She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 532 - Nora’s Methods!

Chapter 532 - Nora’s Methods!

Chapter 532 Nora’s Methods!

The couple’s voices traveled through the earphone, their conversation taking Nora by surprise.

Through their argument, she slowly learned the truth of what had happened back then.

She was utterly stunned.

One could say that she had experienced a lot over the years, but even so, she never would have expected a villain like Jill to really exist in this world!

Her jaw tensed up and her brows locked together into a tight frown.

Lily came back at this point.

A guest room had been prepared for Lily all this time. Every once in a while, she would come back, take a day off, and rest. After all, she was terribly busy at the moment. Not only did she have to take care of Old Maddy, but she also had to take care of Quentin.

She stretched and entered the house. After stepping into the house, she looked at Nora and said, “Anti, long time no see.”

Nora stared at her. Suddenly, she pulled off her earphone, coughed, and asked “Lily, are you busy?”

Lily: “??”

She slowly looked at Nora and then, the corners of her lips spasmed. She said, “Boss, you must be the most exploitative capitalist in the whole country.”

She really was back just to rest for a day! On top of that, this was the only day she had come back this whole week.

Nora, however, got onto her feet. She took out the hair that she had pre-packed-needless to say, she had plucked those strands of hair off Jill’s head when she collided with her just now. The hair follicles were still attached.

Lily: “!!!”

The corners of her lips spasmed, and she felt like she was close to getting accustomed to it by now. She asked, “Whose DNA are you going to check this time?”

“Jill and Tanya’s,” replied Nora.

“… Got it.”

They had done DNA tests for Tanya quite a few times by then. Lily already had records of her data, so she didn’t need any more samples. She took the samples from Nora and headed to the door dejectedly. As she did, she said, “Boss, you really have to give me a pay raise.”

After watching Lily leave, Nora turned and went upstairs.

Joel came back at dinnertime in the evening. With a big frown on his face, he looked at Tanya and said, “I’ve gotten someone to ask around. Dad didn’t do anything serious, so he will probably be out after two or three years of jail at most…”

Tanya breathed a sigh of relief.

Two to three years of jail for a bad man really wasn’t that long.

Tanya had actually been worried that Karl would be imprisoned for life. She looked at Joel and said, “If you can pass him a message, tell him that I will wait for him outside, and will provide for him in his old age.”

Joel nodded.

Nora, who was seated at the side, listened to them, feeling that Joel was indeed rather capable.

The special department’s matters were handled with a very high level of confidentiality. On top of that, Morris was a tough nut to crack, no matter what kind of attitude one took with him. It was extremely difficult for one to find out what was going on within the department.

Yet Joel had found out after running here and there for an afternoon.

This showed that the special department wasn’t entirely impenetrable. Next to them, Warren and Maureen were eating with their heads down. Perhaps because of Karl’s incident in the afternoon, the couple

—who were usually the ones livening up the atmosphere at home-didn’t speak.

But if one were to look at them closely, they would see that Maureen had a furious look on her face while Warren was smiling ingratiatingly at her. Maureen, however, had turned away and was ignoring him.

Nora was preoccupied with thoughts of Jill and Tanya’s DNA test because she wanted to verify the truth of what they had said in the car, so she didn’t notice that there was something wrong with the couple. After dinner, Joel suddenly looked at Tanya and said, “When I was getting someone to ask around about Dad today, I actually met him.”

Tanya was taken aback.

Joel kept quiet for a while before he sighed and said, “He wants you to carry on with the wedding as planned, and is asking us not to delay the wedding because of him.”

Tanya bit her lip and lowered her head. “He’s thinking too much. Why would we cancel the wedding because of him?” Nora glanced at Tanya. She knew that her best friend was being verbally stubborn again. She had heard Tanya call the hotel this afternoon to cancel the wedding banquet… When the hotel told her that the deposit was non-refundable, she had even snapped at them impatiently and said that they needn’t refund her then.


“The wedding should indeed carry on as planned,” said Maureen suddenly. She still sounded a little stiff, but one could faintly hear the concern in her voice. She said, “For some reason, news of what happened to Tanya has been spread everywhere and the city is abuzz with rumors. My family even called to ask about it today. If the wedding is canceled, those unaware of what’s going on will think that Joel has become unhappy with Tanya. Also… there are already a lot of people speculating that the wedding will be canceled.”

The things that those people said had sounded way worse, actually. “… The Smiths will never accept a murderer’s daughter. I even heard that her father is an underworld figure. Jill had been forced into a relationship with him back then, and he even forced himself on her… He’s even a rapist! How scary! It’s fortunate that he has been arrested!”

“Heh, like father like daughter. Tanya is his daughter, so she’s not going to be anything good either. If I had a father like him, I would be too ashamed to marry Mr. Smith!” “Wait for it. The Smiths will definitely come up with some kind of excuse to cancel the wedding. After all, if they hold such a lavish wedding now, it will look really bad when they divorce in the future.”

There were all sorts of speculations, and Maureen’s family had relayed them all to her.

Tanya would be living in New York as Mrs. Smith in the future. She couldn’t possibly be like Justin’s mother and lock herself up in a villa in the suburbs all day, never going out or socializing for the rest of her life.

As long as she had to socialize, she would have to come into contact with others. And as long as she came into contact with others, disputes would inevitably happen.

Therefore, they mustn’t let Tanya be looked down upon!

Upon hearing what Maureen said, the few of them got together and discussed the issue. In the end, they decided that the wedding would continue as planned!

The worried Tanya and Joel went upstairs. Maureen also went upstairs with Warren, one behind the other, leaving only Nora who walked up the stairs slowly.


Nora sat on the sofa, her hands flying about on the keyboard at high speed.

She now understood what was going on with Jill. However, she had to figure out the truth about Karl too!

She intended to investigate what exactly had happened when Karl left New York back then…

Seeing Nora hard at work, Pete, who was lying on the bed, sent a message to the tyrant: “Something has happened at home. This is a good chance for you to impress Mommy, why aren’t you here? You’re so useless!”

Pete frowned and heaved a huge sigh. He was simply so mentally exhausted!

In order to let the family of four reunite, he was shouldering too many responsibilities all by himself!

The tyrant was usually so smart, yet he wasn’t making use of such a great opportunity to impress Mommy? With her cell phone in hand, Nora hacked into a certain system.

To be honest, she already had a vague guess deep down and was just here to verify it. But unexpectedly… the moment she hacked into the system, she was obstructed by a master hacker!

The two of them went back and forth. Even after a few rounds of fighting, neither of them could beat the other. However, perhaps because the other party was part of the public security system and thus held an advantage on their home turf, Nora was temporarily at a disadvantage.

The other party opened a chat channel and asked straightforwardly: ‘Who are you?’

Nora: “?”

She thought for a moment and replied: ‘I am Y.’

Y was Justin anyway. Surely he wouldn’t hold it against her if she borrowed his name, right? After all, Justin was very powerful in the country, whereas her identity as Q had already been exposed in front of quite a few people.

After sending the message, she asked: ‘Who are


The other party kept quiet for a long while before they finally replied: ‘Oh, I am Q.’ Nora: “???”