She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 525 - The Entrance Is Going to Be Destroyed!

Chapter 525 - The Entrance Is Going to Be Destroyed!

Chapter 525 The Entrance Is Going to Be Destroyed!

Mrs. Hunt had just finished speaking when Simon smiled and asked, “How did you know?”

Mrs. Hunt: ?? What did she know?

She looked at Simon in surprise and recalled what she had just said. Then, she was stunned. It couldn’t be what she had said…

Ian and Joel were also stunned as they frowned at Simon.

At this moment, the sound of a car stopping could be heard from the door. Then, Nora and Justin walked into the living room. The two of them had just entered when they were stunned to see the people in the room.

Nora’s gaze swept past Mrs. Hunt and the Andersons. She called out in surprise, “Simon, Melissa why are you guys here?”

Simon immediately welcomed her with a smile. “We came to see you. What other surprises do you have that we don’t know about?! You’re Dr. Zabe’s last disciple?!”

As soon as he said this, Ian almost stood up from the wheelchair, but his legs softened and he sat back down.

Joel was slightly surprised.

The person who was the most shocked was Mrs. Hunt. She stood up suddenly and held the butler’s hand. Then, she looked at Nora and Simon in shock. “What… what did you say? She… she’s Dr. Zabe’s last disciple?”

“That’s right!”

Simon smiled. “When Sheril called to tell us, I couldn’t believe it!”

At this point, his eyes turned red. “Yvette’s medical skills really have a successor! Nora, you must continue to learn from Dr. Zabe and try to surpass him!”

Melissa immediately pushed him and smiled. “What are you talking about? The child will definitely be more outstanding!”

Simon instantly nodded. He took out a tissue and wiped his tears. Then, he looked at Nora. “You’ve really brought glory to Andersons! As expected of Yvette’s daughter!”

Melissa also said, “Yes, you’re outstanding in not only alternative but also modern medicine… You really surprise us! What else are you good at?”

Nora: “Actually, it’s nothing.”

As soon as she said this, Cherry’s voice was heard. “Mommy, don’t you know how to hack as well?”

Simon smiled. “Oh, do you know programming?” Nora: “…A little.”


A laugh sounded. Nora turned around and saw Justin suppressing his laughter and saying, “Yes, just a teensy bit.” Nora glared at him and motioned for him not to say anything. Simon smiled. “It’s okay. If you like it, you can treat it as a hobby! You don’t have to be too good at it. The two things that cross borders in medicine are already the best!”

“Yes, there are specialists in every field!” Melissa agreed. The two of them looked at Nora with eyes almost glowing

While the few of them were chatting, Ian looked at Mrs. Hunt again. When he saw her shocked expression, he said, “Mrs. Hunt, why are you so agitated over such a small matter? Nora is only average at alternative medicine. She just happened to create Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pill and happened to save your sister-in-law’s life. She’s just your family’s benefactor. Don’t be so agitated. Calm down!”

Mrs. Hunt felt like she had been slapped in the face and was speechless.

Joel’s lips twitched.

Uncle Ian, who was the one who stood up in shock and fell back down! He spoke as if he was very calm…

However, he could not poke Ian’s sore spot. He smiled and said, “Uncle Ian and Aunt Anderson were both outstanding figures back then. How could the child you two gave birth to be any less capable? Nora’s intelligence and genes are definitely stronger than yours! Now, no one will dare to slander Nora anymore, right? I want to see who in New York dares to look down on her?”

Mrs. Hunt’s face turned even redder.

Simon raised his chin and said proudly, “Back then, Yvette’s suitor shook the entire New York. Almost all the young talents liked her! Now that Nora is so outstanding, who would dare to look down on her? Nora is the second Yvette!”

Mrs. Hunt knew what they were hinting at.

Back then, people who wanted to marry Yvette could line up for days! They were indirectly praising Nora!

When Mrs. Hunt thought of what she had just said, she was instantly furious. She jabbed the walking stick in her hand on the ground and said angrily, “Miss Smith can’t compare to Yvette back then, right? After all, Yvette didn’t have two children! No matter how good Miss Smith is, some people will still be calculative about this! I think it’s better if she’s with the children’s biological father.”

Ian frowned.

Justin’s face darkened. “Grandmother!”

Mrs. Hunt instantly smiled. “Alright, don’t be angry. I’m done talking. I just heard that the Smiths were looking for a son-in-law a few days ago! But I haven’t seen many people coming. The only one who came seems to be that Blaine? Look, wealthy families still care about this…”

The Smiths fell silent.

Mrs. Hunt’s words were very true. There were indeed no outstanding people coming to seek Nora’s hand in marriage. After all, many wealthy families would shrink back at the sight of a woman with a burden.

Unexpectedly, the butler rushed in hurriedly after that. He looked a little anxious. “Sir, something bad has happened! A group of people has gathered outside! They said they want to marry Miss Nora!”