She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 520 - Slap In The Face!

Chapter 520 - Slap In The Face!

Chapter 520 Slap In The Face!

Nora had deliberately arrived a little later and prevented the debate in the school from ending right at the beginning. Firstly, this was because the students had become a little carried away during this period of time after being incited by others, and they had nowhere to vent all their passion and enthusiasm. It was indeed good for them to have a debate and vent their emotions.

Moreover, it was true that science advanced and developed from the constant debate and overthrowing of theories in the first place. She believed that after a debate like that, medical students would gain a deeper understanding of alternative and modern medicine.

Furthermore, she wanted to stall for time.

After taking the stage, she had rebutted them a little, claimed that she had evidence but delayed producing it, and allowed the people at the bottom of the stage to spout nonsense in order to buy Morris time to arrest Trueman. After all, Trueman would definitely pay attention to the debate competition. Through elimination, Morris had already locked on to a few guests staying at the hotel and was currently investigating them one by one.

It was also to let Brenda arrest the people who were pretending to be students, but were, in fact, here to stir up trouble.

Brenda slowly walked into the auditorium with Blaine’s wrists held firmly in a tight grip. She wore a pair of high heels and sashayed as she walked.

In the auditorium were also a few plainclothes officers holding down the few students who were guiding public opinion in the crowd just now.

The place was in chaos. Shaw didn’t understand what was going on at all. When the students were arrested, he became even more anxious. He stepped forward and asked, “Who are you? What are you doing?”

Brenda gave Blaine a clean and swift kick and made him take another step forward. She fished out her credentials and waved it in front of Shaw and the students. Then, she said, “Dean Shaw and all the students here, today’s incident is related to a criminal case that has been ongoing a long time! A foreign organization tried to recruit Ms. Nora Smithin other words, Anti—but was rejected by her, so they became angry and deliberately set this up! Their purpose in doing so is to drive Anti away, so that America would lose a highly sophisticated medical talent! Blaine Jonas is their spy!” As soon as she said that, an uproar went through the students.

No one had ever imagined things to develop this far!

Everyone swallowed.

Someone reacted:

“No wonder people have been dragging Anti’s name through the mud on foreign websites! So that’s what was happening!”

“Anti is the top master surgeon in the world. Most importantly, she is still very young. The future of such doctors is absolutely limitless! These people are too despicable! We almost fell for it and drove Anti away ourselves!”

“Yeah, if you think really carefully about it, this is really terrifying! Think about it, if Anti weren’t Dr. Zabe’s official disciple, even if she had a thousand mouths, she would never have been able to explain herself. Even if the officer steps forward and tells us it’s some kind of foreign Internet conspiracy, we may not believe it! We would think that this was a trick the medical university had come up with to keep Anti! Gosh, what a devious move!”

“Yes, even if Anti were to stay in the school, she probably won’t be respected by the students anymore. If I imagine that… this is too scary!”


While everyone was realizing what was going on, someone said, “Blaine Jonas is a spy, that’s why he defamed Anti. But what about Jon Myers and Elaine Miller?”

At once, everyone looked at Jon and Elaine in unison.

Elaine was already swallowing hard when Brenda entered the auditorium and announced that this was an operation to arrest spies. She became even more terrified in this instant and immediately said, “I didn’t! I…”

Before she could finish, Jon rushed up to Elaine and slapped her. He pointed at her furiously and shouted, “Fess up, did you collude with them? Is that why you came to me and misled me into standing up for alternative medicine with you?!”

Elaine: “?”

She knew that Jon was planning to abandon her. At once, she narrowed her eyes and retorted furiously, “I didn’t! All I did was badmouth her behind her back, but you were the one who really blew up the matter! Mr. Myers, don’t forget that you even said that you wanted to drag Dr. Zabe into this! All just to deal with Nora! Because she is an Anderson, and because she gave the Andersons the Carefree Pill! I’m sure everyone in the alternative medicine circle is aware of your grievances with the Andersons. Don’t think that you can whitewash yourself…”

“I was misled by you!”

While Jon and Elaine were having a dogfight with each other, Brenda sneered and took a step forward. “Excuse me, are the two of you done quarreling?”.

Elaine and Jon immediately shut up and looked at Brenda. Elaine swallowed. “Captain Brenda, y-you must believe me. I have also been part of the police force. I will never do anything to betray the country…”

Jon also anxiously explained, “Ma’am, I really was wronged…”

Brenda’s fiery crimson lips curled upward. She smiled and said, “I don’t have the eyes that can see through everything. I’m not going to be able to tell if the two of you are spies or not,


She stepped back. Then, her voice suddenly became frigid and she ordered, “Take them into custody and interrogate them in accordance with the regulations!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

As the exchange took place, another two people emerged from the students and caught Jon and Elaine on the left and right respectively!

Jon and Elaine panicked.

“Ma’am, I’m really not a spy. Listen to me…”

“Captain Brenda, I’m innocent. I just found Nora an eyesore, that’s all. I did not betray the country…” Unfortunately, Brenda couldn’t be bothered to listen to them. She curled her lips disdainfully and ordered, “Bring them back!” With a wave, her men immediately took out all the people they had just arrested, leaving behind only the New York University of Medicine students.

Nora glanced at them and followed Brenda out.

However, before she could step out, Shaw stopped her. “Anti, if you already had something planned, why didn’t you tell me in advance? I wouldn’t have had to make up that story for you. Who knows what the students are saying about me behind my back now?!”

Nora raised her eyebrows and said coolly with a smile, “It’s not like you’ll lose weight if someone ostracizes you a little.” Shaw: “…”

He heaved a huge sigh. “I don’t care, I have suffered a lot of physical and emotional damage because of this. I did it all for you, so you have to compensate me!”

Nora: “?”

Shaw then said, “Look at how passionate about learning our school is! Why don’t you stop being an external hire and just take up an official position in the school? What do you think of the position of deputy dean of the School of Neurosurgery?”

“No, Nora is Dad’s student. She should be working in the School of Alternative Medicine instead!”

Silvester’s son was the dean of the School of Alternative Medicine in the university. Upon hearing what Shaw said, he hurriedly rushed over.

Shaw panicked. “But I was the one who got Anti to become a professor here!”

“Heh, that’s because I didn’t say anything. If I were to make a request, do you think Nora would dare to refuse?”

While the two were arguing, Nora slipped away quietly. After going out, she took a deep breath and went straight to the special department. She was going to visit Trueman!