She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 526 - The Person Who Plotted The Artificial Insemination!

Chapter 526 - The Person Who Plotted The Artificial Insemination!

Chapter 526 The Person Who Plotted The Artificial Insemination!

Amid the silence in the room, Ian suppressed all his emotions and tried his best to make himself seem calm. He said, “Let… them in.”

The butler nodded.

When he went out to let the people in, the atmosphere in the living room suddenly became rather strange. Everyone looked at Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Hunt also broke into a frown. She had repeatedly been forced to eat her words today, which made her very embarrassed, but she mustn’t admit defeat.

She looked outside and said, “Well, that actually does make sense. News of the Smiths recruiting a son-in-law has already spread for a few days, so there will definitely be people dreaming of rising up the social hierarchy calling on you. People like them are just here for the Smiths’ money, though! They are… men that sponge off their wives!”

After saying that, she seemingly managed to convince herself. “Yes, that must be the case…”

Ian and Joel: “…”

Simon and Melissa’s frowns deepened further.

A smiling Melissa stepped forward. The woman wearing a classy dress looked very elegant. Although she was nearly fifty, her complexion was fair and delicate, and she didn’t look old at all. She said softly, “Mrs. Hunt, how are you so sure that they are all men intending to sponge off their wives when no one has even come in yet? Given how outstanding Nora is, there will undoubtedly be a lot of people coveting her. Not all of them may necessarily be good men, and I reckon that situations like what you’ve just described will definitely exist, but don’t worry, Nora’s marriage is something very important to both the Smiths and the Andersons. We will definitely keep our eyes peeled and make sure we look for someone good for her! So, you don’t have to worry about that, Mrs. Hunt!”

Previously, when Mrs. Hunt invited Melissa to the Hunts’, she had adopted a very arrogant attitude. It could be said that Melissa had taken care to be cautious with everything she said and did, but even at that time, she had carried herself with grace and poise. Now that she had the Smiths’ support, Melissa was even more confident. Her voice was polite and gentle as she said unhurriedly, “Of course, Yvette also had a ton of suitors back then. It was only after careful selection that she finally picked Mr. Smith. The apple of the Smiths’ eye will no doubt excel even more. Besides… Given how outstanding Nora is, and how she already has children, she doesn’t necessarily have to rely on men in order to survive. Times have already changed, there is no lack of youngsters! I heard that Ms. Hunt herself has announced a few years ago that she’s a non-believer of marriage. At that time, so many people had sung praises of Ms. Hunt and said that she was so dashing and heroic. Therefore, we’ll just let Nora decide based on her mood…

“If she’s in a good mood and finds someone who tickles her fancy, she can try dating him. If she really doesn’t take a fancy to anyone, then that’s that. Do you think the Smiths and the Andersons won’t be able to support Nora financially? Besides, with Nora’s medical skills alone, how many people do you think are begging for her…”

Every word she said was justified and well-founded, and they made Mrs. Hunt choke so badly that she couldn’t even say a word.

Mrs. Hunt took a deep breath and said, “Then let’s see if there is anyone she likes!”

As she said that, footsteps came from outside the door and the butler’s voice traveled over. “This way please.”

Mrs. Hunt looked over. She’d initially thought that there would only be two or three visitors, but little did she expect that a dozen or so people would enter all at once!

On top of that, all of them were married ladies of wealthy families whom she often met?!

Mrs. Hunt was dumbfounded.

The person in the front was the wife of a director from a government organization. As soon as she entered, she looked straight at Nora, took a step forward, and held her hand. She said, “You must be Ms. Smith, right? Oh my, look at how pretty you are! You look just like how Yvette did back then! No, you’re even prettier than her! I heard that the Smiths are looking for a good life partner for you? What do you think of my eldest son? He is a lawyer, and should be a good match for you!”

Nora: “…”

The lady was so enthusiastic that she didn’t quite know what to say. At this point, another lady stepped forward. She smiled and said, “Don’t listen to her, Ms. Smith. Her eldest son is a lawyer, so he’s terribly busy. He won’t be able to find time to accompany you at all. My son, on the other hand, has more free time! He is the president of a company and doesn’t usually have much to do. I have photos of him on my phone. Would you like to have a look?”

“There’s also my son…”

The Smiths didn’t have a matriarch, so for a while, everyone flocked to Nora.

Nora had never witnessed anything like this. Moreover, she had never been adept at talking, so she was stunned by their enthusiasm.

At the sight, Melissa kindly walked over and stopped in front of Nora. “Ladies, Nora’s mom passed away early. If there’s anything you need, you can talk to me instead. I’m her aunt, but I’m just like a mother to her!”

Nora breathed a sigh of relief at once. She quietly took a step back, nodded slightly, and said, “Everyone, I’ll go and have a change of clothes first.”

After that, she bent over and picked up Cherry, who had slipped behind Melissa and was tiptoeing to look at the photo of the handsome guy on the phone. Then, she went straight upstairs.

Cherry said, “… Mommy, I don’t need to change! Let me stay with Grandaunt Melissa! I miss Grandaunt Melissa!”

Nora: “…”

What you miss are those photos in the ladies’ cell phones instead, don’t you?!

She ignored Cherry’s request and took her upstairs. Then, she ignored the plea for help in Justin’s eyes and merely raised her eyebrows as she gave him a silent message: ‘Good luck.’

Justin: “…”

Mrs. Hunt was in disbelief as she stared at the women.

Those ladies were some of the most famous people in New York. It was difficult for them to even come together, so how come they had all suddenly come to the Smiths’ today? Seeing that everyone else had all gathered around Melissa, she grabbed Mrs. Lovell, who hadn’t gone over yet, and asked, “Mrs. Lovell, you guys… Don’t you know that Nora already has a child?”

Mrs. Lovell looked at her and smiled. “I know that, Mrs. Hunt!”

Then, she said, “But if Ms. Smith didn’t already have a child, how would my son possibly have a chance with her?”

Mrs. Hunt: ??

Mrs. Lovell took the opportunity to say, “My elder brother wanted to marry Yvette Anderson back then, too. With her good genes and her good looks, the offspring she gave birth to would definitely have been very smart and good-looking. Unfortunately, only people like Mr. Smith and Mr. Hunt were worthy of Yvette, and she did indeed choose Mr. Smith in the end. Families like ours stand no chance at all! But things are different now! Since Ms. Smith already has a child, surely she’ll lower her expectations a little?”

Mrs. Hunt: “!!”

She was stunned.

Mrs. Lovell immediately nodded. Then, she lowered her voice and said, “Think about it, how amazing a person was Yvette back then? Yet her daughter has outdone her! Not only is she the top surgeon, but she’s also the person standing at the very pinnacle of alternative medicine! If someone like her marries our family, wouldn’t I enjoy a long life? Besides, the children that Ms. Smith gives birth to will definitely be very smart! This will completely improve my family’s genes!”

Mrs. Hunt stared at the people in front of her in a daze, finding all these rather unbelievable. “Don’t any of you mind that she has given birth before?”

Mrs. Lovell smiled. “Of course not! Having one more clever person in the family will definitely be a help to the family in the future!”

Next to them, Justin’s posture suddenly became ramrod straight, and he felt a huge sense of crisis.


Nora did not change. After tossing Cherry onto the sofa, she picked up her cell phone and continued to send messages to Trueman: ‘Who plotted my artificial insemination back then?’

Although she was very fat back then, she had already learned a lot of different skills by then. It was very difficult for anyone to set up traps for her.

Additionally, Justin had also taken charge of the Hunt Corporation by then, and he usually brought bodyguards with him whenever he was out. Just who exactly were they? To think they could retrieve Justin’s sperm without anyone noticing?