She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 528 - Caught!!!

Chapter 528 - Caught!!!

Chapter 528 Caught!!!

No matter what happened, Nora would always take good care of Tanya.

She had deliberately said that just to force Karl to tell her the truth.

A short while later, Karl replied: “I trust your character very much, Black Cat, so I’m leaving Tanya to you!”

Nora frowned.

The Assassin Alliance was an illegal organization and most of their crimes were committed abroad. In addition, the Assassin Alliance was very loyal. Most of the commissions that Karl accepted were requests for revenge, and he never killed the innocent indiscriminately. This was also the reason why she was willing to stay in the organization.

Karl might seem like a goofball and acted like a gangster, but he was, in fact, an intelligent and meticulous man.

The organization’s assassins had never taken any lives in the country. It stood to reason that they wouldn’t be in any trouble after he returned to the States, so what was going on?

Seeing that Karl was refusing to say anything, Nora decided to call Black Panther.

Black Panther was Karl’s number one assistant. He was also one of the bodyguards who had returned to the States with Karl this time. He was originally not known as Black Panther. After she became famous as Black Cat, Black Panther wanted a name similar to hers, so he had changed his name.

Nora had been speechless at the time.

She wanted to tell him that that wasn’t her real name, but he didn’t really understand their naming conventions. On top of that, he didn’t like studying, so he simply refused to believe her.

In addition, if anyone in the organization called him by his original name and not Black Panther, he would get angry. This led to him really changing his name to Black Panther in the end.

She used a voice changer and asked, “What happened to Karl?”

Black Panther sighed. “It seems like he’s gotten himself into trouble. He didn’t tell me anything about it, and only told us to leave America as soon as possible. But he’s insisting on staying instead…” Nora frowned and said, “You guys should leave first.”

Even Black Panther wasn’t aware of what was going on. Just what had Karl done? While she was wondering about it, Tanya’s voice came over from the living room. “Nora, hurry up and come with me to try on the wedding dress!”

When Nora walked over, she saw Tanya standing there excitedly. “They worked overtime to alter the wedding dress I chose, so it’s done now. I also customized the bridesmaid’s dress for you. Let’s go and try it on together!”

Nora glanced at Karl. Even though he was trying his best to maintain his demeanor, his brows were still locked together, and he kept looking down at his phone time and time again. When Tanya walked over to the door after grabbing Nora, she suddenly looked back at Karl and asked, “You… Do you want to come with me?”

Go with her?

Karl originally looked anxious, but when he heard her, his eyes lit up and he suddenly smiled and said, “Yes, let’s go together! I want to see you in a wedding dress!”

Tanya looked happy and in good spirits. When she heard his reply, she smiled and said, “Okay. Did you drive here? Joel is heading over from the office, we’re meeting at the bridal shop.” Karl replied, “I did, I did! Let’s go! Dad will take you there!”

The few of them went out together and got into Karl’s car.

While Karl was driving, he put his phone on the stand as a navigator.

Nora and Tanya sat in the backseat.

Tanya was sitting right behind Karl, so she couldn’t see his expression. However, there was some faint excitement on her face. To be honest, there was something she had never mentioned all this time.

She had never had a father in her life. What she was the most envious of was that Hillary had a father who protected her.

She stared at the seat in front of her and suddenly said, “Thank you!”

Karl was taken aback.

Tanya turned and looked out the window. “To be honest, when I was a child, I always wondered about something. When I grow up and get married in the future, what should I do if I didn’t have a father to marry me off? I’d always known that Uncle Jones would never do it on behalf of my father…”

Her words took Karl by surprise.

His jaw tensed up and then, he grinned and said, “Well, now you do, Tanya!”

After saying that, the look in his eyes became firm and resolute. Tanya smiled. “Yeah.”

She felt unprecedented happiness in this instant.

She had found her daughter.

She had found her father.

Her relationship with Joel had also returned to what it had been in the past…

It seemed like she had no more regrets in life… She was immersed in the joy of trying on the wedding dress, but Nora’s gaze was fixed on Karl’s phone instead…

Although she was in the backseat, she had good eyesight. She could clearly see the text messages on Karl’s phone.




He received numerous messages, all of which were messages from Black Panther urging Karl to leave and meet them. The few of them had left to look for a helicopter. This way, they could just fly off.

But after taking a few glances at the phone, Karl instead turned it off.

For some reason, the atmosphere became tense.

Nora took a deep breath. She had almost immediately concluded that Karl was definitely not being pursued by enemies.

After all, as the leader of the Assassin Alliance who had killed so many bad guys, there would eventually be bad guys approaching him for revenge.

There was no way Karl would put Tanya in danger with him.

So, after ruling out that possibility, what exactly was happening to Karl? Just what was about to happen?

While she was thinking about it, the few of them arrived at the bridal shop. After getting out of the car, Karl followed Tanya into the shop and they went upstairs.

A worker brought the wedding dress over, and Tanya went to try it on. There was also a dedicated makeup artist there to put on some simple makeup for her.

Outside, Joel was looking at a row of suits. While he was picking some out, he suddenly looked at Karl and suggested with a smile, “Dad, why don’t you pick one too? You can wear it at the wedding.”

Karl’s gaze swept across the suits when he heard that. In the end, he picked a dark red one. “Tanya’s wedding is a joyous event. I’ll wear this one!”

Joel nodded.

The group of people went to the fitting rooms.

Nora instead became the most leisurely person there.

A short while later, Karl walked out in a suit. As he neatened his clothes, he seemed a little at a loss, and he didn’t even know where to put his hands. He asked nervously, “Does it look good?”

Nora smiled and replied, “… Yeah, it does.”

At this point, the fitting room’s curtains were pulled open. Tanya stood there in a pure white wedding gown. When she saw Karl, she raised her eyebrows in slight surprise. Then, she smiled and stretched out her hand to him.

Seeing how pure and beautiful she was, Karl’s eyes shone brightly. He raised his hand, but when he was about to touch Tanya’s hand, he hurriedly retracted it, took out a piece of tissue from his pocket, and wiped his hands meticulously… At the sight of how nervous he was, Nora couldn’t help but laugh. Was he really that man who dominated the underworld?

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang. When she answered, Morris’ voice came from the other side. He said, “We’ve made one of them talk. He’s confessed! It turns out that the few of them entered the country with someone’s help! We’ve found his accomplices!”

His voice gradually merged with reality. Taken aback, Nora asked, “Who is it?”

As soon as the question left her mouth, she heard footsteps coming toward her. Then, a few plainclothes officers and Morris rushed in. They pointed their guns at Karl and shouted, “Karl Moore, you have been surrounded! Freeze!”

Nora’s head whipped to the side abruptly and she looked at Karl in disbelief.

Karl seemed to have seen this coming long ago. His hand, which he had just wiped clean, stayed in mid-air just like that. He hadn’t taken his daughter’s hand yet. However, he didn’t try to take it anymore.

He merely turned his head to Morris and said calmly, “Don’t be nervous, I won’t resist. Can I change my clothes, though? I shouldn’t ruin the ones I’m wearing right now.”