She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 524 - A Slap in the Face!

Chapter 524 - A Slap in the Face!

Chapter 524 A Slap in the Face!

Ian frowned. “What?”

With that, Mrs. Hunt walked in and smiled. “Ian, I’m here today for the marriage between Justin and Miss Smith.”

Ian pursed her lips. “Mrs. Hunt, why would they get married?”

Mrs. Hunt smiled and lowered her eyes. She sat on the opposite side of the sofa and did not have the attitude of asking for Nora’s hand in marriage. Instead, she looked high and mighty. “Miss Smith has caused so much trouble and gone to the School of Medicine to participate in some debate today. I heard that Dr. Zabe sent his most capable disciple to the school. I’m afraid Miss Smith won’t get any benefits this time!”

Hearing this, Ian and Joel looked at each other, their eyes filled with worry.

Initially, the Smiths had planned to help with this matter. Ian and Joel had many plans to handle this matter.

However, when Nora found out about it, she only told the two of them not to worry. She had a way to stop them from interfering and ruining her plan. That was why the two of them did not make a move.

On one hand, they believed that Nora had the ability to handle it.

On the other, they were still worried.

Hearing Mrs. Hunt’s words, Joel said, “Are you sure Dr. Zabe’s last disciple has gone there? Is he… the one who treated someone’s pulse through a curtain?”

When Nora was young, she had come to New York with Henry. She had once gone to look for Dr. Zabe. Coincidentally, someone questioned the ability of Dr. Zabe’s last disciple. Therefore, Dr. Zabe let Nora take someone’s pulse through a curtain. His medical skills instantly got their fame back.

Therefore, all these years, although Nora had never traveled around New York, the fact that Dr. Zabe’s last disciple had good medical skills was recognized by the alternative medicine world!

When they heard that Dr. Zabe’s disciple was going, Joel and Ian became worried.

Mrs. Hunt smiled. “Yes, that’s the one! So, I’m afraid Miss Smith is in trouble this time. I wonder if the Smiths have prepared some follow-up public relations plans? We can’t let Miss Smith become a pest in the medical world, right? Also, I heard that many people at the school are proposing to remove her from her position as an external professor! If that happens… Will she really have to hide overseas?”

Mrs. Hunt’s words seemed to be filled with concern for Nora, but every word seemed certain that Nora would not be able to get through this.

Ian frowned. “You don’t have to worry about this! After all, this is our family’s business!”

Mrs. Hunt smiled. “Ian, I have a suggestion this time. I have a way to let her avoid this matter!”

Joel and Ian looked at each other again. They both felt that there was no way this old witch could be so kind?

Joel narrowed his eyes and asked unhappily, “What way?”

Mrs. Hunt did not sense his unhappiness at all. She smiled. “If Miss Smith marries Justin, with the power of our families, we will definitely not let her suffer in New York!”

Joel and Ian frowned.

Mrs. Hunt continued, “In the past, the two families had an engagement. Now that the two children like each other, our family is not one forget righteousness when it comes to benefits. If we see that Miss Smith is in trouble, we can’t do something like trying to clear our ties. Therefore, once Miss Smith becomes Madam Hunt, even if she does something ridiculous, who in New York would dare to rush in front of her and say nonsense?”

She said, “This is a mutually beneficial thing. Ian, you won’t reject me this time, right?”

With that, she smiled at Ian. The wrinkles on her face were almost sticking together! Ian sneered. “Who said Nora would definitely lose? Don’t you have any confidence in her?”

Mrs. Hunt immediately said, “It’s not that I’m not confident in her. I’m just too confident about the last disciple of Dr. Zabe! We don’t care about alternative or modern medicine. As long as she can treat illnesses, she will be a good doctor. But do you know that the last disciple of Dr. Zabe developed Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pill?”

At the mention of this, Ian and Joel’s expressions turned a little ugly.

Yvonne had spent a lot of money to buy a pill, but she did not give it to Ian, who needed it more. Instead, she had given it to Mrs. Hunt to curry her favor.

At that time, Joel was angry.

Later, when something happened to Ian at the Hunts, he had used that pill… It was as if the gift from the Smiths was being taken back!

Speaking of which, the Smiths did owe Mrs. Hunt for this matter.

Joel lowered his eyes. Just as he was about to say that he would pay a high price again to buy Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pill, he heard Mrs. Hunt continue, “That pill is a priceless treasure. As for that pill, it’s a little overboard to say that it can bring the dead back to life. However, at the critical moment, it’s still useful to save lives! Not to mention that Ian used this pill to extend his life back then, later on, when I returned to my mother’s house, my sister-in-law suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage. At that time, the family doctor said that there was no hope. However, I took out that pill and fed it to her. Even when she was sent to the hospital, she was still breathing and had recovered!”

Mrs. Hunt was full of praise as she said, “So, I don’t have to say much about the effects of Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pill, right? And how skilled must be the person who can make it? He must have already mastered alternative medicine! In that case, he can be considered my sister-in-law’s savior! How much of a chance does Nora have of winning against him?”

When Ian and Joel heard this, they felt even more uncertain.

Actually, if Nora won this debate, people would at most say that she was young and frivolous. She had the true ability, so it was nothing.

The worst outcome was that they would be mocked if they lost! If Dr. Zabe’s disciple really arrived, would Nora really lose? As the two of them were thinking, the butler at the door spoke again. “Sir, someone from the Andersons is here.”

The Andersons?

Ian hurriedly said, “Please come in!”

With that, Simon and Melissa walked in quickly. The moment they entered, Simon looked around and asked anxiously, “Where’s Nora?”

Before Ian could speak, Mrs. Hunt said, “You guys heard about Miss Smith too, so you’re anxious, right? She hasn’t returned yet! She might have lost the competition and lost face…”

Simon was surprised to hear this. “Lost the competition? How could she have lost? Sheril called just now to tell us about the competition. She didn’t lose!”

Mrs. Hunt said confidently, “How is that possible? I received news that Dr. Zabe’s last disciple has gone there to participate in the debate. How could Miss Smith win?”

Simon looked at her and said with a strange expression, “Do you not know who Dr. Zabe’s last disciple is?”

He was shocked to hear the news and had come to seek confirmation!

Mrs. Hunt sneered. “It doesn’t matter who it is. Even if it’s the Hunts or the Andersons, we can’t give in to her in this matter… After all, this is a conflict between alternative and modern medicine! Unless… Miss Smith is that last disciple, this matter won’t end well!”