She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 521 - The Truth About the Pregnancy Back Then!

Chapter 521 - The Truth About the Pregnancy Back Then!

Chapter 521 The Truth About the Pregnancy Back Then!

Nora had just left school when her phone rang.

She got into her jeep and picked up the call. Mr. Zabe’s voice immediately sounded on the other end of the line. “Nora, where are you?’

Nora: “…Silvester, I still have something on. I’ll take my leave.”

Mr. Zabe said, “You can’t leave. Let me tell you, I’m already old. I’m in my sixties and about to retire! The position of New York College of Traditional Medicine’s director must be yours!”

As soon as he said this, she heard Dean Shaw’s voice. “Anti, as the world’s number one surgeon, you are destined to hold a scalpel. Don’t be fooled by Mr. Zabe!”

“What fooled? This is my father’s order! As my father’s disciple, she should take over!”

“Heh, you know she’s a disciple. But is Anti your disciple?!” “…Don’t be unreasonable here. Let me tell you, it’s a waste of Nora’s talents to hold a scalpel!”

“Why is it a waste of talent? She can solve many unsolved human mysteries! She can provide great help to the advancement of medicine! It would be a waste of her talents if you make her study alternative medicine!”

“Tsk! Dean Shaw, you’re shameless!”

“Mr. Zabe, you’re the shameless one, aren’t you? You’re clearly threatening her by using your father to suppress Anti!”

As the two of them argued, Nora said, “Why don’t…”

The voices on the other end stopped instantly. Then, Dr. Zabe and Dean Shaw spoke simultaneously. “Nora, who do you choose?”

“Anti, you can’t betray me! I lied just now because of you!”

“Heh, did Nora need you to lie? What an unnecessary move!” “…You!”

Seeing that the two of them were arguing again, Nora raised her eyebrows and suddenly said, “Sigh, Silvester, Dean Shaw, what are you guys talking about? I entered the tunnel and there’s no signal. We’ll talk later… Ah? My phone ran out of battery too? It’s switched off?”

With that, she turned off the phone, afraid that the two of them would call again.

It was… a headache.

Nora touched her forehead and kept driving.

It was finally quiet. 20 minutes later, she arrived at the special department. When she entered, she saw that the staff members were all very busy.

Voices could be heard from every interrogation room. Some people were still locked up in cells. As there were not enough interrogation rooms, they had not been interrogated yet.

There were probably too many people who had just been arrested.

Nora thought about this and walked straight into the interrogation room. It was as if he had heard that she was here, Morris welcomed her.

The man was still wearing his jacket and leather boots. His long legs were thin, making him look very capable and masculine.

Nora admired it silently for a while before retracting her gaze and asking, “Which interrogation room is Trueman in?”

Although there were not enough interrogation rooms, an important core member of a mysterious organization like Trueman would definitely be in the interrogation room.

The two of them had been texting for so long and had even exchanged messages. Nora was really curious about Trueman. She did not know what this person was like.

Unexpectedly, when she said this, Morris’s expression froze. He lowered his eyes and said, “I didn’t catch Trueman.”

Nora: “??”

A question mark slowly appeared in her mind. When she was at the university, she had clearly heard Captain Ford rushing into the hotel through her Bluetooth earpiece.

They had found the other party’s hotel. How could they not have caught Trueman?

As she was hesitating, Morris sighed. “Trueman escaped and was not in the hotel. We only caught a group of bodyguards. When we entered the hotel, we realized that Trueman had been on a video call with them.”

Nora: “!!”

She frowned. “When did he escape?”

Morris shook his head. “I’m not sure. I was there personally to keep an eye on him, but I didn’t sense him leaving at all. Besides, the bodyguards were all around, and he was the only one… It was as if he could predict that we would arrest him, so he ran away in advance!”

Nora was not very surprised by this conclusion.

Trueman seemed to have a high status in that mysterious organization. He had always been called Little Master. It was not unusual for such a person to be cautious.

Furthermore, it had been a few days since he checked into the hotel. If it were her, she would definitely have changed places.

She sighed. “What a pity.”

“It’s not a pity.” Morris suddenly said, “Because we’ve captured many key figures this time, especially those bodyguards. They’ve all come into contact with the core information of the mysterious organization. The clues they can provide are definitely more than ever before!”

Nora nodded.

At this moment, she realized that Morris was looking at her. He seemed to want to say something but stopped himself.


Nora frowned and asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Morris was silent for a moment before saying, “We caught someone you know.”

Nora: “?”

She asked in surprise, “Who?”

“… Caleb.”

When Morris said this name, Nora was a little surprised!

Caleb’s status in that organization should not be low. How could he be captured so easily?!

She frowned and asked, “How did they catch him? Are they sure he’s related to the mysterious organization?”

Morris said, “When we rushed into the hotel room, Caleb was talking to Trueman. Trueman seemed to trust him very much. I’m sure he has a deep relationship with the mysterious organization!” Nora frowned.

Morris continued, “Because we still don’t know Caleb’s identity in the mysterious organization, we don’t dare to torture him. But he hasn’t said a word since he was arrested.” Nora was about to say something when her phone suddenly rang. She picked up her phone and realized that it was Trueman who had sent her a message. “Little servant, I lost this game, but Caleb’s health is not good. If possible, please give him a cup of hot water and the medicine found on him. He needs to take his medicine on time. Thank you.” Nora: “…”

It was as if they were in cahoots!

She frowned and replied in front of Morris: “Why should I help you?”

Trueman: “Didn’t you want to ask me some questions? I can answer them for you.”

When she saw this, Nora’s eyes narrowed.

She clenched her jaw and finally asked the biggest question in her heart: “Tell me first, how did I get pregnant back then?!”

She knew that at this point, Trueman was begging her to cooperate. He would not dare to lie to her! Therefore, she would definitely get an answer now!