coddled and spoiled Hillary, then how could she possibly be so indifferent and hostile to her other daughter?

Something she was unaware of must have happened back then! No matter how substantial the reasons that Jill had previously given were, she didn’t believe it one bit! She turned on Jill’s cell phone and eavesdropped on the couple’s conversation after they left the Smiths.