She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 519 - She Is The Last Disciple of Dr. Zabe!

Chapter 519 - She Is The Last Disciple of Dr. Zabe!

Chapter 519 She Is The Last Disciple of Dr. Zabe!

The next moment, Silvester’s son walked up to Nora and said, “Nora, Dad has a message for his disciple-he wants me to tell you not to stir up so much trouble outside.”

The whole place suddenly fell silent.

Everyone looked at Silvester’s son in disbelief. Even Jon was dumbfounded. In fact, he even wondered for a moment if he had misheard.

However, the next moment, he frowned and asked, “His disciple? Mr. Zabe, how come I’m not aware that Dr. Zabe has taken another disciple?”

After questioning Silvester’s son, Jon sneered and looked at Nora again. “No wonder you keep saying that you have evidence. So, this is why you visited the Zabes the other time? Hah, what impressive means! Do you think you can speak justly and righteously today just because you’ve become Dr. Zabe’s disciple? The Smiths sure have impressive means! They are absolutely top-notch at dealing with public relation crises!”

He was implying that Nora was just putting on an act by becoming Dr. Zabe’s disciple!

The students became even more furious when they heard this.

Elaine, who had also recovered, sighed. “Are the wealthy all so brazen? All they do is cover up when they make a mistake, and will never admit their mistake! They really have no respect for the law! Also, for the university to protect her like this, might the Smiths have also given them some kind of benefit?”

Her words were becoming more and more overboard.

The reporters at the side snapped away with their cameras. Some even started filming them, intending to publish articles attacking the Smiths.

“They are too much! The Zabes are simply disappointing! Dr. Zabe is so highly respected, yet even he has been bribed!”

“Gosh, as expected, no matter which industry it is, there are always inside stories!”

“Has Dr. Zabe been threatened by the Smiths?”

Amid everyone’s speculations, Nora let out an icy sneer.

This was exactly what people were like in society. No matter what one did, they would always be questioned by others. Had she been an inconspicuous nobody doctor in the alternative medicine field, she really wouldn’t be able to get through this today! Her gaze swept across all the students present.

There was a rather eclectic mix of people present that day. Apart from the school’s students, there were also some outsiders. The reason why she had been dragging this out and staying quiet was to observe who the ones guiding public opinion in the crowd were!

After that… she would catch them all!

Seeing that the situation had more or less sufficiently developed and that the few people guiding public opinion in the crowd were basically done speaking, at last, her lips suddenly curled into a smile. She said, “Who says I am a newbie to the profession?”

Jon frowned. “Heh, Dr. Zabe only has those few disciples. It can be said that even I have studied under his tutelage before. If you are not a newbie, then what are you?”

Famous doctors in the alternative medicine field like Silvester only took a few disciples.

Nora’s lips curled in a smile. “Are you sure you’ve met all of my teacher’s disciples?”

Jon sneered, “Of course. Except for the very last disciple that Dr. Zabe took, I have met all of his other disciples!”

However, when he said that, Nora looked at him with a half-amused look on her face.

Jon frowned and carefully recalled the conversation they just had. Suddenly, he realized something and his eyes widened abruptly. A look of disbelief formed on his face. “Y-you… you… surely you can’t be…”

Silvester’s son stepped forward with a smile and said, “That’s right, Nora is my father’s last disciple! She is also the one and only official disciple that Dad has ever taken! Dad often says that Nora’s medical skills have already reached what his were like when he was at his peak!”

The peak of Dr. Zabe’s medical skills? Then didn’t that make her the top physician of alternative medicine in the world?

It went without saying that Jon knew that Silvester was full of praise for his one and only official disciple. He had a strange personality and rarely agreed to meet with others, but once he did, and whenever someone brought up that disciple of his, he would always sing praises of her.

Therefore, it was pretty much tacit agreement among everyone that his one and only official disciple, who had never made any public appearance, possessed the most top-notch alternative medicine skills among all the practitioners at the moment.

But… how could that person be Nora?!

Elaine was even more flabbergasted. “T-that’s impossible! If she were Dr. Zabe’s official disciple, why would she study modern medicine?!”

When Silvester’s son heard that, his expression darkened. “Alternative and modern medicine are but means to cure illnesses. Medical universities have already established both modern and alternative medicine majors. Can’t Nora study a bit of modern medicine if she wants to?”

Elaine swallowed.

Everyone at the bottom of the stage felt that what he said sounded extremely reasonable, yet also found it unreasonable… After all, who would become the top master surgeon of modern medicine just by studying “a bit” so casually?

Silvester’s son even lowered his gaze and said, “It was because Dad didn’t have anything else he could teach to Nora back then, so he told her to try studying modern medicine. That was why she started studying it… Nora started studying alternative medicine first. The Carefree Pill from a while back was only developed after she improved the formula. Why would Nora ever call alternative medicine inferior to modern medicine?”

All the students were stunned. They all looked at Nora.

Everyone who studied alternative medicine knew that Dr. Zabe had an official disciple, but that person’s whereabouts were always a mystery, and no one knew who they were. No one would have ever thought that it would actually be Anti!

Just how outstanding must someone be in order to stand at the pinnacle of two industries?

There wasn’t any need to say anything else anymore this time. Everyone believed it now! The female student who had stepped forward to speak up for Anti couldn’t help but burst into tears with a loud wail. “I told you I was telling the truth, but none of you believed me. Sob…”

Everyone was speechless.

It wasn’t so much that they didn’t believe her. It was mainly because Elaine and Blaine were so adamant about it…

When the thought formed, everyone looked at Elaine and Blaine in unison!

Elaine was already as pale as a sheet. It seemed like she hadn’t expected such a plot twist. She swallowed hard.

As for Blaine… Wait, where was Blaine?

The place where he had been standing just now was empty!

In the instant that Silvester’s son had said that Nora was his father’s disciple, Blaine had already figured out what was going on. While Jon was confronting Silvester’s son, he had already taken the opportunity to slip away!

He had already reached the door at this point. The students also finally remembered him. They pointed to the door and shouted, “He’s running away!”

Hearing this, Blaine hurriedly opened the doors and quickly slipped out!

But as soon as he stepped through the doors, he was detained!

Brenda looked at him with a big smile on her face and took out his cell phone. Sure enough, she discovered that he was in the midst of a call and the other party was none other than Trueman!

At the hotel.

In the room, Trueman’s furious voice rang out. “Shit! I got played by her again!!”.

Caleb sighed. “I already told you a long time ago not to go against her!”

Trueman was livid. “But how could she possibly be top-notch in both alternative and modern medicine? Not to mention that she is also Q… It is impossible for someone to have that much energy to achieve top status in three different industries… unless…”

He suddenly realized something and his head whipped up. “Unless!”

But before he could finish, the door of the hotel room was suddenly kicked open. Morris immediately rushed in and shouted, “Freeze, Trueman Yale!”