She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 529 - Is Karl Really An Accomplice?

Chapter 529 - Is Karl Really An Accomplice?

Chapter 529 Is Karl Really An Accomplice?

Both of Karl’s hands were raised when he spoke.

He stood in between Morris’ gun and Tanya, using his body to block her as if he was afraid that someone would misfire and end up injuring Tanya.

Morris looked at Nora.

Nora nodded slightly at him.

Only then did Morris say, “Change here.”


Karl took off his suit and folded it neatly. He wanted to pass it to the worker next to him, but the worker was so scared that he was already squatting next to him with his hands over his head.

He could only pass the clothes to Joel.

Joel was staring at him with a frown. “Dad…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Karl patted his hand lightly. “It’s just a misunderstanding. I’m fine.”

Joel’s jaw tensed up and he looked at Morris. He was about to take a step forward and say something, but Karl stepped in front of him and stopped him. He shook his head. Then, without daring to look at Tanya, he said in a low voice, “Take good care of Tanya and Mia.”

After saying that, he reached into his pocket.


A plainclothes officer yelled warily at him.

Karl immediately raised his hand. He looked at the few men again and said gently, “Don’t get worked up, don’t get worked up… I told you, I won’t resist. I’m just taking out something.”

Morris nodded again.

Karl took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it to Joel. Joel was surprised. “This is?”

Karl smiled. “My wedding gift for the two of


After saying that, he held his hands over his head and walked towards Morris step by step. Before he reached them, Tanya suddenly asked, “You… What’s the matter?”

Karl looked back at her. He was still smiling and his voice was comforting. “I’m fine, I really am. Don’t worry, it’s just a small matter. You don’t have to worry. Just rest assured and prepare for the wedding. I will try my best to come back on your wedding day. I promised that I will personally marry you off.”

Tanya’s eyes were red.

Dressed in the pure white wedding gown, she looked holy and clean. The sight made Karl smile.

Morris put away his gun at this point. He took a step forward, took out his handcuffs, and handcuffed Karl’s wrists. Only then did everyone else relax.

To be honest, when they discovered that Karl was the accomplice, everyone had been very nervous.

Logically speaking, it should have been very hard for them to catch a big boss like him.

Besides, from the day before to this current point in time, he actually had sufficient time to escape, but he hadn’t.

Everyone had thought that they would be in for a fierce battle, but it didn’t happen.

Karl had surrendered just like that?

Everyone looked at one another, still somewhat in disbelief.

Even when Karl was brought into the car downstairs, everyone still felt that things had progressed too easily.

In the bridal shop, it was only after Morris left with his men that Tanya seemed to finally recover. She stared straight at Joel and asked with a trembling voice, “He… Will he be okay…?”

Karl and Joel had lied to her that Karl was a businessman, but Tanya was no fool. How would she possibly not sense the gangster-like aura around Karl and his men? Joel held her hand. “Let’s go home first. I will find out what is going on!”

Tanya nodded.

When the two were talking, Nora had already left the shop. She followed after Morris. After they went downstairs, a few people escorted Karl into the car.

Nora looked at Morris. “Are you sure it’s him? As far as I know, Karl never involves himself with domestic affairs.”

Morris nodded. “We have already looked into it. When Karl came back to the States, he had indeed returned with the group of them. It is said that they were also the ones who arranged for Trueman Yale’s departure. That’s why we didn’t notice anything.” Trueman had left the country silently. No one knew where he had gone.

This incident was indeed beyond Nora’s expectations.

But if Karl was the one who had done it, then everything would make sense.

Sending a person out of the country was something that couldn’t be any easier for the Assassin Alliance.

She frowned and looked inside the car again. No matter how she looked at it, Karl didn’t seem to her like someone who would be connected to the mysterious organization.

Seeing how concerned she looked, Morris said, “We are just asking Mr. Moore back with us to aid in our investigations. Once I have any news, I will let you know.”

Nora nodded.

However, she knew that Karl had most likely done it.

Without sufficient evidence, Morris and the others would never ask him to go with them at gunpoint just to cooperate with the investigation.

After Karl got into the car and was taken away, Nora picked up the phone and dialed Black Panther’s number again.

Black Panther answered very quickly. “What’s the matter, Black Cat?”

Nora asked, “Did you guys bring a few outsiders into the country when you came to America?”

Black Panther was surprised. Then, he asked, “Is it because of them that Boss is suddenly in trouble?”

Nora’s heart sank.

Instead of answering her question, Black Panther had instead asked her a question of his own. However, his response had indeed answered her first question.

Her jaw tensed up and she slowly asked, “What exactly is going on?”

Black Panther sounded very anxious. “I knew something would go wrong! When Boss suddenly said that he wanted to come back to the country and have a look, I already felt like something wasn’t right. Then, he said that he was here to look for you, so I didn’t think much about it. But unexpectedly, when we were departing, I discovered that he had brought a few people with him. Those people didn’t look like good news to me, so I tried to persuade him not to do it, but Boss didn’t listen to me. He even told me not to be nosy, and said that it had nothing to do with me! But look, something has happened! Just who exactly are those people?” Nora couldn’t disclose the special department’s information, so she didn’t answer him. Instead, she asked coldly, “When did the Assassin Alliance start taking gigs like this?”

Black Panther obviously sounded a little guilty. He replied, “That’s what I thought, too. Our organization isn’t lacking money. It was indeed too rash of Boss to take the job! What should we do now? The few of us will come back at once and save Boss!”

Nora stopped him at once. “This is the United States, it’s not a place where you guys can mess around! Go back and wait for news from me!”

With Karl arrested, Black Cat naturally became the leader of the Assassin Alliance. Black Panther was full of admiration for her, so he immediately replied, “Understood.”

After hanging up, Nora thought for a while and told Joel and Tanya to go home for now. As for herself, she drove to the special department, intending to have a good chat with Karl.

When she arrived at the special department, Morris was already done interrogating him. When he saw Nora, he kept silent for a while before he said, “He has confessed.”

Nora: “?”

She walked straight to the interrogation room. When she opened the door, she saw Karl sitting there.

Nora sat opposite him and asked directly, “Uncle Karl, if you want to attend Tanya’s wedding, then tell me, where is Trueman Yale?”